SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Contractor Table Saw Review

Today, we’re putting the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Table Saw under the microscope – to give you the information necessary when comparing table saws for your next purchase.

There’s one thing to say about the SPT70WT-01, and that’s power. Plenty of it.

Is your table saw bogged down on those bigger cuts? If so, you’d definitely want to read on.

If you’re short on time, though, or just want a quick overview of the SKIL SPT70WT-01, have a read below:

  • Portable and lightweight at 52lbs
  • Worm Drive design, isolated motor for those heavier cuts
  • Copper windings on motor allows for constant cooling, resulting in continuous cuts
  • 5,300 RPM
  • 25” rip capacity at full extension
  • Designed with both the contractor and hobbyist in mind.

Features & Specifications

Let’s have a deeper look into the specifications of the SPT70WT-01, as well as the features Skilsaw have added.


  • Weight 52 lbs
  • 5,300 RPM
  • Arbor Size: ⅝”
  • Amps 15
  • Blade Size: 10”
  • Depth of cut at 45°: 2-3/10”
  • Depth of cut at 90°: 3-½”
  • 25” Rip capacity


Rip Capacity & Fence

An important feature in all table saws, the SPT70WT091 includes a rip capacity of up to 11”.

This doesn’t seem like too much, does it?

Don’t worry – the table includes an extension feature, giving you up to 25” of space to rip through materials with. SKILSAW have played it safe with their ripping capacity, at a size which is standard across the table saw class.

Due to its’ extension ability, the table also offers more sturdiness for your material. The rip fence can also take a good amount of pressure, meaning you won’t have to worry about it sliding out of place.

Neat, huh?

Cut Depth

The SPT70WT-01 includes a cut depth of 2-3/10” at 45°, and a depth of 3-½” when cutting at 90°. The depths these cuts allow for when partnered with the impressive motor, enable you to rip through woods at ease.

The bevel allows for rapid switches from 90° to 45° angles. This can be made with a simple movement of your hand, locking in solid.

This swift movement makes it much easier for us woodworkers, doesn’t it?


We’ll have a brief look into the motor within this section, as we delve deeper later on in the review. SKILSAW have designed a motor which keeps itself cool, allowing for longer hours on your project.

The motor has a powerful output, at 5,300RPM. This allows the SPT70WT-01 to rip through the majority of woods you can throw at it.

With this power, it would be safe to assume that the motor would be loud.

However, this is not the case.

Customers who have bought the SPT70WT-01 have stated that the motor is quiet in comparison to alternative table saws on the market.

Personally, I find this quite assuring, as most motors with this amount of output can be quite loud.

Dust Collection

A feature that manufacturers are constantly looking to improve, Skilsaw have included a port on the back of the SPT70WT-01 which fits a standard 21/4” shop vacuum hose.

The collection of dust on this model is quite effective, yet the port is unable to extend past the frame of the table saw.

This is an easy fix, though – if you can fix up a previous extension tube, this can be attached to the port.


  • 1 x 24-tooth SKILSAW Carbide-tipped blade
  • 1 x miter gauge
  • 1 x self-aligning fence
  • 1 x insert plate
  • 1 x push stick
  • 1 x blade wrench
  • 1 x hex wrench

What Sets It Apart From The Competition?

Below we’ll look at the features which separate the SPT70WT-01 from the rest of the table saws in the league.

Worm Drive

Skilsaw has a knack for including this type of motor on their table saws.

If you’re not familiar with worm drive motors, I’m happy to give you a bit of background.

Unlike traditional motors, the worm drive motors is a specific arrangement of gears, inclusive of both a worm screw and a worm wheel. These motors also include a gearbox which contains oil.

Like all gearboxes, the oil must be checked and changed at regular times. If you want to keep your table saw efficient and powerful as possible, this is incredibly important.

Motor & RPM

Skilsaw have designed a dual-field motor, at 15 amps. This allows the motor to reach a speed of 5,300 RPM, with no load.

This speed is unmatched by the majority of table saws that are currently available and will allow you to cut through woods at an impressive pace and quality.

Most motors found in table saws are attached directly under the blade, yet with the SPT70WT-01, the worm drive features isolates the motor.

The motor includes dual copper windings, which allows the motor to run through heavier cuts efficiently, without stopping. The ability to continuously rip through materials for a longer time allows you, whether you’re a contractor or a hobbyist, to tackle projects that you weren’t able to attempt before.

This allows for an extended motor life, which means you won’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on maintenance or a new table saw.

Saving money, in the long run, thanks to the durability of the motor?

Yes, please!


The SPT70WT-01 is a light table saw, weighing in at 52lbs. This is perfect for a contractor who would move between sites, and also for the general consumer who often moves around equipment in the workshop.

As well as the lightweight design, table saw is designed for one-handed carrying. This is through the padded handle which is placed on the side of the saw frame.

The SPT70WT-01, unfortunately, doesn’t include a stand. An additional purchase can be made for the stand, at an affordable price.

The added accessories can be removed, allowing for increased portability between jobs.

It is not the largest table saw you’ll find, yet size in this instance has no effect on the ability to rip through woods. It is definitely a compact yet powerful table saw designed with both the professional and amateur in mind.


Skilsaw have really impressed with their SPT70WT-01 model.

The larger cuts you may have struggled with before become a thing of the past, with the worm-drive and motor combining in a partnership which will allow you to have your projects completed with both quality and effectiveness.

The design allows for the SKIL SPT70WT-01 to be your table saw of choice for both contracting and DIY jobs. Dust clean-up is not an issue with the included vacuum port.

I would definitely recommend the SPT70WT-01 for a majority of applications, with the motor a real stand out for me.

What do you think of this table saw?

Perhaps we left something out?

I’d love to read your comments below.

James Thomas

James Thomas

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    1. Hi Henry,

      Generally speaking, a good fence will prevent slipping. However, there is always a chance that your fence can slip and cause a slight deviation of your cutting angle. You do have to be mindful of that. For example, check out this good video that shows some slight movement, and a way to prevent it as much as possible.


    1. Hi Cuda,

      I personally have not had to worry about such issues, but I’m aware that in freezing temperatures, lubricants can congeal and will no longer flow. I don’t want to provide false information to you, so I think the best bet would be to confirm this with SKIL themselves.

      I’d love to know what they say also so I can assist others if the same question arises.


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