Ryobi P514 Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

There’s a lot to like with the Ryobi P514.

A cordless reciprocating saw in the 18V class, Ryobi combines comfort, longevity and raw strength in the P514.

If time isn’t on your side, don’t worry! I’ve put a quick overview of the Ryobi P514 for you below:

  • Backwards compatible – works with multiple types of Ryobi Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Powerful motor with cutting speeds up to 3,100
  • Variable speed trigger for precise adjustments when cutting different materials
  • Tool-less blade changing for effortless switches between blades
  • Improved handle design promotes a non-slip grip and anti-vibration technology

Features & Specifications

To start, we’ll get straight into the specifications of the P514 model – followed by its’ features.


  • Weight of 4lbs
  • Dimensions of 17 x 7 x 4
  • 0-3,100SPM motor
  • ⅜” stroke length
  • Tool-less blade changing
  • Anti-Vibration handle
  • Adjustable shoe
  • Variable speed trigger


To make it a little easier for you, I’ve listed some of the Ryobi P514 features below.

Tool-less Blade Changing

Ryobi states that their tool-less blade changing feature is as easy as swapping batteries, and that’s exactly how I’ve found it.

You won’t need any keys to swap between blades (and as Ryobi has included 2 sets of blades, this is even better), and can do so in a matter of seconds.

All you will need to do, is pull upwards on the side latch – and you’re now able to swap your blades.

This gets rid of the repetitive and boring task of loosening and tightening the clamps for blade switches, giving you more time to focus upon the projects you’re currently working on.

Variable Speed Trigger

With a motor that can reach speeds of 3,100 SPM – it can be safe to say that you don’t always want to be cutting at this speed (especially if you were cutting through plastic or a simple prune of small branches).

For this, the variable speed trigger comes into play.

Many reciprocating saws at an affordable price like the P514 is often spare features such as the variable speed trigger – so it’s good to see Ryobi have included this into the design.

Adjustable Shoe

The adjustable shoe on the P514 is another nifty feature which Ryobi have included.

This gives you more angles to work from, and with a stroke length of ⅜” – there will be plenty of these angles.

Another key reason as to why the adjustable shoe is a feature worth discussing – is the protection for your blades it gives. If you have a blade which is beginning to show its’ age, but you know it still has a future, you can simply adjust the shoe to protect the worn angle of the blade.

Of course, in a perfect world – you would replace these blades, however, it’s not always in your ability to do so when comparing prices of blades.


  • 1x Ryobi P514 18V Cordless One + Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
  • 2 x Blades

The Differences Between The P514 & The Competition

So we’ve covered some of the basic features, and you’re probably wondering what is so special about this model.

Well don’t worry – we’re just getting to the good stuff.

Powerful Motor

At 4 lbs, and with a cordless design – you might think that this reciprocating saw lacks power.

But this is one area where Ryobi doesn’t lack – but exceeds.

By a lot, too.

The motor is designed to attain a speed of 3,100 SPM – allowing you to cut through materials you may have had trouble with before in alternative reciprocating saws of this size.

Partnered with the variable speed trigger, and you have a tool that can tackle pretty much any job you can throw at it.

Anti-Vibration Handle

With such a powerful motor at 3,100SPM, I wouldn’t be surprised if your first thought was of how much this tool could vibrate.

Luckily, Ryobi thought of this too – and has it covered.

With the anti-vibration handle, the P514 is able to absorb the shock that the motor will provide at high speeds. This allows you to make cuts which are more precise, without worrying about lack of power or having to rest due to a longer session working.

It’s definitely a winner if I say so myself.

Whathat do you think of this anti-vibration tech?

Backwards Compatibility With Chosen Ryobi Batteries

Another green tick for the P514 is the backwards compatibility the tool has with the Ryobi One+ range.

If you’re unfamiliar with this, I’ll break it down for you.

If you find yourself in a position where you’ve lost your P514 battery – you won’t have to stress out about looking everywhere for it – if you have a battery of the Ryobi kind in store, that is.

The P514 is able to take batteries from the green One+ system, all the way back to NiCad batteries.

If you already have a Ryobi set of tools with these batteries, then this would make it a lot more cost-effective for you, having a replacement on standby.

Of course, if this is your first Ryobi tool to buy, you won’t have any to interchange – yet it would definitely come in handy for you if you do purchase Ryobi tools down the line.

More and more manufacturers are introducing a battery share platform, so it’s great to know that you are also able to do this with your compatible Ryobi batteries.

Final Thoughts

This is a great saw to add into your existing range of tools, and proves itself quite handy in an array of jobs, which is exactly the sort of versatility you should be looking for in a cordless reciprocating saw.

At an affordable price, Ryobi P514 does not skimp on the features, with a powerful motor and a handle built for all conditions.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a reciprocating saw to partner your existing tools, whether you’re a contractor or a DIY hobbyist.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, though.

Perhaps I missed something, or you’d like to share a story involving the P514?

Whatever it may be – leave your comments below.

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