The Pros And Cons Of High Ceilings (A Complete Guide)

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We have all seen or have homes with high ceilings. I wanted to buy a house with high ceilings, and it wasn’t until I was standing in my new home that I realized there is more to high ceilings than just the gorgeous look ambiance it gives a home. My friends came to see my home. They asked me all about the pros and cons of high ceilings.

The pros and cons of having high ceilings are many. High ceilings make an otherwise small room or apartment look bigger and more historic, with huge chandeliers being the main attraction. On the flip side, high ceilings are hard to clean and imagine how difficult replacing a lightbulb is.

What I discovered as I dived deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of having high ceilings in a home was rather surprising. After some thorough research, I thought I would share all the information I found on the pros and cons of having high ceilings.

The 5 Pros And 5 Cons Of Having High Ceilings

When I moved into my house, I loved the high ceilings a lot. I was extremely happy with my choice and felt proud when walking down the hall of my pre-war home. That only lasted about a week. I heard an awful noise in the middle of the night.

I found old creaky pipes in my one bathroom making noises when I investigated. The noise had traveled through the house due to the high ceilings. It was then I realized that high ceilings have more than just advantages; they have disadvantages as well.

The 5 Pros Of Having High Ceilings

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It wasn’t all bad, and I had to admit that there were some excellent advantages to having high ceilings, so I thought I would mention them below:

1. The Size Will Fool You

If you find that most other places look small, but those are the only ones you are interested in, then look for a place with high ceilings. The ceiling height draws the eye, and high ceilings tend to make a room or apartment look much bigger than it actually is.

It is a big advantage if you are tall and feel uncomfortable in small spaces with low-lying ceilings. It instantly makes a place look more appealing.

2. You Get More Natural Light

If you are looking to buy a house with high ceilings, the chances are that there will be bigger windows and some have skylights. It lets more natural light in, which is excellent. Here are the great things about more natural light in your home:

Studies have shown that people who work from home often find more natural light makes them more productive, healthier and keeps them calmer.

More natural light will you save on your heating bill as the sun’s heat coming through the big windows and skylights will heat certain rooms, and you won’t use as much power to heat the rooms.

It will be a big saving on your utility expenses because you will use fewer artificial lights to light up rooms, the sun-filled rooms create enough light to see, and the cozy atmosphere it creates is a bonus.

3. You Have More Decorating Options

Have you ever seen some beautiful painting or piece of art that you love but couldn’t get because it would never fit in your home? That is one of the huge advantages of having a home with high ceilings. High ceilings make it easier to decorate because you have ample space to do so.

So if you are someone who loves big, bold artwork or decoration pieces, high ceilings are the best kind of ceiling to have. It also makes for gorgeous festive decorating. So if you like very tall Christmas trees or inflatable Santas, then you will have plenty of space to decorate your home for the holidays.

4. High Ceilings Mean Big Money

If you have decided to sell your home or you don’t want to rent any longer but would rather buy a place of your own, buying an apartment or house with high ceilings is an excellent investment. Homes with high ceilings are highly coveted.

Should you ever decide to sell, the high ceilings will increase the value of your property, and you will see a greater return on your investment. So it’s a good investment opportunity.

5. High Ceilings Mean Excellent Acoustics

High ceilings mean sound travel, so this is a pro and a con. I will go into detail on why it is a con also later in the post, but for now, let’s discuss how fantastic acoustics can be for houses with high ceilings.

If you love to host parties, BBQs, or just a fun time with great friends, you will love how well sound carries in a home with high ceilings. You are able to hear music from almost any room in the house. It saves you money as you won’t need to invest in extra speakers in some parts of the house because you will easily hear any music you play.

The 5 Cons Of Having A Home With High Ceilings

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We all love to see only the good in things we surround ourselves with. However, it’s good, healthy even to know the downsides to what we spend our time and money on, especially if your investment is as big as a house or an apartment.

1. The Arduous Task Of Maintenance

When you have high ceilings, you will still have to deal with the maintenance of the ceilings. Here are some maintenance issues that are harder to deal with when you have a home with high ceilings.

Cleaning is a task that is much more difficult to do with high ceilings. You need to have a ladder that is higher than standard ladders so you can clean to the top of the ceiling, cleaning the windows and skylights as well.

Fixing any cracks will be a chore and can easily become a safety hazard as you will have to use the tall ladder and extra supports to not only get to the cracks but to fix them safely.

