The 6 Best Woods for Shelving (Which is Best?)

Shelving is clearly a handy and practical thing to have in your home. However, not every type of wood makes for suitable shelving. Actually, choosing the wrong wood can lead to an absolute disaster happening. That then opens up the question of which wood species you should focus on using if you plan to add … Read more

Impact Drill for Concrete: Power and Precision for Your Projects

Using an Impact Driver to Drill Into Concrete

When drilling into concrete, you should be using either a hammer or a rotary hammer drill due to its dense and hard properties.  However, if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to either of these, an impact driver can be used instead to drill small holes into concrete! However, since … Read more

Cutting Cast Iron: Techniques, Tools, and Safety Measures

Cutting Cast Iron

Cutting cast iron pipework can be complicated, especially when working in a confined space.  However, as with many things, the once intimidating task becomes a lot simpler when you’re armed with the right tool for the job. For this one, it’s the angle grinder that fits the bill! Traditionally, you could use a reciprocating saw … Read more

Rubber Wood Furniture Disadvantages: Is It the Right Choice for You?

Rubber Wood Furniture Disadvantages

When it comes to furniture products, oak, walnut, and cedar frequently make up the top players that dominate the scene.  However, there’s one other wood option that will work just as well while still being friendly on your tools: rubberwood! This titan from the South American and Asian regions has steadily grown in popularity over … Read more

Grinding Concrete with Angle Grinder: Steps for a Smoother Finish

Grinding Concrete with Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are incredibly versatile power tools that can cut through materials using abrasive or diamond blades.  Not only that, they also have an incredible ability to grind concrete to create a smoother finish. If you’ve been searching for the right tool to level concrete and wondering if an angle grinder is the best option, … Read more

How to Cut Plexiglass with a Circular Saw: Tips for Precision

How to Cut Plexiglass with a Circular Saw

You’re ready for your next DIY project, and you need to cut some plexiglass.  You may already know that a circular saw is a great method to cut plexiglass, and are now looking for tips on how to use this tool most effectively. You’re in the right place!  How to cut plexiglass with a circular … Read more

Cutting Metal with Miter Saw: Tips and Techniques for Precision

Cutting Metal with a Miter Saw

The humble miter saw is an invaluable tool in anybody’s workshop, whether it be the seasoned tradesperson or the fledgling DIYer.  They allow the user to precisely cut through a range of materials at a variety of different angles – and while designed with wood in mind, you can technically use a miter saw to … Read more

How to cut stainless steel – Step by Step Detailed Process

Featured image of How To Cut Stainless Steel

Whether you’re a seasoned metalwork professional or a beginner hoping to venture into the world of hobby steel craft, it’s no secret that it looks challenging on the surface.  Not only do you have to worry about the accuracy when cutting steel, but you also have to consider the potential health and safety risks, the … Read more

7 Best Woods for Your Garage Door (Weather-Resistant)

Selecting the correct wood for a project is always important, but I know it takes on even greater importance when dealing with a project that has to sit outdoors. For a garage door, I see the best woods as being: Douglas fir, cherry, mahogany, cedar, redwood, plywood, and Idigbo. Now, I know some of those … Read more