Ryobi vs DeWalt Tools Compared: Which Brand To Choose? (Guide)

If you’d like to know which brand is better between Ryobi and DeWalt, this is the page to be. As a buyer, it is only fitting that buy a power tool that is efficient, reliable, and powerful.

Ryobi and DeWalt are among the few top-rated power tool brands. They have worked so hard to earn their reputation and popularity.

If you are having a difficult time choosing between the two brands, here are some comparative details:

  • DeWalt began its operations in America, whereas Ryobi was founded in Japan.
  • Ryobi started manufacturing power tools in 1968, while DeWalt began in 1924.
  • Both brands offer a 3-year limited warranty on their products.
  • Ryobi power tools are less expensive compared to DeWalt.
  • DeWalt is currently owned by Black and Decker, while Ryobi is a brand of Techtronic Industries.

But how did these two brands come to be? Read on to find their histories.

Ryobi Company History


The company was founded in 1943, and it was known as Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.  It started manufacturing and selling die castings in 1944, and ten years later, it was manufacturing plastic die castings.

In 1961, the company began to manufacture offset printing presses. During the same year, it was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

By 1963, Ryobi was manufacturing and selling door closers as well as fishing tackles in 1966.

It started making power tools in 1968 after it founded Asahi Sangyo Co. Then, it acquired Towa Electric Ind. Co., Ltd in 1971, to facilitate more production of power tools.

 In 1973, it was no longer referred to as Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd but Ryobi Ltd, the name it holds to date.

The business started selling power tools to other countries in the 2000s. The sales began in North America before proceeding to Europe and Oceania.

The Kyocera group acquired the Ryobi power tool business in 2018, but it still retained its brand name.

Today, the company has 12 manufacturing facilities in six different countries.

Ryobi Products

These are some of Ryobi power tools:

  • Ryobi Cordless Drill

Among Ryobi’s cordless drivers, I recommend the Ryobi P1814. This tool is both compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal to fit in tight spaces.

It uses 18-Volt One+ fast-charging batteries that offer 20% more run time, holds a charge four times longer, and weighs 45% lighter.

The drill has 24-torque options and a 2-speed variable speed trigger. With speeds of 0-1600 RPM, the tool has the power to match different applications.

It also includes a keyless chuck drill for easy switching of bits. 

  • Ryobi Wood Routers

Ryobi manufactures high-end wood routers, and I believe the Ryobi P601 stands out. The model has a whooping 29000 RPM, LED lighting, and easy-grip rubber coating for outstanding performance.

This wood router also features ID markings to show the depth of the project, an aluminum base for durability, and is compatible with One+ batteries.

  • Ryobi Jigsaws

Ryobi P523 is one of the best jigsaws today. This battery-powered model has 4-orbital settings to cut and make curves into the wood. It can also cut through metal.

It also uses a powerful orbiting motor, trigger lock system, LED lighting, and built-in dust blower to maximize efficiency.

  • Ryobi Circular Saws

Power, performance, and versatility are some of the main factors to consider when choosing a circular saw, and the Ryobi P505 delivers that.

It weighs 5.3 lbs. and has a compact frame for better visibility when working. It also has a rubber over-mold for a better grip, lesser friction, and hand fatigue.

This model achieves 4,700 revolutions a minute that’s ideal for home woodworking projects.

  • Ryobi Combo Kits

When in need of several work tools, combo kits come in handy as they save you money. One such kit is the Ryobi P884.

It includes a cordless drill, impact driver, circular saw, 90-degree multi-tool, and a reciprocating saw. The impact driver and drill have a brushless motor that offers 57% more runtime. They also have 3-speed settings for use with different applications.

All the combo equipment uses 18-volt lithium batteries in the One+ line.

Why You Should Buy Ryobi Power Tools

Here are the advantages of buying Ryobi tools:

  • Affordability

Ryobi tools are more affordable than DeWalt power tools. Homeowners and DIYers save some bucks from purchasing Ryobi products.

  • Quality

Most people presume that affordable products do not match quality. However, that’s not the case with Ryobi.

Their products work great and are of excellent quality.

  • Interchangeable Batteries

Ryobi interchangeable batteries are a huge benefit to consumers. The 18V One+ production line batteries are compatible between devices since one single battery can power numerous tools.

Besides, Ryobi batteries last longer and take less time to charge.

  • Lightweight

Ryobi power tools are well-balanced and lightweight. They are designed to work for hours without causing fatigue.

DeWalt Company History


Raymond DeWalt is the man who founded the brand. He was exposed to the toolmaking industry at a young age, and he desired to deliver efficient results using less labor costs. He got his breakthrough in 1922 when he perfected the first radial arm machine.

DeWalt was founded in 1924, after Raymond DeWalt’s success working at woodworking mills and the Seabrook Farms. The first offices and plant were in Leola, Pennsylvania, where they manufactured Wonder-Worker.

The Wonder-Worker revolutionized the wood industry since it had nine different configurations. It became a massive success because it saved both time and money.

During World War II, DeWalt focused on producing wartime tools than wood tools. But once the war was over, the company re-incorporated itself and became known as DeWalt Incorporated in 1947.

The brand grew and prospered, and by 1953, it had begun its operations in Canada. Two years later, it was increasing its working space to meet consumer demands.

In 1960, however, the company was bought by Black and Decker, who owns it to date.

DeWalt embraced technology advancements over the years. It discontinued the manufacture of radial saws in 1989 as they were replaced by the more efficient and safer miter saws.

The brand would come back with a bang in 1992, as it introduced its first portable electric power tools. Two years later, it had more than 30 new cordless tools.

One remarkable tool was a 5-3/2″ cordless saw and 14.4 colts cordless driver that was the most powerful tool in the industry.

