7 Best Corded Reciprocating Saws (By Type & Purpose)

If you need to do demolition work or remodeling, a reciprocating saw will quickly become your best friend. I know I don’t use my own version regularly, but it makes short work of any task when required. What I really love is the way most models can effectively cut through a long list of materials. … Read more

8 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws (With Good Battery Life)

A reciprocating saw can be a handy and effective tool, but in my opinion, it’s always best when you have a cordless version to get into those awkward spots. To me, there is something about a cord that can become quite annoying at times, so I often feel it’s best to remove it where possible. … Read more

What to Know About Table Saws (Basics)

If you’re getting interested in putting more of your resources towards woodworking, it makes sense to look at getting a table saw for yourself. Whether you’re thinking about buying one, or you have one and you’re trying to learn more, there are some basics you should know about table saws. The most important features of … Read more

Types Of Table Saw Blades & Adjustments

Table saw blades are one of the most important features of a saw. When I got into woodworking, I thought that the standard blade was great. Until I looked at other blades on offer. So what are the different types of table saw blades and features? The table saw blade is one of the most … Read more

How Much Power Does Your Table Saw Motor Need? (Drive Types)

How Much Power Do You Need for a Table Saw

When you look at power tools, one thing you must always consider is the power of that tool. Clearly, the lower the power, then the lower the capabilities or abilities of that tool. At times, it may mean you are unable to complete the tasks you want that tool to do, and nobody wants to … Read more

Table Saw Safety Features (Woodworking)

Whenever you’re working with a table saw, safety is paramount. So getting to know the safety features of the table saw is one of, if not the most important thing to do before starting. So what are the table saw safety features that you should look out for before purchasing? Read through this guide and … Read more

What Is A Miter Gauge & Rip Fence? (How-To)

Aside from the blade, the miter gauge and rip fence are major components of a table saw. But what is a miter gauge and rip fence on a table saw? Like the saw blade, I wanted to write a piece on the rip fence and miter gauge as it warranted its own article. There’s plenty … Read more

The 6 Types Of Table Saws (A Quick Overview with Pictures)

When I was first interested in table saws I researched as everyone else would do. I then thought, “I’m excited, but what different types of table saws are there? There are the six types of table saws: I’ll try and be to the point as possible to help you understand the differences. There’s no point … Read more