Woodworking Projects That Sell: The 20 Ideas That Work

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Woodworking projects are excellent for aesthetics or decorations. 

But there’s more: it can be a good source of income—as long as you have the right tools and skills to pull it off.

That said, woodworking can also be a rewarding hobby. In other words, you can do what you love and make some cash alongside. All you have to do is know your niche, understand your market, and learn how to sell your products online.

But, where do you start from, and how will you know what sells nowadays?

Not to worry. I wrote this article to guide you on how to pick woodworking projects that sell. However, before we get to that, it’s vital to look at steps that will help you make the right decision.

Are you ready?

5 Steps To Picking a Woodworking Project that Sells

It’s essential to follow the steps below before you pick a project:

1. Know Your Niche

The first step to making money from your woodworking projects is to select a profitable niche. It can be anything from home decor, gifts for women, gifts for children, to furniture. You decide.

The aim here is to get a following of fans who appreciate your work. These may be your best customers that’ll keep coming back for more. While you’re at it, ensure that you don’t focus on helping everyone. Instead, focus on helping the right people.

2. Do Your Research

When you find a profitable niche, it’s necessary to research some ideas. You can start by getting one or two potential product ideas. Or use the ideas I highlighted in this article.

3. Find the Right Place

Next, find the best place to sell your products. When you’re researching, pay attention to areas like popular features, price, and product descriptions. Also, you’ll need to know the price range that works and what your target customers want to see.

4. Beat the Competition

There’ll always be competition. So, the goal is to stand out. You can achieve this by adding some extra features, different colors, or even make it a package with other similar items.

That said, it’s crucial to note that you don’t necessarily have to show off what you can do. The best approach is to put your customers first and try to think like them. Then, you can create ideas you think your customers would love.

5. Build and Sell Your Product

Now that you know what to make and where to sell, you need to source your materials. That is, you have to find the most affordable way to build your item without forfeiting quality.

Additionally, make a showcase product and take some great photos. Beautiful photos are one of the things that attract customers.

Finally, add a price tag and promote your project. Do some research if you find this step difficult.

20 Woodworking Projects That Sell

There are numerous high-selling woodworking projects on the market. Why? It’s because there are people who love beautiful and high-quality items. Here are 20 of the best woodworking project ideas to help you get started.

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the many types of wooden frames that you can mount on walls. It uses a bracket system that hides inside the frame—giving the floating illusion on the wall.

Floating shelves started making their way into homes in the U.S around 2012. The best part is that its popularity is still on the rise today. After all, it’s a great option that can replace upper kitchen cabinets—for a more open design.

It’s a simple but profitable project. Plus, if you make it correctly, it will last a lifetime. So, what you need for this project is a table saw, miter saw, and some boards, and you’re good to go.

2. Chalkboard Shelf Unit

chalkboard shelf unit

The chalkboard shelf is a beautiful woodworking item. It looks adorable and features a simple crate-like design.

This project involves joining the corners with metal straps while the back is a chalkboard. People can beautify their shelves or write reminders with this product.

Also, the woodworking project is pricey and straightforward. Plus, you don’t need glue for this project. A few pocket screws and some metal straps will do.

You can be flexible—it’s not compulsory to use all the materials mentioned. Once you have the design set, proceed to make it yours—with your tools and methods. But ensure it stays attractive.

3. Drink Caddy

drink caddy

A drink caddy is resourceful for carrying multiple beverages at the same time. A drink caddy usually has deep spaces where people can store drinks, and it comes in different designs you can use.

One of the designs that will appeal to customers (especially men) is the wooden beer caddy. Also, it’s an easier way to carry beer around, and you can boost it with your design.

That said, you’ll need some glue and nails (or screws) for the final assembly of the project.

4. Coasters


Coasters are easy to make. This project requires you to think of a shape or design that helps avoid unsightly water rings and marks on your tables. You can easily construct this with a hot glue gun and some primary hand tools. As for the materials, you’ll need some square dowels and any paint for the finishing.

