Ryobi Vs. DeWalt (Reputation, Performance, Cost of Tools…)

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In the world of power tools, several brands do tend to stand out over and above the majority, with Ryobi and DeWalt being two prime examples of this. But while it can be easy for people to state they prefer a specific brand over the other, thanks to it simply being more visible, what happens … Read more

Makita Vs. Porter Cable Power Tools (A Complete Guide)

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Makita vs. Porter Cable; which brand is better? It is incredible to live in a time where power tools are easily accessible. With such a variety of products to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide which is best for you. Today we will compare two companies that provide similar and different products ranges.  Makita … Read more

Ryobi Vs. Bosch (Middle of the Price Range Brands)

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If you think you need to spend a small fortune on power tools, then can I say right from the outset that you are wrong in that thought. Your average home DIY’er does not need to spend a fortune to purchase tools more than capable of performing to the level that they need, and it … Read more

Kobalt Vs. DeWalt (Budget Vs. Performance)

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When it comes to two brands capable of producing quality and reliable tools, then both Kobalt and DeWalt would undoubtedly fall into that category. However, I think that then opens up an entirely different question: Which brand out of those two is the best? It’s not an easy question to answer. Both brands are established … Read more

Bosch Vs. DeWalt (One is Better for Basic DIY)

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When I think of both Bosch and DeWalt, I see two power tool brands producing high-quality tools across their range. However, while they have some obvious similarities in their approach and products, I must admit that both brands also have their differences. Now, you would expect different brands to go and tackle their market in … Read more

Bosch Vs. Milwaukee (Are Milwaukee Tools Worth It?)

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Both Bosche and Milwaukee are clearly well-known brands within the power tool industry. Chances are that you either own one of their tools or have done so in the past. But what happens if you start to compare both brands? Clearly, they both operate in the same industry, but what other similarities, or differences, exist … Read more

Porter-Cable Vs. DeWalt (Distinctively Different Markets)

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Even though both Porter-Cable and DeWalt are well-known brands, they represent entirely different approaches regarding the power tool market. That is why I feel it’s interesting to compare the two brands to see their differences and if they share any similarities. You see, I firmly believe that you should spend some time getting to know … Read more

Craftsman Vs. DeWalt (One Clear Winner For Every Audience)

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Both Craftsman and DeWalt are viewed as being strong All-American brands of power tools, and for good reasons. These companies have the history and prestige that comes with operating in the industry for a number of decades, and they undoubtedly have their fans that stick by them with every tool they make. But I’m not … Read more

Kobalt Vs. Craftsman (The Two Direct Competitors)

Kobalt and Craftsman are two fantastic brands of power tools in their own right, but how do both compare against one another? I love doing this type of comparison between brands as I always find it fascinating when I can spot the similarities or differences between two companies. As a tool enthusiast, it’s interesting to … Read more

Makita Vs. Ridgid (Which Tools Are Better For You?)

There is no doubt that both Makita and Ridgid are some of the best power tool brands in the market. However, there are so many heated questions about both brands in the streets. Which brand is better? Who offers quality products than the other? The problem is that most people getting in this heated debate … Read more