Reciprocating Saw Reviews & How-To Guides

The reciprocating saw is an excellent saw to add to your cabinet of tools. Hopefully all the information below helps you on your journey to decide what the best reciprocating saw is for you. 

Below I’ve categorized and listed below information in bite-size segments so this can be your one-stop-shop guide. To make things easier, we’ve provided a list of our top picks, and useful buying guides to assist you.  

Top Picks

Do you want to know what the best corded, cordless, and one-handed cordless reciprocating saws are? Then look no further, here are our top picks in each category. If you like, you can research further into each model with a detailed review discussing their features.

It’s impossible to select one for all purposes. Why? Well it depends on your location for one and your access to electricity. Trade-offs have to be made and why there is a need to categorize each type.

Further Information & Reviews

I’ve written a number of reviews and articles for you to read through. Feel free to browse through anything you have in mind to get yourself acquainted with the different models, or information that you’re after.

Chainsaw Vs. Reciprocating Saw (With a Comparison Table)

Ever had a huge tree fall over in your garden, and you have to get rid of it? Perhaps a condemned old wooden shed on …

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Reciprocating Saw Vs. Angle Grinder (Easy Guide)

Many people ask me whether they should buy a reciprocating saw or an angle grinder for their toolkit. This debate always intrigues me because they’re both …

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The 5 Best Budget Reciprocating Saws (2022 Review)

If you are on the hunt for the best budget reciprocating saw, this article will provide a solution to your problem. I’ll give you an …

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Owning and Using a Reciprocating Saw | A Quick Guide For Your Own Benefit

If you have any material that does not have the hardness of a rock, the best reciprocating saw can cut through it. Because of that, …

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Reciprocating Saw Maintenance | Tips to Extend Its Lifespan & Efficiency

The best way to get the most return on investment on tools is to…well, simply use it for your woodworking projects. Proper usage and handling …

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5 Common Uses of Reciprocating Saw – What to Know

If you’ve been in construction or demolition work, you’ve most likely used a reciprocating saw. or have been using the said tool. For the uninitiated, …

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