Wood Paneling Vs. Drywall (What is Better and When?)

Wood Paneling vs Drywall

When it comes to dealing with walls or ceilings in your home, then two potential approaches you can apply are wood paneling and drywall. However, I’ve always found that any DIY project around the home always has its fair share of pros and cons. But the problem here is that we are talking about something … Read more

What To Put On Ceiling Above Shower? (Complete Material List)

So, you’re thinking of remodeling your shower area, but you’re worried about experiencing maintenance issues in the future. You’ve decided how you wish to install the walls and plumbing, but what do you put in for the ceiling above your shower? Advice from experts and research into building regulations will guide you through the process. … Read more

What Is The Best Color To Paint Basement Ceiling? (Complete Guide)

Tucked away beneath your house is a room (basement) that you may not give the same stylistic attention to as spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. But your basement doesn’t have to stay attached to the dark reputation it usually associates with – primp and paint your basement! Finding a paint color is tricky in and of … Read more

What Are The Hooks On The Ceiling For? (How to Install)

Many homeowners have found hooks installed in their ceilings. Some of these hooks are centered while others are not; some are even ornately designed. Naturally, this has left many homeowners wondering about the purpose of these ceiling hooks.  Also known as swag hooks, ceiling hooks were commonly used in the 1970s to hang ornate swag … Read more

Vented Vs Unvented Cathedral Ceilings (What’s The Difference?)

Vaulted ceilings invariably make me think of the majestic old cathedrals built in Europe more than five hundred years ago. The marvels of the construction techniques of that era still astound me.  A vented cathedral ceiling has a ventilation space between the roof and the ceiling insulation, allowing airflow over the insulation. In an unvented … Read more

USG Vs. Armstrong Ceiling Tiles (Which Is Better?)

When thinking about the installation of ceiling tiles, several manufacturers produce products in a vast collection of product ranges that can quickly overwhelm the majority of consumers. USG and Armstrong can be considered two leading ceiling tile manufacturers, boasting superior products. USG and Armstrong are considered two leaders in the ceiling tile manufacturing industry. Both … Read more

The Pros & Cons Of Basement Ceiling Insulation (All You Need To Know)

When looking at insulation, things can start to get a little confusing in the basement. Basements can be insulated or not, depending on the household’s needs and local building ordinances. Naturally, there are benefits as well as drawbacks to insulating your basement. Insulation in the basement can assist in creating a livable environment for anybody … Read more

The 8 Best Paint Rollers For Ceilings (And How To Choose)

When most homeowners think of paint rollers, they picture your typical manual paint roller. However, when it comes down to painting a ceiling, some paint rollers are better than others. If you’re wondering about the best paint rollers for your home’s ceiling, look no further!  If you need to purchase a paint roller for your … Read more

Is A Ceiling Showerhead Better Than From The Wall? (Complete Analysis)

Taking a shower is not simply about personal hygiene. It can also be a time out or a way to rinse away the day’s stresses. Either way, your shower should be aesthetically pleasing and give you the type of shower experience that you enjoy. Ceiling showerheads and wall-mounted ones can provide different shower experiences, so … Read more

Do Vaulted Ceilings Need Load-Bearing Walls? (All About Trusses)

You only need to look up pictures of Westminster Abbey in London, England, built-in 1355, to see the effect a vaulted ceiling has on a construction. Although on a smaller scale, including a vaulted ceiling in your new home’s design adds space, character, and individualism to a home.  The trusses needed to create the space … Read more