USG Vs. Armstrong Ceiling Tiles (Which Is Better?)

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When thinking about the installation of ceiling tiles, several manufacturers produce products in a vast collection of product ranges that can quickly overwhelm the majority of consumers. USG and Armstrong can be considered two leading ceiling tile manufacturers, boasting superior products.

USG and Armstrong are considered two leaders in the ceiling tile manufacturing industry. Both companies produce superior ceiling tiles across a series of ranges that boast their own strengths. Both brands produce ceiling tiles that can be used in several different environments.

With both brands producing such high-quality ceiling tiles, choosing between them can be extremely difficult. To choose the ceiling tile product that best suits your project needs, you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of each ceiling tile brand, including major considerations such as price.

USG Vs. Armstrong Ceiling Tiles

USG and Armstrong are both leading brands of ceiling tile manufacturers. Products produced by these brands are exceptionally high quality and are highly durable. Whichever ceiling tile brand you choose, you can be assured of a durable product that will serve your ceiling needs for years to come.

Armstrong has a massive collection of ceiling tiles, including mineral fiber, PVC, fiberglass, and metal.

Many Armstrong Ceiling tiles have a directly comparable ceiling tile in the range produced by USG. For example, we can compare the Armstrong Cirrus with the USG Eclipse Acoustical Panel.

The Armstrong Cirrus comes in a 24 in. x 24 in. size, identical to the USG Eclipse. Both panels feature a square edge profile. The sound absorption of both tiles is identical at 0.70, and both tiles feature sound attenuation of 35 and light reflectance of 0.86.

The USG Eclipse Acoustical Panel’s advantage over the Armstrong Cirrus is its exceptional mold and mildew resistance. This makes it a fierce competitor. The USG Eclipse features 79% recycled content, while the Armstrong is made up of 77% recycled content.

USG Ceiling Tiles

There are a vast array of ceiling tiles manufactured by USG. Each of the tiles produced by this brand is suited to a different application or aesthetic preference. All of the ceiling tiles produced by USG have acoustic properties that play an enormous role in helping with the overall management of sound in any space.

USG ceiling tiles have excellent functionality, durability, and great aesthetic appeal. There is a USG ceiling tile to suit almost every possible aesthetic preference. This makes the brand exceptionally appealing to most consumers.

With such a wide range of products, USG has a ceiling tile to suit various environments. USG also boasts ceiling tiles in several materials, including acoustic panels, drywall, wood, and metal.

Some of the most popular ceiling tile products in the USG ceiling tile range are the Halcyon, Mars, Radar, and Eclipse panels, respectively. 

The Halcyon acoustical panels are often used in open-plan offices due to their excellent noise-reduction abilities. These panels feature sound absorption (NRC) of between 0.9 and 1.

The panels feature a fine texture and are available only in white. These panels are designed in such a way as to have a monolithic, non-directional visual. This results in a reduction in installation time as well as reduced wastage. 

Halcyon acoustical panels are available in a wide range of square and rectangle sizes. Shadowline, square edge, and Fineline edge profiles are available. This type of panel is fire-rated Class A and comprises 37% to 42% recycled materials.

The Mars acoustical panel is another panel with a fine texture available only in white. It has high-performance characteristics as well as a good degree of sustainability. Mars acoustical panels also boast the added advantage of being extremely resistant to mold and sagging.

The sound absorption of the Mars Acoustical Panel is not on the same level as that of the Halcyon panel, but it comes close at 0.7 to 0.75 NRC. The edge profiles are either Shadowline tapered, Fineline bevel, or square edge.

Mars acoustical panels are also available in a range of rectangle and square sizes. They are made up of between 69% and 81% recycled content.

The Radar acoustical panels stand out in a big way due to their large range of available colors. This panel type is available in beige, cedar, charcoal, cranberry, black, halo, manila, mist, taupe, and several more colors. The vast range of available colors makes this panel appealing to the more adventurous consumer.

Radar panels feature a light texture, non-directional pattern design, and exceptionally high durability at over 55% higher than most standard panels.

The sound absorption properties of the Radar panels are low in comparison to both the Halcyon and the Mars panels at between 0.45 and 0.55 NRC. Radar panels also feature a relatively low percentage of recycled content, between 25% and 44%.

The Eclipse acoustical panel is available in several colors, including beige, manila, mist, nectar, parchment, and white. This tile is available in only three sizes: 2ft x 4 ft, 2 ft x 2 ft, and 600mm x 600mm. Its sound absorption qualities are excellent at 0.7, while its recycled content sits at around 79%.

This panel also features a fine texture and is designed to resist sagging while simultaneously maximizing sound absorption.

Armstrong Ceiling Tiles

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Armstrong produces a wide range of ceiling tiles, including those for suspended ceiling systems and direct-mount ceiling tiles.

Armstrong prides itself in producing the widest range of textures, shapes, sizes, and price points. Their products feature unique performance features that allow each product to enhance the design of whatever space they are added to.

Armstrong ceiling tiles feature excellent acoustic performance. The brand boasts “Total Acoustics” performance that simultaneously allows noise reduction and sound-blocking. This is an extremely appealing aspect of the tiles produced by this brand.


USG and Armstrong are two of the top ceiling tile manufacturers today. This means that whichever ceiling tile brand you choose, you will be assured of a quality product to serve your needs. When deciding between the two brands, compare two ceiling tiles with similar properties to determine which one will best fit your project.

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