Highest Torque Cordless Drills of 2024: Expert Picks and Reviews

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Whether you’re a seasoned tradie or a DIY enthusiast, a high-quality cordless drill is essential. 

Lucky for you, there’s a plethora of good options available on the market! We’ve compiled an extensive list of some of the best available in 2024. 

In this review, I will cover the following:

  • Understanding Cordless Drills with High Torque
  • Bosch 12v Max Drill
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Action
  • Dewalt DCD771C2
  • Bosch Ps312a12v
  • DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 Cordless Drill
  • Selecting the Best High Torque Cordless Drill
  • Final Thoughts.

Let’s get into it!

Highest Torque Cordless Drills

Understanding Cordless Drills with High Torque

Torque is the force that causes an object (in this case, the drill head) to rotate on an axis. In general, the higher the torque, the more powerful the drill. 

So, if you want a powerful drill that can penetrate through most materials, you’ve found the right article!

Torque is inversely proportional to speed. While it might sound counterintuitive, it is best to drill at lower speeds in order to maximize the torque potential of your drill. 

Think of it like a car: you put your car into a low gear in order to boost your revs. High torque drills are essentially fixed to a low-gear, allowing you to drill through materials that you otherwise can’t with a lower torque drill.

These versatile tools will allow you to do anything from drilling sizable holes through thick wood and metal to mixing paint and plaster and any other heavy-duty drilling job you might have. 

Plus, the absence of a cord means you can take them anywhere without having to worry about whether they’ll be able to reach! 

Other factors to consider when choosing the right drill include voltage and design. Higher voltage generally translates to higher speeds. However, since higher torques require low speeds, the voltage of the battery is not a huge concern. 

Meanwhile, some drills have more ergonomic designs than others, allowing for comfortable ease of use.

Top High Torque Cordless Drills: Tested by Experts

Top High Torque Cordless Drills

We’ve compiled a list of five of the top cordless drills currently available on the market. These drills have been extensively tested with power, functionality and convenience in mind:

Bosch 12v Max Drill

The Bosch is one of the most lightweight high-performance drills on the market!

The drill weighs around a mere 1kg and has a max torque of around 30 NM. Although the drill only has a 12V battery, it should have enough power to see you through most jobs. 

Plus, it has the advantage of being lighter, more versatile and less expensive than other higher volt battery drills.

A major perk of this drill is its auto chuck, complete with 20 clutch settings so that you may find the best torque adjustment for the job. 

The package comes complete with two speeds (0-380 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM), an LED light, and a fuel gauge.

Currently the lowest price we could find was $159 at ACME Tools with a standard 1 year warranty. While there are more powerful drills on the market, the ease of use and versatility of this drill make it worthy of consideration.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Action

If you’re in the market for a more beefy drill, the M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Action might be what you’re looking for. 

The drill has a maximum torque of a whopping 135 NM, with the cost of a heavier weight of 1.45kgs. 

Despite its weight, the drill has one of the most compact ergonomic designs – which when accompanied by its built-in LED light is perfect for squeezing into tight spaces with ease!

The M18 Fuel Hammer Drill also has two speeds, with the lower speed at 0-550 RPM and the higher speed reaching a very fast 2,000 RPM.

The cost is perhaps the main downside to this drill. At around $500, it will definitely hurt your wallet! Additionally, the drill does not come with a bag, nor battery and charge, which is sold separately.

Dewalt DCD771C2

The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a middle ground between the Bosch 12v Max Drill and Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Action, with a max torque of 42 NM and two speeds (0-450 RPM and 0-1,500 RPM). The drill is slightly on the heavier side, sitting at around 2 kgs. 

However, the compact charge, bag, and two 20V Battery Packs are a welcome addition – making it an easy ready-to-use drill with decent power. 

The Dewalt DCD771C2 is also a relatively affordable option; the drill is currently on sale for $99 at The Home Depot.

It is worth noting that while the reviews for the DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 Cordless Drill are overwhelmingly positive, some reviewers have found technical issues such as the drill not holding its charge. Of course: if it is not up to standard, you can always return it with a full refund!

Bosch Ps312a12v

The Bosch Ps312a12v is fairly similar to its cousin, the Bosch 12v Max Drill. The main difference is the slightly lighter weight, coming in at only a mere 800 grams!

Nevertheless, the drill still surprisingly delivers a max torque of 30 NM – making it one of the best performance-to-size ratios on the market. 

The ergonomic design makes it an ideal drill for comfortable and convenient use. Indeed, most reviewers praise its design for how easy it is to use.

The drill is also equipped with an LED light and two settings (0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM). 

The whole package, including a portable charger, is contained neatly within single-sleeve bag. The Bosch Ps312a12v comes in at around $139 and comes with a standard 1 year warranty from most retailers.

DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 Cordless Drill

Finally, if you’re looking for an absolute powerhouse and are willing to fork out a little extra, the DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 could be the one for you. 

The drill has a max torque of a whopping 206 NM, easily beating out its closest competition (the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Action drill) in terms of power alone. 

Meanwhile the two adjustable speeds are around the same as the Milwaukee drill (0-650 and 0-2,000 RPM). 

What the drill offers in terms of power, it does not compromise much in terms of design. 

Despite its punch, the DeWalt 20V MAX manages to stay on the relatively lighter side at only 1.3 kgs. 

Indeed, reviewers have highlighted the drill’s compact design accompanied by surprising power with one reviewer calling it “a mini power house”. 

Along with an adjustable 3 mode LED light, the drill even has its own integrated hammer mode and a brushless motor which ensures higher performance and reliability! 

The DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 Cordless Drill comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Free Service, 90 Days Satisfaction Guaranteed and is currently priced at $179 at Home Depot. 

Unfortunately, like with the Milwaukee M18, charger, batteries and carrying bags are sold separately.

Selecting the Best High Torque Cordless Drill

Best High Torque Cordless Drill

Before finalizing your purchase, It’s worth considering what you will be using your drill for!

If you’re looking to drill big holes into hard materials including metal, more powerful drills with higher max torques and voltages such as the DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 Cordless Drill and the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Action might be worth considering. 

However, for everyday home use, getting started on that DIY project, or home renovations you’ve been meaning to get to, the Bosch 12v Max Drill, Dewalt DCD771C2 or the Bosch Ps312a12v will do the job excellently. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a drill that packs a serious punch and has all the bells and whistles, the DeWalt 20V MAX DCD805 Cordless Drill might be the one for you!

At a torque of 206 NM, the drill is easily one of the most powerful drills currently on the market. 

However, if you’re looking for something slightly more convenient and affordable and are not too concerned with it having a huge amount of power, we recommend the Bosch Ps312a12v. 

Weighing in at only 800 grams and coming fully equipped with everything you need to get started, this little tool makes for a great option.

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