WEN 3921 Scroll Saw Review

If you’re not too familiar with WEN, you will be after this article.

They have manufactured power tools since 1957, and have an impressive list of tools available across their range.

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw review is an updated version of the well-liked WEN 3920 Scroll Saw.

The main differences between the two? This 3921 model includes a tool-less blade change feature, whereas the 3920 will need an additional accessory in order to swap and replace blades.

If you don’t have too much time on your hands, we have you covered with our quick overview below:

  • 16” throat size with both pinned and pinless blades accepted
  • Accept blades in both 90° and standard position
  • Control speed to your pace – the variable speed trigger ranges from 550 – 1650 SPM
  • This model is completely keyless – no more accessories to swap between blades
  • Adjustable air pump and worklight provides extra visibility onto your work

Features & Specifications

I’ve picked three features which I believe you should know about, as well as three unique features that really makes this model shine.

Let’s get into it, starting with the specifications on the WEN 3921 scroll saw.

Here they are, below.


  • 16” Throat size
  • Dimensions of 26.38” x 13” x 14.75”
  • Weight of 26 lbs
  • Accepts blades in two directions
  • Variable speed of 550 – 1650 SPM
  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Onboard storage
  • Inclusive dust port, blower and light for increased visibility

Cast Iron Base

Without a base to work on, it’s pretty difficult to get anything done.

The WEN 3921 contains a cast iron base, which includes a 16” throat size – perfect for your wooden pieces to come to life.

How so, you might ask?
The iron base reduces vibration, which provides more accuracy on your cuts – which is what you’re using a scroll saw for, right?

The table also bevels left up to 45°, allowing those angled cuts you’re making to be right on the money.

Variable Speed Trigger

The 3291 comes with a speed range of 550 – 1650 SPM.

There is always going to be instances where you don’t want a cut to be either on the fast or slow side – which is why this model has a variable speed trigger.

The variable speed trigger,(or knob, as it is) is located on the front of the model, alongside the power switch.

With its’ convenient location, it’s easy to adjust speeds mid-cut, giving you optimal control over the quality work you’re producing.

Onboard Storage

If you’re moving worksites, this is a functional feature that you’ll find quite handy.

Even if you’re using it in a stationary position and don’t plan on moving the scroll saw anytime soon, the onboard storage feature still provides a mountain of additional value.

You’ll be able to store any additional blades you have with the onboard storage, meaning you can keep track of your accessories and won’t have to worry about losing them.

When cutting, it’s easy to forget other things than the job at hand – so this feature is a nifty addition that I’m quite a fan of.

What do you think of this feature WEN have included?

What’s Included?

With this model, it’s a bare tool only, so there won’t be any inclusions out of the box.

In saying this, you’re receiving quite an exceptional scroll saw at its’ price.

  • 1 x WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

Standout Features Which Separate The WEN 3291 From The Rest

Onto the next – which are three features I’ve handpicked as the standout for the 3291 scroll saw.

If you don’t agree with these – or think another should be added in place, leave a comment in the section below so I’m able to see what our readers think.

Firstly, let’s look into the increased visibility – and how WEN achieves this with the 3921.

Increased Visibility With Dust Port, Air Pump & Flexible Light

There are two features combines which increase visibility – and holistically, the quality of your work – and that is the air pump and flexible light.

The air pump is adjustable, giving you total control over any unnecessary dust caked upon your design. This is connected to the dust port, which is sized at 1-½”.

As many models of scroll saws don’t have a dust port to connect unwanted debris to – it’s a very useful addition from WEN.

Next up, we have the flexible light.

Like the air pump, the light is easily adjustable in whichever position you see fit – giving you an extra edge when cutting a complex shape.

Tool-less Blade Holder

As I stated at the beginning of this article, WEN have two models available – the older, 3920 which needs a tool to change blades – and the 3921 model, the tool-less version.

In my eyes, it’s simply much more convenient to have blade clamps on power tools that are tool-less, as it can become an inconvenience as time passes on.

WEN acknowledge this, and you can swap your blades at will without the need for a hex key or any additional tool.

Instead, you’ll be unscrewing a thumb screw to replace your blades – which is a lot more simple, don’t you agree?

This unique blade holder also serves another purpose, which is the acceptance of both pinned and pinless blades – which provides almost limitless options in regards to the blades you can attach.

As well as this, you’ll no longer be confined to the 16” throat of the scroll saw – as you can pop the pins out of its’ front holder and turn the blade to a 90° angle.

Multi-Positional Blade

Last of the features we’re looking at – is the multi-positional blade options the WEN 3921 provides you with.

This is my favorite feature on this model, and I’ll explain why.

The two directions you can choose between are standard, and 90°. The extra blade positioning gives, as WEN claim, ‘infinite ripping capacity”.

Whilst it may not be infinite ripping capacity, it sure does increase your ability to cut through wood, allowing for incredibly complicated designs and shapes to be made.

Which is what you’re using a scroll saw for, isn’t it?

My Conclusion

After reviewing this scroll saw, there is one thing which is evident.

This scroll saw is worth your money – and being on the cheaper end of scroll saws, don’t let that discourage you.

You’ll be getting a model which has great longevity (also backed up by a two-year warranty from WEN), and is able to outperform many other brands which have a monopoly on the power tool industry.

I definitely recommend this – for an affordable price you’re getting a quality product that should match your needs – regardless of your level of use and experience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this scroll saw, and any other tips you may be able to share with our readers and I.

Leave them below!

James Thomas

James Thomas

Tool Enthusiast

11 thoughts on “WEN 3921 Scroll Saw Review”

    1. Hi Fred,

      Truly sorry for the late reply.

      I can confirm they’re made in China. However, they are backed by a two-year warranty, and a nationwide network of skilled service technicians.

      They’re great value for money.


    1. Hi Glen,

      I don’t make any products as such, unfortunately. If I do come across some, I’ll be sure to let you know here.


  1. I’m having trouble putting a painless blade on my 3921 scroll saw. The directions say there is a thumb screw (and you also mention it in your article) but I have to say I can’t find it. HELP! Please!

  2. Hi, can blades be obtained that allow cuts in hard exotic woods like iron wood? These would be small cuts for small knife handles, letter openers, etc.

    1. Hi Brent,

      Ironwood!? That’s like cutting through rock! In fact, I haven’t really worked with ironwood personally. Most blades will wear out as soon as you have finished cutting. any people use regular knifes for cutting this, not scroll saws I believe.

      I’m probably not the best person to ask about this due to my lack of experience using this material. I’m not entirely sure which blade to select from this range, but you can check out this chart here to assist 🙂


  3. Just unboxed Wen 3921 scroll saw. Works as advertised and an upgrade from my 10 yo HFT model. However, the brand new model has included a set of adapters specifically for pin-less (plain end) blades. These are brand new and in addition to the other pin-less adapters that came with previous models. These new adapters will replace the blade holders that come installed on the saw and offer thumb screws to supposedly lock a pin-less blade into place. (There is an addendum sheet in the manual related to this). I’ve tried every possible way to keep a pin-less blade secured but once I start cutting the blade comes out of the lower clamp. Any advice other than what’s already on the interweb would be appreciated.

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