SKIL 9206-02 Corded Reciprocating Saw Review

SKIL introduces their 9206-02 corded model, which is lighter than your standard reciprocating saws, yet this doesn’t compromise on power.

Ideal for a number of projects, SKIL state that this model has unmatched power for its’ class.

Let’s see if the truth behind this statement as we delve into the specs, features and details of the 9206-02.

If you don’t have too much time on your hands – don’t stress. I’ve put through a quick overview below of the SKIL 9206-02.

  • 7.5 Amp motor with 0-2,700 SPM with an inclusive variable speed dial
  • Stroke length of 1-⅛” is higher than most reciprocating saws
  • Keyless blade clamp for effortless blade changes
  • Counterbalance technology reduces vibration and increases cut quality
  • Pivoting shoe provides additional stability when pressed against materials

Features & Specifications

Firstly, let’s start with the specifications of this model.

I’ve then picked three features, as well as three stand-out features later on in this review, that will assist you in your decision if you’re still unsure on whether to purchase this model.


  • Weight of 8.46 lbs
  • 7.5 Amp motor with 0-2,700 SPM
  • Stroke length of 1-⅛”
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • Counterbalance technology
  • Pivoting shoe

Motor & Stroke Length

With a 7.5 amp motor, the 9206-02 won’t be the most powerful model you can find on the market, but I wouldn’t rule it out of your calculations yet.

It’s still perfectly able to cut through most materials, and this is helped by the stroke rate (a modest 2,700 SPM, which for the size of this tool is quite impressive) and also the stroke length.

The stroke length is higher than alternative models, at 1-⅛”. This alleviates any damages which can end up occurring to both the blades and also internal components, as there is more length the saw can cover – and less wear and tear on important components.

If you’re looking for durability mixed with cost-effectiveness, this is definitely a model you should have an eye on.

Lightweight Design

Maybe we were a little too hard on the motors’ output, considering the size and design of this model.

Weighing 8.46 lbs, it’s smaller than many other reciprocating saws within the corded class.

The importance of this design as a feature is purely ergonomics. Whilst we all know that carrying tools are quite heavy, but also something you become used to over time – reducing the stress on your body is quite important.

This means you’re able to work a lot longer than normally, without compromising your own safety in the meantime.

Keyless Blade Clamp

Some users who have purchased this model have complained about the blade which is inclusive when purchased, saying that it’s not as sturdy as they would like, and bends easily.

If you have multiple blades available (which all those serious about their craft should), replacing the included blade is easy and hassle-free.

With the keyless blade clamp, you won’t need any additional tools to change blades.

All you’ll need to do, is flick open the latch on the top of the 9206-02, and you’re able to change within minutes.

This gives you more time to spend on what you’d want to be doing, which is a great inclusion, don’t you agree?


This model comes with an inclusive wooden blade, and the saw itself. This means you’ll receive the following out of the box:

  • 1 x SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw
  • 1 x Wooden blade

What Makes This Different To The Rest Of The Competition?

Here are the three features I’ve picked, which separate the 9206-02 model from the others you can find when browsing through your local hardware store.

Variable Speed Dial

When looking through the features of this model, one which is difficult to ignore is the variable speed dial.

With a 7.5 amp motor that can reach 2,700 SPM in a no-load speed, there’s many times where you don’t want a full powered speed when cutting.

This is where the variable speed dial comes into play. Located above the handle, you can monitor and control speed at the rate you want, in order to get the best out of your saw.

This only protects your blades, providing longevity and also reducing the amount you spend in the long run.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Counter-Balance Technology

What’s counterbalance technology, you might be asking?

It’s a fair question – however I have the answers for you.

SKIL have included this feature within their design, which is a feature that drastically reduces the vibration throughout the saw.

This minimizes user fatigue, allowing for tougher applications to be tackled as a result of the feature.

With more and more manufacturers accounting for the safety of their customers, it’s definitely a feature which will assist you in both short and long terms

Pivoting Shoe

Some materials you come across when cutting are difficult to work with – not due to the hardiness of the materials, but because they’re quite awkward to push against.

This can create cuts which are jagged and of lower quality, which is something that you definitely wouldn’t be looking for when making cuts.

With the pivoting shoe, you’re able to maintain leverage throughout both the 9206-02 and also the material you’re cutting against.

This gives an added stability, and when combined with the inclusive feature of the counterbalance mechanism which reduces vibration, you’ll notice a jump in the quality of your work almost immediately.

For such an improved quality with a few added features, it shows that SKIL are thinking outside of the box in order to provide an optimal reciprocating saw for their customers, whatever their experience may be.

My Final Thoughts

I posed the question at the start of this review, with SKIL stating that the 9206-02 has unmatched power for its’ class.

I’d like to think this is a slight exaggeration on SKILs’ behalf here – although don’t let this put you off, this is still quite a handy reciprocating saw for an owner to have within their arsenal.

It won’t be what you need for demolition or finishing jobs, yet it can tackle a majority of other tasks, as well as doing so for a long time thanks to the features which promote the durability of this model.

This is a saw that you’ll have for a long time, and with the proper care and use, will become a premier player in your toolkit.

Although, you may have different thoughts than mine.
Perhaps there’s something I missed, or there’s a comment you’d like to add?

Whatever that may be – feel free to leave your comments below.

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