7 Best Ryobi Tools (Cordless Drill, Circular Saw, Impact Driver…)

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Barry Gray

Ryobi is undoubtedly a name that has made considerable waves in recent years with its range of tools. It seems their name pops up everywhere, and there are several reasons why that’s the case.

I remember when I first became aware of their existence with the ability to interchange the battery with a whole host of tools. It all seemed like a good idea, so I purchased a few of their tools.

Overall, I like them, and the number of people that say the same thing shows they produce some excellent tools.

But I also understand that this all comes with a problem. 

I look at the number of available tools, and I feel lost and confused about where I should begin. Luckily, I have a lot of experience in dealing with power tools, so I intend to take that experience and put it to good use. 

I have taken my experience and studied the range of tools designed and manufactured by Ryobi. That has led to me creating a list of seven of the best tools available, and don’t worry, as I’ve covered an array of tools, not all of the same type.

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How I Made My List

I’ve spent a lot of time checking out the various tools manufactured by Ryobi, but to get on my list, each item had to meet different criteria.

I only wanted to include tools that were easy to use and capable of producing the type of end results you should rightfully expect. I also had to ensure they were robust and wouldn’t just break down as soon as you put them under any type of pressure.

But I didn’t only go with my own thoughts. I also looked at what other people said regarding their experiences with the tools. In the end, it means I can give you a significantly more accurate picture of what it’s like to own these tools.

After all of that, I feel confident in the tools that did eventually make it onto my list.

Best Impact Driver – Ryobi P235A

This impact driver is an impressive tool, and if you already own a Ryobi battery, then it’s also something of a bargain.

It can produce some 1,800lbs of torque, and I find that to be a huge amount. Also, it has a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM, which is also controlled by a variable trigger.

The fact it has a variable speed option is something I love. There are just moments where you don’t need to go 100% with the power, so having the ability to reduce speed accordingly gives you much more control over whatever you are doing.

Changing bits on this model will also prove easy thanks to their quick connect coupler. It’s one of the most straightforward tools to use when it comes to changing things, and that is something else I absolutely appreciate.

From a grip perspective, I find it absolutely reasonable, and it sits comfortably in your hand. Also, the tool weighs just a fraction over 2 ½ lbs before the battery, so it’s not even particularly heavy in that respect.

Overall, this impact driver can do a fantastic job and does it with minimal fuss.


  • It produces a tremendous amount of torque
  • Changing bits is exceptionally easy
  • It has a good grip, meaning you feel in control
  • It has a variable speed trigger, which is excellent
  • It weighs next to nothing


  • It does feel slightly too light at first, but you get used to it

Best Cordless Drill – Ryobi ONE+ P215BN

If you are in the market for a lightweight cordless drill packed with power, then this is the Ryobi version I would recommend checking out. Powered by their standard 18V battery, this model comes with a ½” keyless chuck and a clutch with 24-positions.

This drill finds it easy to adjust the torque level according to the job it’s being asked to do. I like this fact, as it means you feel the drill can produce the perfect result.

The model also comes with a 2-speed gearbox, and that’s excellent news. It means the drill won’t struggle when it comes to needing to use those higher torque levels, and the motor won’t really run into the risk of burning out.

I also love the weight of this drill. Before the battery is added, it only weighs in at 2lbs, which is practically nothing. Of course, the battery increases the weight, but the drill still feels well balanced in your hand.

Overall, this drill does not try to do anything too elaborate, but it covers all the basics well while it makes life easy when it comes to changing bits.


  • The drill is lightweight
  • Changing bits will prove easy with this model
  • The 2-speed gearbox allows it to cope with tougher situations
  • It monitors torque level according to the job


  • This model has a brushed motor, so just avoid overdoing things

Best Chainsaw – Ryobi 18” 1.3HP 40V Cordless Chainsaw

If you have ever thought about owning a larger chainsaw, then this version by Ryobi is one you might want to consider.

