The 9 Best Hearing Protection For Woodworking (Save Your Ears)

woodworking hearing protection

Hearing protection is frequently misunderstood and undervalued when you’re working with loud drills, saws, or other machinery in your woodworking workshop. Noisy drills and saws sounds have damaged my hearing over the years, although I’d like to help you keep yours. You must maintain your hearing to work and live more comfortably. It often requires … Read more

The 8 Best Uses For Oscillating Tool (Saving Your Money & Time)

oscillating tool

If you’ve ever owned an oscillating tool, you’ll know that it is as helpful as it is invaluable. It has more functionality than you can wave a wrench at, especially considering its inexpensive price tag. My workshop uses them daily, and we’ve come to rely on them to complete our jobs. Here are the eight … Read more

8 Woodworking Tools for Beginners (Only Essential Tools)

a table saw

If you are new to woodworking, then I know it can be not easy to even know where to start regarding tools. After all, if you spend some time checking out this site, you will see how I discuss all sorts of tools, and I understand how it could make the prospect of woodworking extremely … Read more

9 Best Squares for Woodworking (For Accuracy and Precision)

woodworking plan

No matter what kind of project I’ve got my hands on, I simply cannot fathom the thought of attempting a measurement without one of my woodworking squares. It’s risky and careless, and you may end up ruining your project.  After all, no matter the scope of your woodworking project, accuracy and precision are important, right? … Read more

8 Best Pencils for Woodworking (That Don’t Break)

making marks with a mechanical pencil

When it comes to woodworking, we can all be guilty of focusing on those large and impressive power tools that will cut, shape or finish. However, sometimes the tiny items can play a significant role in our potential success. Step forward the humble pencil. Without one, I know I couldn’t complete most of my projects. … Read more

The 7 Best Wood Glues (How To Choose One?)

woodworking glue

Wood is a lovely and simple building material because of its distinctive grain patterns and natural tones. In addition, a porous, soft surface makes it easy to nail and screw together parts. For a chemically solid and long-lasting connection, on the other hand, the best wood glue is the way to go. That said, what … Read more

6 Best Places to Buy Lumber in the US (Online and Offline)

Buying lumber in the US is not exactly difficult. It seems as if you have a plethora of places you can go and check out, but I wouldn’t always rush into things. The problem is that not every place will clearly be as good as others when it comes to the lumber they offer. Some … Read more

9 Facts About Woodworking as a Hobby (Is It For You?)

in the workshop

I doubt any individual will be surprised to hear that I happen to enjoy woodworking. After all, the entire website is dedicated to talking about various tools and the kinds of things you use when working with wood. However, I don’t intend to simply tell you that woodworking is a good hobby and leave it … Read more

Is Woodworking A Good Career? (Should You Pursue?)

After a few years of enjoying a craft-type hobby, I have found myself imagining what it would be like to turn that creative outlet into a full-time job. After spending a weekend in the workshop making a wooden coffee table and loving every minute of it, I want to know if woodworking would be a … Read more

Is an Oscillating Tool Worth It? (Unbelievable Uses)

There are few feelings as satisfying as opening the box of your new power tool and holding your shiny new companion for the first time.  But, unfortunately, it’s also an awful feeling when you see your bank account depleted because of your tool-buying habits.  And now your latest craving is an oscillating tool, but you … Read more