However, this project won’t sell much because of its size. So, consider packaging it in numbers (at least 5). Or add other related products like a coffee table centerpiece, a collection of table accessories, etc.

5. Wooden Toys

wooden toys

Wooden toys are one of the bestselling projects on the market. It solves one problem its plastic counterparts have: durability. Asides from the durability wooden toys offer, it looks lovely in nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

You can make wooden dolls, train sets, wooden puppets, or even more extensive sets of toys. The best part is, this project is cheap and easy to make, though it requires quite a bit of craftsmanship.

But, there’s a catch: you have to make them look colorful and fun because bland toys hardly excite children.

6. Box Shelves

If you want a bigger project to show off your craftsmanship, then try box shelves. These beautiful products create storage space in homes and allow people to display special items stylishly.

It is a collection of boxes of different sizes. Plus, constructing this piece isn’t difficult. So, you can build the box shelves with some nails and glue. Then, use any paint of your choice.

Interestingly, you can use cheap but quality materials to build great-looking box shelves. You can even construct a more formal style for offices. Additionally, this kind of project sells well online.

7. Cedar Chest

A cedar chest is a vital piece of furniture—especially for people that love versatility. The robust and sturdy piece can double as a bench at the foot of your bed or add charm to your living room as a coffee table. Also, it can pass as an area for plants.

However, the cedar chest is more popular for storage because it prevents insects and fungi. Plus, it has a pleasant scent.

Fortunately, you can make it from different types of wood, but you need to line it with cedar. Otherwise, it would just be a normal chest. However, this project is relatively easy to build. Plus, you need only screws and nails to construct the piece.

8. Baby Gym

Babies are cute, but they can get bored quickly, and that could mean trouble for parents.

As a result, parents won’t hesitate to buy anything they think will make their baby excited and busy. So, it’s up to you to convince them to purchase your product. One of the top-selling products in the baby niche is a baby gym.

A Baby gym is a wooden structure with small toys suspended from it.  The piece can have different textures, colors, and sounds to make babies happy. Some even come with music and lights.

The baby gym needs a drill, random orbital sander, and a miter saw. Since it’s for babies, ensure that your finishing is food-grade, and avoid using screws. Instead, use a small dowel.

9. Birdhouses

Some people want a beautiful garden; others want to support the ecosystem. So, a birdhouse could make an excellent addition to this audience.

Even though many people love nature, not everybody has the time or skill to build a birdhouse. Hence, you can create a stunning birdhouse design that will attract your targeted audience. All you need for the construction is a drill and some screws.

10. Wood Framed Magnetic Chalkboard

The wood-framed magnetic chalkboard is yet another bestseller project on this list. It’s prevalent among families—especially moms. It’s an exciting and handy project that’s sure to sell.

Also, you can use the most inexpensive materials and tools to make this and retain its quality. To kick off this project, you need a jigsaw and galvanized sheet metal, so it’s magnetic.

While you’re at it, remember to reduce your cost. That way, you won’t run at a loss when you set your pricing competitively low.

You can use chalkboard paint for the finish as it’s an excellent and affordable option.

11. Wooden Serving Tray

The wooden serving tray is another project with exciting design possibilities that would sell well. Serving trays have been a sensation for both families and restaurants. Also, most of these people use plastic or glass trays with low durability.

That’s where you come in with your woodworking project. Wooden trays are highly durable. Plus, they tend to give an aesthetic look when it’s well designed. So, all you need for this project is wood and glue. 

You can glue different colors of wood together to form one beautiful design. The trick here is to come up with an attractive and unique design—to keep customers coming.

12. Vertical Planter Box

vertical planter box

A vertical planter box is a container people use to plant or box plants outdoors. It also displays plants and flowers (vertically). People also use this wood product to grow edible plants like herbs.

You can put this together with just glue. However, if you want a more solid structure, add other materials like screws or finish nailers. It’s easy to build in an assembly-line style (up to 4 or 5).

Though it’s a great project, it might not sell very much. But, on the bright side, it attracts a lot of shoppers online. So, if you use the correct marketing technique, it’s possible to sell a ton of these little projects.