It comes with 1.3 HP of power, which is more than enough for most people, and it also has an 18” bar. That’s longer than the average, and this chainsaw is undoubtedly designed to make short work of whatever job you throw at it.

I do love the fact it comes with a brushless motor. That gives you some freedom to blast things with the chainsaw without stressing too much about burning it out.

As this chainsaw is more to the lower end of the price range, don’t think it means you miss out on features for a second. This model is packed with them, including anti-kickback and an auto-oiler mechanism.

It certainly makes you feel you are in control of this chainsaw, and the fact it will stop should a kickback occur, or the possibility of one, should make it safer to use. Overall, I find this chainsaw a joy to work with, and the fact it weighs under 17lbs is a real bonus.


  • It has a longer than average bar
  • It is relatively lightweight
  • It has an auto-oiler, so the chain keeps running smoothly
  • It has an easy start, and you won’t struggle to get things going
  • It has an anti-kickback making it safer to use


  • The battery can drain quite quickly, so fully charge the battery before starting

Best Circular Saw – Ryobi ONE+ PBLCS300B

Circular saws remain one of my favorite tools, and this model by Ryobi is undoubtedly an excellent example of what is out there on the market. Complete with a 7 ¼” blade, I find this version easy to use and capable of delivering crisp results.

The model offers you the opportunity to make bevel cuts with angles ranging from 0 to 56 degrees. I like how it goes beyond that 45-degree limit you tend to get elsewhere since it opens up more opportunities to produce even more cuts.

Talking of cuts, a fully charged battery can produce over 300 cuts on a single charge. That means you should not really struggle with power running out while working on your project.

For the cutting depth, this model reaches 2 7/16” at 0 degrees while it reduces to 1 ¾” at 45 degrees. While that’s adequate for most, it has a slightly shorter cutting depth compared to other models.

With the motor, I’m happy it has a brushless version. It simply means you get better functionality, and the motor requires less in the way of maintenance. It should also last longer without breaking down, so this tool should last for some time.

Overall, with the circular saw weighing just over 8lbs before the battery is added, along with a comfortable ergonomically designed handle, I feel it’s a fantastic tool to add to your collection.


  • It produces a larger number of cuts on a single charge
  • It has a brushless motor which can cope with a lot of use
  • It has a comfortable handle that doesn’t vibrate too much
  • The bevel gauge is easy to align
  • The tool is straightforward to use in general


  • The cutting depth could have done with being slightly better

Best Grinder and Metal Cutter – Ryobi P423

Having a grinder or metal cutter to hand may be more valuable than expected. I think this model by Ryobi is a fantastic tool packed with power and capable of cutting through even the toughest of materials.

It has an impressive speed of 10,400 RPM, so you must watch out for sparks flying. The cutting disk is 4 ½” in size, so that’s an acceptable size for tackling various projects. 

With so much power and speed, of course, in this one machine, I do like how it offers you three different positions for the handle. It’s easy to adjust, and you then feel you can get a good grip on things no matter the task.

Changing the guard on this model is tool-free, meaning it’s less cumbersome to change things. That’s always something I enjoy, as there is nothing more horrible than needing to fight with tools to get them just as you want them.

Actually, you can change the guard with the press of a button. Nothing could be easier.

But I think for me, it’s the grip that stands out. You feel it won’t slide around even in poor conditions allowing you to continue to use this tool even when the weather is perhaps not at its best.

Overall, you will feel confident that this grinder and metal cutter will get the job done, and it will do so with minimal fuss.


  • Adjusting the handle to suit the job is easy to do
  • Moving the guard via a button is brilliant
  • It has an impressive cutting speed
  • The grip feels comfortable
  • It’s lightweight


  • Some may feel the cutting disk is slightly too small for them

Best Reciprocating Saw – Ryobi P519

This Ryobi reciprocating saw is pretty impressive, and if you have never owned one before, this model could be perfect for you. 

