Wood Router Reviews & How-To Guides

A wood router is a must-have if you need to cut perfect edges, re-create patterns, or do decorative molding. Most woodworkers consider it as one of the most versatile tools in a project. If you are looking to purchase this tool as a beginner, you might not know the best option for your task.

To help you as you shop, I’ve provided the necessary information into bits that you can understand. From our top picks to the special mentions, we have recommended some of the best brands you can buy for quality work. I’ve also included vital things you should know before buying a wood router, how-to guides, and additional reviews.

The reason for collating all this information together is just like you; I have been researching on what to look out for in a wood router. Whether you are beginning your woodworking journey or a pro, here is some information to guide you.


Top Picks

There are two types of wood routers available. But, do you know which one you should use between a fixed base and a plunge base? On top of that, do you know the best model? Leave that to us. We have shared our top picks for each category to help you get started. You can also get more information from the detailed review on its features.

Owning both types of routers could give you the best value for your projects. But that’s not always possible. You have to know which category is most suitable, depending on whether your task it’s a complex or simple home project.

The Wood Routers Reviewed

If you are wondering which is the best wood router, you are in the right place. Our reviews cover the top models from manufacturers such as Makita, Bosch, DeWalt & others. Read on to find out the best model that can suit your budget and woodwork project needs. 

Further Information & Reviews

If you are looking for information about other woodworking tools, I’ve put together reviews and articles that you can read through to get started.

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