Table Saw Reviews & How-To Guides

If you’re a serious woodworker or tool enthusiast, the table saw is one of the most useful tools you can add to your list of equipment. There is a lot of information to take in when you’re either looking to purchase your first one or upgrade from your current one.

I’ve listed below information in bite-size segments so this can be your one-stop-shop guide. From our top picks of what we recommend after hours of reviewing, special mentions of what came a close second to our top choices, how-to guides and what you should know prior to buying, and further information and other reviews – it’s all here.

The reason for creating this resource you ask? Well, I too was looking for resources on what to look for in a table saw. Collating all information different sources was exhausting. So, I’ve decided that I share all this information with you to help you on your journey.

Top Picks

Do you want to know what the best portable, contractor, hybrid, and cabinet saws are? Then look no further, here are our top picks in each category. If you like, you can research further into each model with a detailed review discussing their features.

It’s impossible to select one for all purposes. Why? Well there isn’t such a thing. The model would be a cabinet saw. However, what if you wanted to transport it? That’s the issue. Trade-offs have to be made and why there is a need to categorize each type.

Portable Table Saw

The DeWalt DWE7480/XA succeeded the popular DeWalt  DW745 which was one of the most popular in its class.

Contractor Table Saw

The DeWalt DWE7491RS is another best seller and has really given competitors a hard time playing catch up.

Hybrid Table Saw

The Shop Fox W1837 was the standout from the hybrid category with a unit that’s built sturdy and made to last.

Cabinet Table Saw

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 cabinet table saw is a woodworker’s dream machine. It’s engineering at its finest.

The Best Table Saws Reviewed

Want to find out what the best table saw is? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We review the best models from manufacturers that include DeWalt, Bosch, SawStop, Shop Fox & more. Find which model offers the best quality and value for money.

Special Mentions

Here are a few table saw models we believe that deserve a special mention. They came a close second, and provide outstanding features. They’re also great value for money if you’re on a budget.

These are top choices still, make no mistake. They’re excellent quality and would usually provide features similar to the best choices above. Brands such as Bosch are present – an excellent German manufacturer of power tools.

Budget Portable Table Saw

The SKIL 3410-02 table saw is excellent for a first-time woodworker and represents great value for money.

Value Portable Table Saw

The Bosch GTS1031 table saw comes a close second to the popular DeWalt DWE7480, you won’t be disappointed.

Contractor Table Saw Runner-Up

The Bosch 4100-10 is the updated version of the very popular Bosch 4100-09, it nearly beat the DeWalt DWE7480.

How-To Guides & Information

I strongly suggest you read through all the information I’ve provided throughout this section. It will provide you with foundational knowledge of what you require before making your first purchase.

I’ve tried my best to be as thorough as possible technically, but also for someone with limited knowledge to understand. There’s many features and adjustments to be made aware of. Importantly, safety is of utmost importance when you’re using a table saw. Please read all the safety measures you should be aware of.

Mind you, if you feel confident and know exactly what you want, you can head straight to the reviews to decide which model is right for you.

Table Saw Buying Guide

The buying guide is a great place to start before diving deeper into detailed articles. It will provide you with all the essential information you need: types, motor, portability, blade size and adjustment, rip fence and miter gauge, and safety features to be aware of.

Types of Table Saw

There are a few types of saws that include the portable and stationary models. Within portable saws, it includes benchtop, compact, and jobsite models. In stationary saws, it includes contractor, hybrid, and cabinet models.

Rip Fence & Miter Gauge

Here I’ll discuss the rip fence and miter gauge. I’ll provide information on how they work and how they’d be used when working with a saw. The fence and miter gauge are one of the most important elements when you want to make that precise cut.

Motor & Drive Type

The motor and drive types is critical to making the unit work. It provides power to the cutting blade, and not all motors are equal. We’ll discuss the direct-drive and belt-drive motor types and how they transfer power to the blade to provide an accurate cut.

Safety Features

Safety is very important as saws are extremely powerful and can causing serious injury. Do you want a finger amputated? I didn’t think so. Ensure you read this article so you’re aware of all the safety features available to you. It’s one of the most important articles.

Types of Saw Blades

Understanding what blade type to use with your table saw is very important. If you use the wrong blade, you won’t get the results you’re after or cause injury. I’ll discuss blade types, quality, materials, size, teeth, RPM, and the various adjustments you can make.

Table Saw Basics

This article provides an excellent overview of all the features you’ll find on each table saw. This includes the power switch, onboard storage, dust collection, table extensions, elevation and tilt wheels, and more. It also includes where each item is located.

Further Information & Reviews

I’ve written many other articles and reviews for you to read through. Feel free to browse through anything you have in mind to get yourself acquainted with the different models, or information that you’re after.

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