7 Wood Carving Tools for Beginner Woodworkers (Accessible)

The carving tool set _The Top 7 Wood Carving Tools for Beginner Woodworkers

While using power tools means you can rip through a project in next to no time, I think there’s still a time and place for doing things the old-fashioned way. That means you need to put down those tools powered by 20V batteries, shut off that mains power supply, and turn back the clock. This … Read more

Cabinet Table Saw Vs. Contractor or Hybrid (What’s Better?)

There are two categories of woodworkers, those who own a table saw and those who will eventually have a table saw. Whether it be a cabinet saw, hybrid or contractor saw, over 97% of woodworkers own a table saw of some type,  Cabinet saws have sturdy construction, high quality, and durable components matched with precision … Read more

Top Handle Vs. Rear Handle Chainsaw (10 Aspects)

There is a common misconception that all chainsaws are alike. While different types of chainsaws share similarities, key differences set them apart. This is especially true when you consider top handle chainsaws and how they compare to rear handle chainsaws.  Top handle chainsaws are more powerful than rear handle models while also being more compact … Read more

Hedge Trimmer Vs. Chainsaw (With a Comparison Table)

I had recently invested in purchasing a tool shed, which meant cleaning my garage. I was amazed at the number of power tools I had accumulated over the year, many of which no longer served their purpose. In one corner lay a hedge trimmer and a chainsaw. Which one would suit my needs better and … Read more

Milwaukee Vs. Stihl Chainsaw (Battery vs Gas Powered)

If you are a woodworker, logger, or avid DIYer, chances are you have heard of Milwaukee and Stihl chainsaws. I needed to buy a new chainsaw recently, but there were so many brands and types that I had difficulty choosing one. I narrowed it down to a Milwaukee or a Stihl, but this left me … Read more

4 Effective Ways To Flatten Wood Without a Planer

A planer is an essential woodworking tool to make the rough surface of the wood smooth and reduce its thickness. It is not always possible to have all the tools you need for a DIY project, especially if you are a woodworking newbie. Not having all the tools, I needed was exactly the predicament I … Read more

Cut Drywall With a Jigsaw in 5 Steps (Tutorial)

Cutting drywall can be difficult if you use the wrong saw. I needed to cut drywall to size and make holes for the light switches when I remodeled my home. It would be too costly to buy a different saw for every application, and I needed to know if the ones I had would cut … Read more

Can You Use Motor Oil For Chainsaw Bar Oil? (Explained)

I stay in a small town with only a few retailers that stock the basic necessities. I landed in a bit of a predicament the other day while using my chainsaw. I did not have enough oil to lubricate my chain and bar, and there was no stock at the shops, which made me wonder: … Read more

13 AMP Vs. 15 AMP (Table Saw and Circular Saw)

When you are new to woodwork, construction work, or just a DIY enthusiast, you need an electrical saw. The two best saws, to begin with, are a table and a circular saw. The other consideration is the amperage you will need. The main difference between a 13 AMP and a 15 AMP table or circular … Read more