WEN 3939 & 3962 Benchtop Bandsaw Review

Today, we look into the line of WEN bandsaws available.

WEN have three bandsaws available, which you’re able to pick between based solely on the size you’d like. These sizes range from 9” – which is the 3939, a 10” option in the 3962 model and lastly, the largest option with 12” in the 3966 bandsaw.

Short for time? Here’s a quick overview of the WEN 3939 & 3962 Benchtop Bandsaw Review:

  • Motor on the 3939 is 2.5 amps, with the 2962 containing a 3.5 amp motor & variable speed dial
  • Depth of cut is 3-⅝” on the WEN 3939, and a massive 6” on the 3962 model
  • Inclusive rip fence for straight cuts, miter gauge for angled cuts & dust port for vacuum hose connection
  • Spacious work table with a throat size of 9” on the 3939 model, with a 10” throat on the 3962 bandsaw
  • Two models are at cost-effective price points, pending on what you’re looking for out of your work

Bandsaws are identified by their design – a blade which is powered by a motor, which travels through wheels, exposing the blade which is used to make cuts.

We’ll be looking into the 3939 mostly, as well as comparisons to the 3962 model

This might go over your head if you’re unsure of what you’d be using a bandsaw for, though.

An important question you may ask, what exactly is a bandsaw?
A bandsaw is similar to a scroll saw, with its ability to carve interesting patterns and a focus on its precision. However, the similarities stop here – a bandsaw is more powerful than its scroll saw cousin, and can be used to cut a vast array of materials.

Specifications & Features

To have a clearer understanding of how these bandsaws work and perform, we’ll be looking into both the specifications and features.


  • 2.8 amp motor with an attainable max speed of 2460 FPM
  • Depth of cut is 3- ⅝” inches deep and 9” wide
  • Accepts 62” blades from ⅛” – ⅜” in width
  • Additional ⅜” wide blade, dust port, rip fence and miter gauge
  • Ball bearings for streamlined operation and increased lifespan of bandsaw


The first of the features to be looked at, is the motor. The WEN 3939 benchtop bandsaw holds a 2.8 amp motor that can attain a speed of 2460 FPM. It’s not the most powerful motor that you can find on a benchtop bandsaw, yet it’s powerful enough to cut through a variety of applications without struggling.

The 3962 model, however – has a touch more power, with a 3.5 amp motor, which is also capable of two speeds through a variable speed setting.

Cutting Specifications

There are two cutting specifications in which you should be aware of, both the cut depth and the width of the cut.

As it stands, the WEN 3939 is capable of cutting through materials at a depth of 3-⅝”, as well as 9” wide.
This is a little above the industry standard, which provides you with a more streamlined cut, allowing for more designs to be made.

The 3962 has a little more depth to its’ cut, with a maximum cutting depth of 6”, and acceptance of 9-¾” in width. This is incredibly impressive, and is something to definitely look at if you need a benchtop bandsaw with a little more kick behind it.

Accepts 62” Blades

With the WEN 3939, this bandsaw accepts 62” blades, anywhere from ⅛” to ⅜” in total size. Whilst this is nothing particularly outstanding, it’s an acceptable size which can assist in majority of jobs you need to complete.

In comparison, the larger WEN 3962 accepts blades up to 72”, anywhere from ⅛” to ½” in size.

At its price however – the WEN 3939 is extremely good value for money – a feature we’ll be discussing at length later in the article.

What’s In The Box?

When you open up the box for the 3939 bandsaw for the first time, here’s what you’ll be looking at:

  • 1 x WEN 3939 Bandsaw
  • 1 x ⅜” blade
  • 1 x dust port
  • 1 x rip fence
  • 1 x miter gauge

What Makes This Different From The Rest Of The Competition?

Onto the next – which are three features I’ve handpicked as the standout features for the WEN 3939.

If you don’t agree with these – or think another should be added in place, leave a comment in the section below so I’m able to see what our readers think.

Firstly, let’s look into the value for money this bandsaw provides, and how WEN achieves this.

Value For Money

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Value for money, how’s that a feature?

Well, let me explain.

We touched upon the fact that there are three separate bandsaws available within the benchtop options which WEN provide.

This is the most affordable of the priced models, and is extremely affordable – which allows you to purchase this as either your first bandsaw, or even an upgrade or an older model.

For the next model, which is the 3962 – you’re getting a little more size on the table, with slightly elevated specs when compared to this model.

Both of these models should be at the top of your list when you’re narrowing down which bandsaw is perfect for you and your budget.

Spacious Work Table

With their bandsaws, WEN provides a very healthy amount of space to work within, and this is ideally what any professional or amateur would be looking for when ripping through materials.

Firstly, the table has a 9” throat size, and even though it’s slightly smaller than the 10” throat size on the WEN 3962, it’s still plenty of room to work within.

With the WEN 3939, the table itself features dimensions of 12” by 12”, with a bevel adjustment ability of up to 45, giving you more ways in which you can cut through your materials.

Back to the WEN 3962, and you’ll find that the dimensions of the table are a touch larger, with the width specifications sitting at 14- ⅛” x 12-½”. The 3962 also has a bevel ability of up to 45.

Additional Accessories

Lastly, we have the additional accessories of the WEN 3939 benchtop saw.

What do I mean by ‘additional accessories’, you might ask? Great question – mainly, we’ll be looking at the miter gauge, rip fence and the dust port.

All three accessories (or additional features, whichever name you’d like to call them by), add another layer of quality into WEN’s bandsaw, by enhancing visibility, quality and your own safety.

The rip fence allows you to make incredibly accurate cuts into your material, as you’re able to use this as a streamlined guide for a smoother, higher quality cut. Partnered with the miter gauge, which outline the angles you’re working on – and you have a benchtop bandsaw that has no room for misalignment.

The dust port is also another beneficial feature, and is especially helpful for those who are working in garages or small workshops.
A standard vacuum cleaner hose will fit the port perfectly, and can adapt for hoses that are sized at 2” and 4”.

Before we finish, we’ll have a quick look at the WEN 3962 and the additional accessories it holds. We’ll continue with the dust port – in which WEN have included 3 sizes in one, meaning the dust port will fit hoses which are sized at 1-¾” 2-¾”, 4”.

Like the WEN 3939, the 3962 also contains a miter gauge for a precise and angled cut, and a rip fence for straight ripping.A stand is also available with the WEN 3962, in addition to a flexible work light to illuminate dark work spaces.

Final Thoughts

So we’ve had a look into the 3939 benchtop bandsaw by WEN, as well as the next in line, the 3962.

If you’re looking for a bandsaw that contains all the features you’ll need, as well as one that provides efficient performance for a very affordable price, then the WEN 3939 should be at the top of your purchase list.

If you have a little bit more money to play with, and would like some additional features and more room upon the table you’re working on – the WEN 3962 is the bandsaw you should be looking at.

Either way, both bandsaws will provide you with years of quality service, and are able to perform most jobs asked of them.

What do you think, though? Do you have a feature you’d like to discuss in depth a little more?

Or perhaps there’s something I’d forgotten to mention?

Whatever that may be, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

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