3 Ways to Make Straight Cuts With a Circular Saw | We Take A Look At Some Quick Tips

Have you ever tried to make a straight cut with a circular saw and failed, only to end up thinking that achieving a straight cut using this type of saw is impossible? The truth is, it actually isn’t as hard as you think! However, one aspect that you have to remember is that a circular saw doesn’t have an excellent way to move in a straight line, which means that it requires specific techniques to make a straight cut. 

In this article, we will share with you three ways on how to make straight cuts using a circular saw:

3 Ways to Make Straight Cuts With a Circular Saw - What to Know

Use a Speed Square

A speed square is a valuable tool to use when you plan to make a straight cut using a circular saw. Place the speed square on the side where you’re starting the cut. It’s similar to using a ruler when drawing a line. 

Before you use a speed square, measure and mark the locations for the cut and then position the blade on the mark and place the speed square against the base plate. Then, push the base plate against the square to make the cut. 

Make a Cutting Guide

Know that making a cutting guide by yourself will only take a couple of minutes. All you need is to gather scrap pieces of plywood that are adequate for your main project. When making a cutting guide, use the larger part of the plywood to act as a base for the jig and saw blade. Then, the narrow piece of plywood will be glued to the larger piece, which will serve as a fence for the base plate. 

Use a Rip-Cut Tool

A rip-cut tool is an easy way to cut a straight line with a circular saw. Choose a universal rip-cut to attach it to the sled because the fence of the rip-cut will follow the straight edge to ensure that you achieve an accurate cut.

Some Extra Tips & Information

When using a circular saw to cut straight, you need to place the speed square, the cutting guide, or the rip-cut tool in a way that it covers the side of the workpiece that you want to keep. By doing this, the saw will cut on the waste side, and you won’t do any significant damage to the wanted piece should the saw wander away from the cut line. 

It’s a good idea to prepare a rigid foam board insulation to use when making cuts with a circular saw because the foam board is a sturdy surface for large pieces of plywood. Moreover, the foam board can also prevent the saw blade from cutting the workbench or pavement. 

Keep in mind that making a perfectly straight cut with a circular saw is difficult, which is why you need some help using the tips listed above. If you haven’t done a straight cut before with a circular saw, you will need to practice a few times until your hands become familiar with the process. 

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