Can You Use Drywall Anchors in a Ceiling?

Drywall anchors are certainly useful when it comes to hanging things from a wall. However, you might have an awesome idea to hang something from your ceiling but you’re worried that the drywall anchors won’t work, right? So, can you use drywall anchors in the ceiling? Drywall anchors can be used to hang objects from … Read more

Can You Plaster Over Ceiling Tiles?

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Can You Use Wall Panels on a Ceiling?

Wall panels can instantly transform any wall into a feature (or accent) wall, and you won’t be the first to wonder if they can do the same for ceilings. Although you do get specially made ceiling panels, there are just some amazing wall panels out there that you won’t find a ceiling counterpart for. So, … Read more

Ceiling Fan Light Too Dim? Here’s What To Do!

Many homes use a ceiling fan-light fixture as the primary source of light for a room. However, sometimes the lights on ceiling fans can be too dim. Why is your ceiling fan light so dim? The main reasons for dim ceiling fan lights are: The remote control setting for your ceiling fan light is set … Read more

Are Tray Ceilings Outdated? – Timeless Elegance or Outdated Trend?

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Vinyl Flooring On A Ceiling – Can It Be Done?

Using a wooden ceiling finish can add warm character to a space. From tongue-and-groove hardwood to exposed natural-wood beams, the variations are plenty. In modern times, vinyl has been a good choice for a wooden finish. Although synthetic, it looks almost identical to natural wood. Vinyl is typically used on floors and sometimes walls. However, … Read more

3 Common Ceiling Stains & Their Causes (With Removal Tips)

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