The Pros And Cons Of Installing A Ceiling Fan In The Bedroom

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According to a 2015 survey, almost 90% of American homes have installed air conditioning. One would think that ceiling fans would have become obsolete. However, many designers, decorators, and real estate agents feel that ceiling fans still have value. What are the pros and cons of installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom in today’s times?

Ceiling fans installed in a bedroom have some great benefits. They are inexpensive, reduce energy costs, and you can also use them to circulate warm air during winter. The negative side to ceiling fans is that they are not as aesthetically pleasing, can be noisy, and can be dust collectors that are difficult to clean.

Suppose you’re building or buying a new home, or perhaps even redecorating. In that case, it’s a good time to ask yourself whether it would be worth installing ceiling fans in the bedrooms. Why should you? Why shouldn’t you? A little debating on the pros and cons should help you decide.

If you overanalyze everything like me and want to make sure you don’t waste your money. In that case, you’re likely to make decisions by looking at the pros and cons of the situation first. We will do exactly that to help you decide: a ceiling fan in the bedroom or not? Here are some of the pros.

The Pros Of Installing A Ceiling Fan In A Bedroom

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Ceiling fans haven’t been as popular in recent years, but they certainly make good companions on a balmy summer’s day or night. Flip that switch as you lie on your bed, and you will begin to understand the perks.

Comfortable Temperatures All Year Round

Ceilings aren’t only suitable for hot climates. They regulate the temperatures indoors by strategically directing the air circulation. In regions with distinct seasons, it’s handy that the blades can spin two ways. 

During summertime, they will rotate counterclockwise and push the air downwards into the bedroom, creating a blissfully cool breeze. During the winter, the blades will spin clockwise and draw the air upwards, which in turn draws the warm air down from the ceiling and circulates it back down to the room.

Ceiling Fans In The Bedroom Can Promote Better Sleep

A ceiling fan in the bedroom keeps it cool and can promote a better night’s rest. Some of us sleep better with some white noise in the background, so the soft whirring of the fan could also help us enjoy a deeper sleep.

Ceiling Fans In The Bedrooms Can Save Energy

Although you will probably still need to run your A/C and furnace, ceiling fans can help you be less dependent on them depending on the season. The U.S. Department of Energy states that if you run your A/C and ceiling fan simultaneously, it should be possible to turn up the thermostat by approximately 4°F, with the home maintaining its same cool temperature. 

Ceiling Fans Can Provide Extra Lighting

Many fans come with an attached light, which can be a bonus for small bedrooms where there simply isn’t enough space to accommodate other lamps.

Ceiling Fans: Safety And Space Efficiency

A ceiling fan doesn’t use up any floor space, which is excellent when you have a tiny bedroom. Tripping over box fans n the night can cause accidents, and they are also hazardous to pets and small children. Ceiling fans provide the same coolness while being out of the way on the ceiling.

A Ceiling Fan Can Work On Battery Backup

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Staying cool is always a priority, especially if you live in an area with a hot climate. If your region also has frequent power cuts, a ceiling fan in the bedroom is a must because you will be able to run it off battery backup and stay cool night and day.

Ceiling Fans Are An Inexpensive Cooling Method In A Bedroom

Although high-end ceiling fans are available, most are not very expensive. Even if you have a handyman install it, this expense can’t compare to adding another dedicated circuit for the air conditioner.

The Cons Of Putting A Ceiling Fan In The Bedroom

There are always downsides to every situation, including installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom. 

Ceiling Fans Can Be Noisy

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Old-fashioned ceiling fans could rotate very loudly. Although the modern ones run quietly when they get older, the blades shift, and screws come loose and make noises. If this ceiling is installed in the bedroom, it can disturb one’s sleep.

Lights On Ceiling Fans Are Usually Dull

Although the light on a ceiling fan can be an advantage when there isn’t space in the room for extra lighting, the lights attached to the fan are usually dull.

Maintaining A Ceiling Fan In A Bedroom Is Inconvenient


Due to its height maintaining and cleaning a ceiling fan in a bedroom can be awkward and inconvenient. It is usually positioned above the bed. If you’re not tall enough to reach the blades to clean them or do any other maintenance, you will have to climb a ladder. But this also requires you to stretch out over the ladder in a very uncomfortable position.

Ceiling Fans Are Not The Most Decorative Items In The Bedroom

If you’re installing a ceiling fan, the chances are that you have had to choose between a beautiful light fitting and the fan. Fans are not as pretty as a chandelier or any other beautiful light. Although they do come in modern styles and colors these days.

Fun Facts About Ceiling Fans

Did you know……?

  • Building code demands at least a seven-foot space between the floor and the ceiling fan blades. If you have a low ceiling in an older house, you should install a fan mounted close to the ceiling in the bedroom.
  • To clean the blades of a ceiling fan, slide an old pillowcase over each blade and wipe the dust directly into it.


It seems that ceiling fans have not gone out of style but have improved with the times. They are quieter and available in styles to suit everyone’s taste. They are also economical. So although there are a few inconveniences such as noise and dull lighting, they can be very beneficial in a bedroom. 

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