This model produces an impressive 3,400 strokes per minute, and Ryobi states it has a 60% improvement over the previous model. Changing the blade will also prove very easy to do with a quick release mechanism allowing you to do all of this in minutes.

The blade that comes with this model is a 6” long wood blade. I find this to be more than enough for those pruning tasks. Cutting smaller branches should be easy, and the blade is also very efficient at completing the job. Also, the stroke length here is 1”, which is pretty standard.

I do appreciate the pivoting shoe that comes with this model. It makes life easier when dealing with controlling depth, and this tool makes life as easy as possible.

Overall, I believe this reciprocating saw covers all of the basics you would expect from this type of saw and does it all exceptionally well. 


  • Changing the blade is very easy
  • It delivers an impressive cutting speed
  • It feels comfortable to hold when in use
  • It’s lightweight
  • It is easy to control


  • The cutting stroke should be slightly longer

Best Combo Kit – Ryobi 3 Tool Combo Set

If you want to purchase several Ryobi tools at once, then this 3 tool combo set by Ryobi could prove to be the ideal thing. In this set, you get a drill/driver, a reciprocating saw, and a circular saw. Basically, it covers a number of eventualities and provides you with the opportunity to indulge in several tasks.

Each tool on its own is excellent, so getting everything thrown together in one package makes for a great deal. You are also provided with a battery and charger, and you can then use the battery across the Ryobi range of tools.

For me, that’s one of the best things about this set. It allows you to go ahead and really make full use of the various Ryobi tools on the market.

I feel that this combo set delivers some fantastic tools, and I see this as a wonderful starter kit. If you are new to Ryobi, then this is where you want to begin.


  • Each tool is fantastic in its own right
  • You get a battery and charger
  • It represents value for money
  • It’s a good starter kit


  • It would be better if they gave you two batteries

How to Choose Your New Ryobi Tools

miter saw tool

The seven Ryobi tools I’ve listed above represent only a small selection of this company’s 200 or so tools. So, while that’s a large number of tools to think about, here are a few tips on making sure you select the correct tools for your needs.

Your Projects

I think my most important tip is to think carefully about your project. It’s only by understanding your project that you will then know the exact tools that will then be required. 

I’m a real pre-planning advocate, which applies even to the tools you add to your collection.

The Materials

I would also suggest considering the materials you will tend to work with on your projects. This can then influence the speed and power required to complete the task. The tougher the material, the more power you need.

Ease of Use

One hugely positive thing I find with Ryobi tools is that they are all relatively easy to use. Often, I would tell people to look at how quickly you can change bits or change angles on saws for cuts, but it always runs smoothly with Ryobi.

The only point I would make is to ensure the tools can get to the angles you need and that they won’t slow you down too much with your project.

Power and Speed

Some Ryobi tools have a fixed speed rate, while others offer a variable speed option. I would often go for the variable speed version simply because I believe it gives you significantly more control over things.

However, I also find that while Ryobi offers you a substantial amount of speed, they don’t generally go over the top. That does mean these tools will prove helpful for people of all skill levels and experiences.

Overall, I find Ryobi tools to be easy to purchase just as long as you know the reason behind buying the tool in the first place. Once you have that concept sorted out in your mind, everything else will fall into place.

Overall Conclusion

Ryobi also produces a wide range of fantastic tools at very affordable prices. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking inexpensive tools means poorer quality. That is not true.

These tools are well-made, robust, and capable of performing exceptionally well on various projects. I find them easy to use and also very easy to set up. Also, Ryobi tends to produce comfortable grips on their tools, while they do not typically produce too much in the way of vibrations.

I think Ryboi has been capable of changing the approach to power tools. They are functional, effective at what they do, and pack more than enough power to complete any project.

Overall, I see Ryobi tools as a worthwhile investment, and with so many to choose from, you are not going to be short of choice.

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