Changing any lightbulbs will be a huge undertaking and not a task that is easy to complete if you are afraid of heights. You will need the tall ladder for this purpose as well.

Painting or renovating the ceiling will turn into a climbing exercise, and you might need to hire professionals to help with this task as they have the equipment to paint high ceilings.

If you live in an apartment with high ceilings, then storing the extra-large ladder is an issue too. Most apartments won’t have special tall cupboards to store the equipment needed for maintaining high ceilings.

2. High Ceilings Mean Increased Sound

As I stated earlier, sound carries in a home with high ceilings. It is both a good and a bad thing. If you live in a house with high ceilings, you might not have a problem with every little sound traveling, but if you stay in an apartment with high ceilings, it might become a problem.

Because the sound travels, you will have to be careful when hosting parties, watching movies, or even playing musical instruments. Your neighbors might not love the idea of hearing everything that goes on in your home, and I doubt most people will like the lack of privacy. It might also irritate you in the long run when you hear every tiny sound.

3. Heating Can Be A Problem

While the rooms with more big windows and skylights are amazing at keeping a place with high ceilings warm and cozy, the same can not be said for the rooms with only a few windows. We all have some rooms in our homes that don’t get much sun due to where they are in the house, so these rooms will be cold all year long.

Because warm air is lighter than cold air, it travels upward, and the cold air sinks. It means that these rooms will be extra cold, especially in the colder months, and you will spend more money on your heating bill to keep warm.

4. The Price Point

Houses and apartments with high ceilings are in high demand. It’s great news for those looking to sell their home but not so much for those who want to buy a house or apartment with a high ceiling. Because these are sought-after places, they cost quite a bit more than other places.

You might be better off making a less expensive place more comfortable for you. You will save money and have a lot more freedom to choose or create spaces you are comfortable within your home, which is not always that easy with a home with high ceilings.

5. The Insect Situation

There is the matter of insects. Insects are prone to invade the crevices in the highest parts of a home, and spiders love weaving webs in the nooks and crannies of high ceilings. You might have to clean more regularly than in other homes.

So the fact that homes with high ceilings are hard to keep clean means that you might have to keep a house with creepy crawlies when regular cleaning is not easy.

The 3 Tips For Homes With High Ceilings

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If you are buying a home with high ceilings, then a few of these considerations will make your life much easier. Here are some tips for a home with high ceilings:

1. Save On Construction Costs

If you have always wanted to raise your roof to get higher ceilings, there is an alternative to spending thousands of dollars on raising the entire roof of your home.

Instead of raising the roof in your house to get a higher ceiling, you might want to consider exposing the ceiling (removing the ceiling to reveal the roof); this way, it will save you thousands of dollars, and you will still achieve the kind of look you wanted to have.

If you have a home that is pre-1920s and has a roof that is already framed with large beams and rafters, this might be a good option for you.

2. Getting Enough Heat In Your Home

You might want to replace low-capacity heaters and air conditioners with high-capacity models to ensure heat and cool air are more efficiently distributed throughout the home.

Point the fans to the ceiling in wintertime; it will push the hot air down and push the cold air up. It will help keep the home warmer.

3. Décor Ideas To Ensure Your Home Looks Stunning

There are a few ways to enhance the beauty of your high ceilings:

  • Hang floor to ceiling curtains; it will enhance the space and make your walls look taller and more elegant.
  • Install a fireplace wall; it will create a cozy atmosphere in a room with high ceilings.
  • Place big works of art or round mirrors on the walls with the tallest ceilings. It creates the impression of more space.
  • Use low-hanging chandeliers that have a big round or square shapes. It keeps the look of the tall ceilings but creates the illusion of a cozy space.
  • Use chairs with tall backs in rooms where there are big windows; it will create the look of a fuller room.
  • When decorating a separation wall in a hall or entryway, try putting between 6 and 9 frames of similar-looking pictures or photos, stacking them in three rows of three. It will give a nice shot of color and makes the wall look decorated more fully.


Homes with high ceilings are some of the most sought-after homes, and it is easy to understand why. Having a home with high ceilings can be a great investment, with huge open spaces that create the illusion of bigger rooms; you will have some of the best acoustics around.

It does have a flip side as you will have a lot of difficult maintenance to keep up with. There is also the heating bill to contend with. In the end, it is a personal choice, as there are pros and cons to every type of home.

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