Scroll Saw Vs. Jigsaw (7 Differences Analysed)

Whether you’re deciding which saw to purchase or how to use two saws you already have, it’s important to know the differences between scroll saws and jigsaws. Scroll saws and jigsaws are both nimble, easy-to-use saws with thin blades. But the biggest difference between them is that jigsaws are handheld, but scroll saws are built … Read more

Scroll Saw Blades (Pinned Vs. Pinless, and More)

There are two categories of scroll saw blades: Pinned and pinless blades. They are categorized according to the way the blades are connected to the machine.  Depending on the blade suspension, some scroll saws accept either pinned blades, pinless blades, or both.  But what is the difference between a pinned and pinless scroll saw blade? … Read more

7 Scroll Saw Uses (What Can You Cut and Projects)

Scroll saws are important and unique tools with a special place in a woodworker’s arsenal. They stand out because of their visual distinctiveness and specialized purpose in the shop. A scroll saw is used for making thin and curved cuts in wood. Its flexibility and accuracy make it possible to use a scroll saw for … Read more

7 Best Scroll Saws for Precise and Intricate Cuts

One of my favorite parts of woodworking is getting to create beautiful patterns on the wood. Taking a chunk of wood and turning it into art is something that will never stop being rewarding to me.  Before I started woodworking, I used to think all the intricate patterns were carved by hand. Then, one day, … Read more

7 Types of Reciprocating Blades (For Every Job)

While there are many different types of saws out there, reciprocating saws remain among the most popular. Reciprocating saws are inexpensive, versatile, and powerful tools for cutting wood and other materials. But that versatility and power are only possible if you use the right blade for the right situation. Follow this guide to understand how … Read more

12 Tips on How to Cut Straight with a Reciprocating Saw

cutting wooden board with reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a highly useful tool that I feel is often underrated. Admittedly it’s also not a tool that everyone has at their disposal, and that is partly because some individuals are unaware of how to use it correctly. You see, this tool is perfect for demolition work or cutting through drywall, but … Read more

How To Use a Reciprocating Saw To Cut Wood (Technique)

A reciprocating saw is one of the most handy power tools you can have within your kit. Powerful and built for cutting through a variety of materials, reciprocating saws allow you to get the job done efficiently. So, how do you use a reciprocating saw to cut wood? Switch your reciprocating saw on, allowing it … Read more

7 Best Corded Reciprocating Saws (By Type & Purpose)

If you need to do demolition work or remodeling, a reciprocating saw will quickly become your best friend. I know I don’t use my own version regularly, but it makes short work of any task when required. What I really love is the way most models can effectively cut through a long list of materials. … Read more

8 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws (With Good Battery Life)

A reciprocating saw can be a handy and effective tool, but in my opinion, it’s always best when you have a cordless version to get into those awkward spots. To me, there is something about a cord that can become quite annoying at times, so I often feel it’s best to remove it where possible. … Read more

What to Know About Table Saws (Basics)

If you’re getting interested in putting more of your resources towards woodworking, it makes sense to look at getting a table saw for yourself. Whether you’re thinking about buying one, or you have one and you’re trying to learn more, there are some basics you should know about table saws. The most important features of … Read more