Rockwell RK7241S Contractor Table Saw Review

Rockwell may not be the first brand you’d associate with table saws, however, the introduction of the RK7241S will change this method of thinking.

Rockwell brings an array of key features that you’d come to expect with a contractor table saw, as well as some very handy additions that can improve both your quality and skillset.

Short for time? Have a read below for a quick overview of the Rockwell RK7241S:

  • 4,800RPM motor
  • Maximum cut at depth of 90°- 3-9 /16”
  • Maximum cut at depth of 45° – 2-9/16”
  • Perfect for those in constant transit from jobsites
  • Lightweight design, equipped with in-built storage
  • Adjustable laser for extremely accurate cuts
  • 30” rip capacity

Specifications & Features


  • 15 Amps
  • 120V
  • 4,800 RPM (no load speed)
  • 10″ diameter blade
  • Max cut depth at 90° 3-9/16”
  • Max cut depth at 45° 2-9/16”
  • Max Rip Capacity 30”
  • Max Dado Width 7/16”
  • Max Dado Blade Diameter 6”
  • Table dimensions 28 ½” x 19”
  • Total weight of 73.7 lbs


Motor & Blade

With a motor that boasts an impressive 4,800 RPM, the Rockwell RK7241S is one of the more powerful table saws built for job sites which are currently available on the market.

The motor on the RK7241S is quite loud, which is expected for a table saw, however, most customers have confirmed that this is not off-putting in any way.

The blade out of the box is a standard, 10” carbide tipped blade, with 30 teeth. This isn’t unusual, and can get the job done with the power of the motor behind it.

The blade is built for the long term. The RK7241S also comes with a blade guard, which is similar to the blade. It’s a standard blade guard which is quite durable and provides an important element of protection.

Rip Capacity & Extension

One of the notable features of the RK7241S is the ripping capacity. With a fence which is extendable, this table saw is able to reach a maximum ripping capacity of 30”.

This is perfect for wider cuts, which require additional space upon the table. However, it’s noted that the extendable wing is made of hard plastic, with many customers stating that this can become damaged over time due to general wear and tear.

Due to this, constant maintenance is required to make sure this table saw stays in a good condition. This is something which you should be doing for all the equipment you have within your workspace, for both safety and quality purposes.

Dust Bag

Rockwell have left no stone unturned with their RK7241S model, which is inclusive of a dustbag.
As this table saw doesn’t have any connections for a shop-vacuum, which can be found on many table saws – the inclusion of a dust bag is welcome.

Attached to the bottom of the table saw, the dust bag is able to collect the majority of dust you’re liable to create when working on your projects. Any remaining dust can be quickly vacuumed over, giving you the ability to quickly clean afterwards.


  • 1x Miter gauge
  • 1x 10″ 24T blade
  • 1x Blade guard
  • 1x Riving knife
  • 1x Dust bag
  • 1x Rip fence
  • 1x Push stick
  • 1x Blade wrench

What Sets It Apart From The Competition

It was difficult to include one key feature which puts the RK7241S above other table saws within its’ class. So we picked three features, starting with the innovative, adjustable laser.

Adjustable Laser For Superb Accuracy

Maintaining quality and accurate cuts are something which is a necessity for table saws and woodworkers. Whether you’re an amateur using this for a DIY project or are a professional moving from site to site for work – it is vital you have cuts that align perfectly.

With this handy feature, whatever class of expertise you class yourself in, it’ll be difficult to not be seen as a professional woodworker. If you’ve faced difficulties in the past with adjusting the blade to give a precise cut – this feature is definitely for you.

Let’s face it – we all have had these difficulties before, right?

The laser is built into the table saw, providing a straight line of sight for your cuts, removing the need to align and tilt the blade. This can prove to be a tricky situation in the best of times.

Although – as impressive and resourceful the laser is, it performs on a separate power to the rest of the RK7241S, needing batteries to run. This can be frustrating once the batteries start to die, however, if you’re able to keep some in storage for these moments, it’s a small hindrance which can be overcome.

Cut Depth

We briefly mentioned the cut depths in the ‘Specifications’ section, – how good is it? When the announcement of this table saw was made, Rockwell announced that the RK7241S would have the largest cutting depth of any current table saw within the class.

At 90°, the maximum depth of a cut is 3-9/16”. Alongside the maximum cut depth at 45°, which is 2-9/16” – you have a table saw which can cut a variety of different woods at different sizes.

As the motor is quite powerful for a table saw primarily built for those on a job site, larger cuts that may prove more difficult on other table saws are made with ease.

Perfect For Portability

Rockwell have built their RK7241S with job sites in mind. Yet, this isn’t to say that this table saw can’t be used within any other settings or applications.

The RK7241S is quite light when compared to other table saws, weighing in at a total of 73.7lbs. This gives it a tick of approval for transit, and also for your own workspace, where space can be at an absolute premium.

At the base of the RK7241S is a trolley stand with wheels. This is collapsible, folding in on itself when in storage, or for movement between sites.

For uneven surfaces, Rockwell have included an adjustable, extendable leg. This allows you to work in areas which may have proven too difficult to do so previously.

In situations in which transporting the RK7241S is necessary, there is an in-built storage component within the unit. This allows for secure storage of any additional accessories and is able to contain all of the removable components of the table saw.

My Recommendation

Many table saws are designed for two separate markets, power and portability.  Rockwell have introduced a perfect blend of both features in the RK7241S.

With its’ power and innovative, adjustable laser design, Rockwell have introduced a table saw that is a welcome addition for most settings and experience levels.

The excellent depth quality of cuts powered by a motor with 4,800RPM is able to rip through most lumber and is fitting for small and large projects. The laser itself is also something else to be marvelled at, with Rockwell’s design removing the need for those tricky blade adjustments.

Some customers have expressed concerns regarding the durability and accuracy of the rip fence, with few finding that the fence requires adjustment upon every cut, and wears over time.

It’s quite important for both professionals and hobbyists to maintain their table saws and lubricate where and when necessary – to not only assist in the quality of your work, but also with safety as an important factor – so I wouldn’t worry too much about these concerns.

It’s no secret this is built for contractors and those who will be moving from site to site, and if you find yourself in one of these categories – then you probably know Rockwell have designed a table saw which is perfect for you.

Rockwell introduces a reliable and durable table saw with the RK7241S, which is quite affordable given the features it contains. Don’t be put off by the price being cheaper than that of more popular or known brands – this can become an important arrow in your woodworking crossbow.
What are your favorite features of the Rockwell RK7241S? Or did we forget to add something in this review?

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