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The story of your craftsmanship journey does not stop with the purchase of a power tool. It is your responsibility to ensure that you fully utilize its potential by maintaining its integrity. You can also add a few extra tools and products that will improve its performance. In the case of the table saw, there’s much to be done!

Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of your table saw…

How to Maximize the Potential of Your Table Saw - What to Know

Buy safety essentials

Make no mistake, table saws are dangerous tools. As such, it is vital to equip yourself with protective equipment to improve the ergonomics of handling the table saw while increasing your protection from accidents. 

Safety glasses help protect your eyes from unwanted sawdust that might force your eyes to close when the dust comes into contact with your cornea. Choose a pair of safety glasses with wraparound protection that helps prevent it from falling while you wear them.

Also, invest in excellent earplugs to help prevent any damage to your auditory organs. Earmuffs are a better option since they’re more secure than earplugs. 

Use a push stick

When the material that you’re cutting is a bit too short, you risk getting your hands injured as it’ll be closer to the saw. It is crucial to use a push stick to shove the material through the saw to minimize the risk of damaging yourself.  

The saw blades of a table saw are meant for cutting wood, metal, glass, and other hard materials. When a table saw cuts your skin and muscles, it’s no different than a knife cutting a piece of jello.

Use high-quality saw blades

High-quality saw blades drastically increase productivity and decrease the chance of accidents. The table saw you bought might have come with a standard saw blade that’s good enough for woodworking. However, you might also need to cut other materials like glass and metal. Each material requires a material-specific blade to produce smooth cuts. With that said, you must purchase the other blades too, if you’ll be cutting different materials.

Add a zero-clearance throat plate to the saw 

Adding a zero-clearance throat plate is the main ingredient that produces the best in-cut quality. The throat plate supports the material about to be cut, minimizing splintering and tear-out, which results in smoother and better cut objects. 

Use ant-friction sprays

If you want to save time and increase efficiency, you can invest in a reliable anti-friction spray. The spray helps push the material to the saw with ease. It can be beneficial for rough edges that cause a lot of friction against the table saw’s surface like irregularly shaped wood.

Invest in an excellent dust-collection system

A massive dust bag can hold a day’s worth of saw scraps without the need to throw away the trash frequency. You can make it even better by connecting your dust bag to an advanced dust collection system via an outlet port. Then, use a universal adapter to tighten the connection between the saw outlet and the dust collector system.

A dust-free work area helps maintain your health from the hazards of inhaling saw particles, which can cause severe respiratory problems. Because of that, it is vital to invest in a kick-ass dust collection system capable of handling your dust waste.


Table saws are an expensive investment. The best thing to do to maximize its usage is by investing in quality accessories that help improve your table saw’s output and performance. In doing so, you’ll get the most bang out of your buck for the money you spent. 

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