Why Are Chandeliers So Expensive? (The 5 Reasons)

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why are chandeliers so expensive

I will admit, I have a bit of a crush on chandeliers. Nothing is more alluring than the iridescent light that shimmers from the majestic chandelier floating enchantingly in a room. But unfortunately, as much as I would love to have an imposing chandelier hanging in my sitting room, I also have a budget.

Five reasons why a chandelier can be so expensive relies on what types of material are used and if you have it custom-made or buying it from a store. Size and design also play a big role in determining the price. Lastly, the installation needs to be professionally done.

Knowing how a chandelier is made and what it is made of will give you a better understanding of why these beautiful luminaires can be so pricey. Several factors play a role in determining the price of chandeliers and how they can fit into your budget.

5 Reasons Why Chandeliers Are So Expensive


Maybe you are looking for a chandelier that will make a statement in your home, then finding the right size is important.

Chandelier costs can vary significantly between price ranges. The cost of a chandelier depends on the size and material used. Another factor about expensive chandeliers is whether they are handmade or not.

A stylish chandelier can be pricey as these great works of art generally require special expertise to manufacture and ensure they are perfectly balanced once mounted to your ceiling.

Mounting these also requires special skills to ensure the fitting is correctly secured and poses no danger of falling.

Chandeliers can be created using different materials like wrought iron, wood, brass, and other metals. And there is a multitude of different glass and crystal prisms that can adorn the chandelier. All these materials determine the price range that chandeliers can fetch.

What makes a chandelier extravagant is the crystals or glass used to adorn it. However, these crystals are not just for cosmetics. The crystals help refract the light and bounce the iridescent lights onto the walls and ceiling, giving your room a glamorous feel.

1. Materials Used To Make A Chandelier

chandelier in the room

Wrought iron is one of the most popular metals to use for chandeliers. The diversity of this metal gives it room to be a simplistic design that gives you that old farm-style feel to the intricately twisted metal with iron adornments. Wrought iron also has the added benefit of holding a lot of weight.

Wood is one of the more ancient materials that are used. Due to its inability to hold lots of weight, it is usually custom-designed for a more contemporary and rustic look.

Other metals such as brass, copper, chrome, and plastic can also be used to create the chandelier’s frame, but the price of your chandelier will depend on the intricacy and design that you choose.

Crystals can be pricey, so adorning your chandelier with crystals tends to bump up the price. Unless you are an expert, most consumers will not be able to differentiate between the different crystal types. Here are some crystals ranging from low to high prices.

  • Asfour crystal
  • K9 crystals
  • Venetian crystals
  • Murano glass
  • Hand-cut Turkish crystals
  • Gem cut  or Moroccan crystals
  • Common crystals
  • Swarovski crystal glass
  • Strass crystal

The price of these crystals all depends on how they are made, be it by machine, handmade, or fire forged, to the lead content and clarity of the crystal. All this plays a role in the price of your chandelier.

2. The Size Of Your Chandelier

Deciding what size chandelier will best fit your space and adding the perfect amount of charm and flair is just as important as the other factors.

 A small chandelier would look totally out of sorts placed in the grand double staircase entrance hall. That room needs something that adds elegance and sparkle, so size does actually matter.

3. Design Also Determines Price Of A Chandelier

chandelier house

The design of your chandelier is another factor in consideration of the price you will pay for your exquisite showpiece.

Today you can find so many diverse shapes and sizes of chandeliers. Your design can differ between a pricey triple-tiered centerpiece and a more modest double-tiered design.

A more contemporary design with a few lights could be the difference between breaking the bank chandelier that looks like it was made for a palace.

4. How Is A Chandelier Made?

There are still chandelier-makers that will design and manufacture your chandelier for your specific requirements and will undoubtedly increase the value of your chandelier as it will be as unique as you are.

Even though some chandelier parts can be machine-made or molded, most chandeliers are handmade. The time and meticulousness that goes into balancing and garnishing a chandelier is not a trivial process.

5. Installation Of A Chandelier

The last factor that affects the price of your chandelier, and probably a very important one, is the installation of your chandelier.

Chandeliers can vary significantly in weight, depending on the material you choose and the crystals you embellish it with. In general, chandeliers that weigh over 50 pounds need additional braces installed in the ceiling to support the extra weight and ensure your chandelier is correctly and safely secured.

Another factor with the installation is how it will be lowered to allow easy access for the cleaning and maintenance of the lights and crystals.

Installing a chandelier is best left to the professionals; after all, it is what they are skilled at.

How Much Should You Spend On A Chandelier?

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How much you want to spend as opposed to how much you can afford depends entirely on you and your financial status quo.

Another important fact is what size your chandelier needs to be compared to the rooms it will be suspended in. 

A general rule of thumb to know what size chandelier would be best for your space is tallying the dimensions of your room in feet and converting the answer to inches. 

For example, your room is 12’+10′, which equals 22′, which means you should look for a chandelier that is 22 inches in size to fit well into the room.

Do Chandeliers Hold Their Value?

As with any antique or collection, the value of your chandelier will depend on what condition it is in. If any of the crystals have been cracked or damaged. Excessive refurbishment can also affect the value of your chandelier.

If the chandelier is immaculate, it will retain its value.

Does A Chandelier Add Value To My House?

Chandeliers can add worth to your home if it is of value. Your 50 dollar store-bought chandelier will not affect the price of your home.

But if you choose an opulent and top-quality chandelier that is unique and bejeweled with high-quality crystals, then yes, this can add value to your home. 


Choosing a chandelier is no easy task, and understanding what makes these items pricey will help you decide how to choose one. The craftsmanship and time that goes into one of these items are priceless, and we all know that time is an expensive commodity.

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