The Pros & Cons Of Outdoor Ceiling Fans (That You Shouldn’t Miss)

As someone who likes to sit outside on my porch and watch the world go by, it can get rather uncomfortable during the summer months, when the heat is almost unbearable. So, I decided to look into an outdoor ceiling fan to help keep me cool and research the pros and cons to assist with my decision.

Outdoor ceiling fans can be a cost-effective long-term solution to keeping you cool by providing a steady refreshing breeze. While they have many benefits in addition to keeping you cool, they also have a few disadvantages, such as unwanted noise and the possibility of a costly installation fee.

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Although at a glance, an outdoor ceiling fan might seem like a fantastic idea, there are many different factors that you will have to consider before making your decision. Such as whether or not your outdoor area has access to electricity and how often you make use of this area can all contribute to whether an outdoor ceiling fan will be worth it for you. 

The Pros & Cons Of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Before you decide to have an outdoor ceiling fan installed, it is always good to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to make an informed choice. You do not want to regret spending money on a big purchase if it was not the right call for your home. 

Advantages Of An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor ceiling fans can be a fantastic idea for anyone who likes spending time outside on their patio or porch but feels that sometimes the heat can be too much to bear. Outdoor ceiling fans are popular in areas with high temperatures because they provide a cool breeze while being low maintenance and cost-effective. Below are some of the various reasons why outdoor fans are a great idea:

  • They keep you cool – This is the most obvious pro to an outdoor ceiling fan and the main reason why you might want one installed. An outdoor ceiling fan provides a direct refreshing breeze that can help you stay cool during high heat days and enjoy your time outside with family and friends. 
  • They are cost-effective – Ceiling fans are well known as a cost-effective option for staying cool, as they use far less electricity than an AC does. This is especially true for the outdoors, where an AC would be practically useless. As long as you remember to turn the fan off when you are not using it, the difference in your electricity bill will be insignificant.
  • Pest control – Outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to relieve you from annoying flying insects such as mosquitoes. As we all know, nothing can be more irritating than when you are sitting outside trying to enjoy yourself, and the bugs descend. The airflow created by the fan will ensure that no insects can fly through the breeze, essentially making your patio a bug-free zone. 
  • Outdoor Lighting – As a 2-in-1 bonus, most ceiling fans come with fitted light. So, in addition to keeping you cool, you will have extra visibility in your outside area if you enjoy sitting there at night. This is convenient for late-night hangouts with friends or family and can add a different atmosphere to your outdoor space. 

Disadvantages Of An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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While there aren’t many cons to having an outdoor ceiling fan that I could find, the few disadvantages may be enough to put you off the decision of having a fan installed altogether. Below are some of the cons that may accompany an outdoor ceiling fan: 

  • Your outdoor area needs electricity – As ceiling fans are powered by electricity, your outside area will need to have access to electricity to power your fan. Calling an electrician and rewiring can be an expensive process, so if your area is not fit for installation initially, you may decide that an outdoor fan would be too much trouble. 
  • The height of your outdoor ceiling – For overhead ceiling fans to be effective, they need to be installed at least 7-8 ft above your head. If they are lower, you may not get the benefit of a cool breeze. So, if your outdoor area has a low ceiling, it may not be worth the cost of the fan and installation if you are not going to receive the maximum benefits. 
  • Noise problems – Your ceiling fan may start to make irritating noises as the motor spins over time. This is especially true for outdoor fans that are more exposed to the elements. Usually, a bit of maintenance can return your fan to its silent glory, but some issues just can’t be fixed. There may be the chance that your ceiling fan creating an irritating buzz is enough to ward you from buying it altogether.

The Top-Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans


Ceiling fans come with three different ratings, dry, damp, and wet. The dry ceiling fans are for indoor use, whereas the wet and damp fans are suitable for outdoor areas like patios and porches. The blades use unique plastic material to combat the elements, and the motors are coated with a finish to prevent rusting.

After doing some extensive exploration, I have found some of the best outdoor ceiling fans, which are listed below:

  • Best outdoor fan in general – The Hunter Cassius Ceiling Fan has been rated as the best outdoor ceiling fan overall. It boasts a 52-inch wingspan with reversible blades. It is damp-rated and has one of the quietest motors on the market, and is water-resistant and height-adjustable. You can buy this great fan here.
  • Best outdoor fan with lights – The Hunter Key Biscayne Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED lights is the best fan for additional lighting for your outside area. This fan boasts a lighthouse-like case that will illuminate your porch or patio. You can buy this fan here.
  • Best outdoor fan for large areas – The Joss & Main Paige Outdoor LED propeller ceiling fan is the best fan if your outside area is quite large. At a whopping 60 inches, this fan can cool down the largest patios and porches.
  • Best outdoor ceiling fan for salt air – The Hunter Oceana Outdoor Ceiling Fan is 52 inches in length. Not only is it damp-resistant, but it also uses materials that are designed to withstand corrosion, rusting, and warping from salt air. You can buy this fan here.
  • Best outdoor smart fan – The Minka Aire Xtreme Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan is for those who don’t mind paying extra for a unique cooling experience. This fan runs on a powerful DC motor and comes with an adjustable downrod. 

This smart fan has eight blades instead of your usual four, and you can customize the airflow according to your needs. You can even connect this fan to your Wi-Fi and use its voice-control functionality feature.


Outdoor ceiling fans are a fantastic option if you want a cost-effective long-term solution to keeping cool in those hot summer months. By installing an outdoor ceiling fan on your porch or patio, you can guarantee a steady refreshing breeze that will make the area more enjoyable. However, I recommend you first weigh the pros and cons of getting an outdoor ceiling fan before purchasing.

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