By the year 2001, DeWalt had produced 200+ electric power tools and 800+ accessories. Despite this growth, the brand did not relent in creating highly efficient devices.

In 2005, DeWalt incorporated SHOCKS-Active Vibration control that decreased up to 50% vibration. It also introduced the 12V Max lithium-ion tools in 2010 and 20V Max System in 2011.

It was in 2013 that the brand launched the cordless 20V Max – XR production line. These tools featured high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors.

As of 2016, DeWalt had yet another development as it debuted FLEXVOLT, a first-hybrid voltage battery. The battery offers more runtime and power as it automatically changes voltage every time the user switches tools.

Today, the brand has seven manufacturing plants in the United States.

DeWalt Products

As previously stated, DeWalt has a wide variety of power tools and accessories. Some of them include:

  • DeWalt Cordless Drill

Among DeWalt’s arsenal of cordless drills, the DCD777C2 takes an overall ranking as a compact yet powerful drill driver.

Unlike Ryobi, this model delivers 0-1750 RPM and weighs 2.6 lbs.  It features a brushless motor with powerful torque of 500-inches-lbs. that is available in larger models.

The drill has 15 clutch settings, a variable speed trigger, and a ratcheting chuck.

  • DeWalt Wood Routers

When it comes to wood routers, it is impossible to miss the DeWalt DW616PK. It comes with an 11-amp motor, 1-3/4 HP, and can achieve speeds of 24,500 RPM, overshadowing Ryobi wood routers. It easily routs through hardwoods.

The DW616PK is designed to achieve accuracy with its clear Lexan sub-base, micro-depth adjustment ring, and sub-base concentricity gauge.

The wood router is dependable, durable, and versatile to meet professional demands.

  • DeWalt Jigsaws

DeWalt delivers exceptional jigsaws like the DeWalt DCS331B. This tool provides professional results, comfort, power, and versatility.

It has a 4-position orbital action that controls the quality and speed of the cut with variable speeds of 0 -3000 SPM.

In addition, it is compatible with T-shank jigsaw blades to improve holding power and cutting results.

  • DeWalt Circular Saws

Among DeWalt’s corded and cordless circular saws, I believe the DWE575SB is spectacular. It exceeds Ryobi P505 in terms of power and construction.

The saw features a powerful 15-amp motor that revs 5200 RPM to produce clean, deep cuts. The base is high-grade aluminum that can endure harsh worksites.

  • DeWalt Combo Kit

Combo kits are often packed with the necessary tools for DIY projects and professional use. I recommend the DeWalt DCK590L2.

The five included tools use 20V Max batteries. These include a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, an impact driver, a circular saw, and an LED light.

Why You Should Buy DeWalt Power Tools

These are the benefits of buying a DeWalt power tool:

  • Tough

DeWalt tools guarantee toughness because they can withstand everyday tarnation and punishment. They have superior, durable construction.

  • Performance

DeWalt power tools have higher speeds and torque needed for medium and large projects. They are powered by 18-20V batteries that have sufficient power for pro contractors.

  • Large Product Portfolio

DeWalt has almost every professional power tool in its gallery. Whether you need a saw, driver-drill, sander, wood router, accessories, name it, DeWalt has all these tools for you.

  • Control and Safety

To maximize control, DeWalt equips its power tools with an Anti-Rotation Clutch system that minimizes sudden torque reactions, then shutting the device down.

It also implements a kick-back brake that stops the machine in case of a pinch or stall, which prevents injuries and damage.

My Recommendation

Since their foundation, Ryobi and DeWalt have been working towards producing high-quality power tools. And based on their sales and customer ratings, they have achieved that. Both brands have exceptional products.

Nevertheless, I recommend Ryobi if you require a primary power tool for light projects and DeWalt for contractors looking for a day-in-day-out hardcore machine.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Ryobi and DeWalt Products

Here are a few pointers to help you decide between Ryobi and DeWalt power tools:

  • Price

How much you are willing to spend is a huge determiner when purchasing a power tool. In this case, DeWalt products are more expensive than Ryobi.

  • Battery Life

Batteries power Ryobi and DeWalt power tools. Therefore, you should take into consideration the quality of battery life. How long does it last? Will it complete the job or run out of charge before completion?

  • Comfort

Most power tools are often handheld. You must consider the weight and ergonomic design of the product.

Find a tool that has a good grip and has anti-vibration features to promote comfort.

  • Product Availability

It is a good idea to stick to one brand when you need various tools in your workshop. For this reason, check which company has the most versatile tools in the market.

  • Warranty

Ryobi and DeWalt offer a 3-year limited warranty. DeWalt also offers 1-year free maintenance and replacement service as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee.


At this point, it is safe to say that both Ryobi and DeWalt have a distinct way of meeting their consumers’ needs and requirements.

Ryobi products are better suited for average projects. They deliver quality, power, efficiency, and durability for homeowners and DIYers. In addition, they have an accommodating price tag for buyers on a tight budget.

On the other hand, DeWalt products are ideal for professional contractors. Their tools have loads of capabilities and power. Although they cost higher than Ryobi, they can take a beating and remain steadfast.

Both brands will meet your needs. It’s upon you to choose your budget range, type of project, and the power requirements to find the right brand.

Related Questions

What Tools are Compatible with DeWalt Batteries?

All 20V tools are compatible with 20V batteries. The same applies to the Flexvolt production line. The 60V and 120V tools can use 60V batteries. However, 20V devices are not compatible with Flexvolt 60V and 120V tools.

Are Ryobi Tools of Poor Quality?

No. The fact that Ryobi is cheaper than DeWalt does not imply low quality. Instead, Ryobi targets DIYers working on home projects, while DeWalt is more about professional contractors’ projects. Ryobi power tools match the quality needed by homeowners.

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