Can You Use Laminate Flooring On Ceiling? (Pros & Cons)

A friend of the family had the idea of renovating the ceilings of her home. She had bought laminate flooring for her living room floors, but she tiled them instead. We had no idea how that would work and called a contractor for more information. That made us wonder if you could use laminate flooring on her ceiling.

You can use laminate flooring on a ceiling. You need to ensure there is a support structure to fasten the laminate flooring to like drywall. If you already have a drywall ceiling, laminate flooring is an affordable way to get a rustic woodsy look without paying for high-end wood. 

Laminate Flooring On Ceiling

Laminate flooring has tongue and groove edges that fit perfectly together. The idea of using less expensive laminate flooring on ceilings was new to me, and we needed to find out if you could use laminate flooring in the ceiling, so I researched and I wanted to share the information I found.

Can You Use Laminate Flooring On Ceiling?

If you are looking for a good way to save money on a ceiling project, you might want to look at affordable laminate flooring. You can use laminate flooring as an alternative ceiling. However, there are some factors you must think about before you install them.

You, Will, Need Support

The one thing you need to think about when installing laminate flooring is the support it will need. Usually, when using laminate flooring, you have cement subflooring that acts as a support for the flooring. 

When installing the laminate on the ceiling, you will need added support to ensure the flooring won’t fall or come loose. The best subflooring that won’t weigh too much is drywall. Most houses have drywall ceilings, making the process that much easier.

It Needs To Be Lightweight

You can’t choose just any laminate flooring, or it will weigh too much. The best choice of lightweight laminate flooring to use is engineered wood. They have tongue and groove interlocking sides that slide together and hold the wooden pieces in place. 

These types of floorings work best as they have a hollow core which means they are lightweight and flexible and will thus put less pressure on the ceiling joists. They are also more affordable than the luxury laminate flooring planks that are thicker and weigh more. Avoid the padded laminate flooring that will put pressure on the ceiling.

The Pros Of Installing Laminate Flooring On Ceiling

Laminate Flooring On Ceiling pros

Using laminate flooring on a ceiling may sound unconventional, but with the right tools and guidance, you will find that it’s not hard to get a rustic wood ceiling on a budget. Here are a few of the pros and cons of installing laminate flooring on a ceiling.

Easy Installation

People like to use laminate flooring on their ceiling because most laminate floors are easy to install as you only need to slide or click the pieces together and nail them to the ceiling joists for extra support. In addition, there is no complicated adhesive or glue, which helps you install the laminate quickly.

Laminate Flooring Is Stable

While other ceiling options may separate, sag or buckle over time, laminate flooring doesn’t have the same issues. Even if you have variations in moisture content and temperature, laminate flooring will remain stable and durable for years.

The Style

Laminate flooring comes in various colors and styles. You can choose light or dark colors or a mixture of both. Whatever your style is, you will find a laminate style and color to suit the look you are trying to establish. 

Laminate Flooring Is More Green

One massive advantage of using laminate flooring on the ceiling is that you can get the rustic woodsy look without having natural wood on the ceiling, making it environmentally friendly. In addition, it leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.

The Durability

Laminate flooring is very durable. You won’t quickly wear down the wear layer as you won’t be walking on the ceiling (unless you are spiderman), so the wear layer will stay durable and beautiful for much longer. 

Disadvantages Of Installing Laminate Flooring On Ceiling

Laminate Flooring On Ceiling cons

There will be good and bad points regardless of the ceiling material you use. Here are some of the disadvantages of using laminate flooring on your ceiling:

There Could Be Moisture Damage

While laminate flooring is water-resistant and durable, if you should have a leak in the roof or too much moisture accumulate over a short period, it may affect the laminate flooring at the seams. Therefore, you need to ensure there are no leaks, gaps, or holes where rainwater might slip through.

You Can’t Customize It

Once you have installed laminate flooring to your ceiling, it will stay there. If you don’t like the look anymore, you will have to remove the laminate from the ceiling or install a ceiling over it because you can’t restain or paint over the laminate. 

Buy Correctly

Be careful when you are buying laminate flooring. Some of the cheaper off-brand makes use the same kind of chemicals that you find in vinyl flooring. The manufacturers add chemicals to their flooring material that can leech harmful gasses into the air over time.

They can be toxic if you inhale them over a long period. So it’s better to ensure what kind of laminate flooring doesn’t contain these harsh chemicals before buying them.

The Looks

While laminate flooring is created to look as realistic as possible, some of the choices will look synthetic and not like natural wood at all. So if you are looking for a ceiling that looks like authentic wood, you might want to look into another kind of ceiling. 


When you want to redo your ceiling but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can save by installing lightweight laminate flooring instead of other expensive ceiling options. Laminate flooring comes in many different colors and can make a great addition to the room. 

Ensure to use the lightest weight laminate flooring you can find. In addition, you need to have a sub ceiling, so your laminate floors have some support. If you have a small gap at the end of your ceiling, you can use crown molding to cover it up.


Can you hang laminate flooring on a ceiling?

Yes, you can. However, it should be lightweight and supported by another ceiling layer. Care must also be taken to prevent moisture damage.

Can you use plank flooring on ceiling?

Yes, but it is ideal if the planks are made of engineered wood. Natural planks are much heavier, so it is more difficult to make them safe and secure.

Can you use vinyl flooring on ceilings?

You can. However, you should ensure the flooring does not leech harmful substances into the home. Some vinyl flooring products contain high amounts of phthalates, which can be severely disruptive to hormones and reproductive systems and are linked to birth defects, skin problems, and various other issues.

Can you put peel and stick planks on the ceiling?

Yes. In fact, this is the kind of vinyl flooring I recommend most for ceilings. As I discuss here, you will need help to put it up. There are also other factors to consider, such as the length of the planks. You should also avoid putting peel-and-stick planks on a bathroom ceiling.

Will peel and stick flooring stick to ceiling?

Under the right conditions, yes. Narrow planks and small tiles will work best as there is less weight working against the adhesive. The problem with using peel-and-stick flooring on a ceiling is that it is designed to be on the ground, where gravity works with the adhesive. When it is upside down, gravity makes the flooring pull on the adhesive over time. Ensure the ceiling is clean before applying peel-and-stick flooring.

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