13. Wooden SandBox

A sandbox is a great project you can sell to families with children. It’s a wide container filled with soft beach sand for children to play in. A lot of families prefer sandboxes in their backyards because it’s very affordable.

Selling this project won’t be easy, especially if you have to ship. If selling it doesn’t appeal to you, then build it in assembly parts. 

This way, you can stack the sections easily in a box and make a simple assembly instruction sheet. Don’t forget to include all the screws and get the big pieces ready-made so it won’t require a lot of assembling.

14. Decorative Keepsake Box

A Keepsake box is a unique item for people to store mementos of a loved one or event. It’s beneficial for people suffering a loss, and it helps with grieving. You can also call it a memory box, depending on the occasion. 

A keepsake box is essential. For this reason, its design should be unique if you want to attract customers. It will sell like hotcakes if you market the project correctly.

The construction is simple. All you need to do is get some affordable, good-quality wood and join it with dowels, glue, and screws. Then you can finish the project with oil, spray-on lacquer, or even poly.

15. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a box for storing trinkets or pieces of jewelry. It can look very modest with paper lining and covering, lined with satin, and covered in leather. Also, it can have a larger and well-decorated form.

In short, it’s not easy to make a jewelry box. However, if you can handle the task, it can sell for at least $50 online.

Additionally, men can buy this for their girlfriends, wives, or daughters. So, you can put your project in the face of this audience.

16. Bedside Docking Station

People love convenience. So, if your product offers that, you’ll get a lot of customers. In other words, the docking station provides a simplified way of plugging electronics.

With this project, you can store small jewelry and charge your gadgets with ease. You’ll need wood, glue, and 1 1/4 inch brad nails to construct this piece.

However, the project is not specific and has no niche. If that’s not a bother, you can market it to everyone and make profits from selling the piece in bulk.

17. Storage Box

Like the cedar chest, the primary purpose of this box is storage. People use this to keep private things securely. The size of the box may vary and can even be for decorative purposes.

Creating a storage box is a great idea. You can use box joints and engrave customized names (for personal orders). Also, this project has a high sell rate because it takes time to make. Thus, no one makes it very fast (which means only a few are up for sale, making the price tag higher).

18. Coat Rack

coat rack

A coat rack usually has different hooks attached to a wooden frame. You can make a coat rack for hanging coats and jackets. You can also hang hats and umbrellas.  It has two variants; the wall variant and the standing variant.

It makes a striking feature on the walls of any home, especially when it’s wooden. Plus, it’s easy to create since it only requires some chunks of wood, nails, and iron hangers. 

As a result, the coat rack is a very profitable woodworking project.  While you’re at it, ensure you add some simple designs and extra features to attract more customers.

19. Picture Frames

Picture frames have two purposes.  First, to protect and decorate a picture. Second, it helps to display and set the pictures apart from the surroundings and makes them beautiful.

A wooden picture frame is easy to create. Your aim should be to have unique decoration, color, and eye-catching embellishments on your wooden frame. No doubt, this project will always be in demand. Thus, it‘s a great one to consider.

20. Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils are the perfect go-to—if you want a sturdy and practical option. You can make wooden spoons, forks, and even knives. It looks great, and people can use it as ornamental pieces.

In summary, wooden utensils also serve normal functions in the kitchen. It can even conduct heat better than metal utensils. So, you can use the uniqueness of this product to make a profit. A hint here is to make your exclusive set of wooden cutleries.

Wrapping Up

Many woodworking projects can make you a fortune. So, as mentioned in the article, it’s essential to spot your targeted audience. Then, you can proceed to research. With that information, you can create a brilliant marketing strategy that’ll help you sell.

Also, ensure that you consider the steps above to pick the best project before you proceed. And pay attention to your price. That is, ensure that you reduce your cost to maximize profits.

What do you think about the project ideas? Have you tried any? Which one do you think we missed?

Feel free to contact us if you need more woodworking ideas, and let us know which one is your favorite. 

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