Wood Planer And Jointer Reviews & How-To Guides

Wood planer and jointer are among the most valuable tools in woodworking. Whether it’s your first time or you are a professional, various applications require you to carry this tools in your woodworking kit.

I’ve put together the information below to guide you if you are looking to buy a new wood planner or jointer. I’ve also included how-to-guides, detailed reviews of our top picks based on our best recommendations, special mentions of other alternatives you can consider, additional information you should have before making a purchase, and more reviews.

So, why did I put this information together? As a woodworking enthusiast, I wanted to share everything about these tools in one place. If you have been wondering what a wood planer or jointer is, why do you need one, or which tasks it performs? Read on.

Top Picks

Between a hand-held and a bench wood planer, which is the best option? Should you get one that’s manually or electronically controlled? If these are some of your questions, we have discussed some of our top picks in each category below.

Keep in mind that the standard bench planer could either be a shoulder, rebate, finger, chisel, or molding plane, each well-suited for particular projects. To understand each type, we have categorized the wood planers and jointers for you.

The Best Planers Reviewed

Are you looking for the best wood planer? Look no further. We review the best brands from POWERTEC, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Wen & more. Find the best model that offers good quality at a budget-friendly price.

The Best Jointers Reviewed

Special Mentions

If you are looking for an alternative, here are additional wood planers and jointers that we can also recommend. Although they are a second option, they come at a reasonable, affordable price and have exceptional features.

Despite this rating, they are still top choices. Their features are high quality, and the tools work in a similar way to the top picks. This includes brands such as Delta Power, from a well-known company.


How-To Guides & Information

Before making your first purchase, I recommend that you read through all the detailed information I have provided in this section. This will guide you as you make a decision on the best planer or jointer for you.

Like every other tool in woodworking, safety is of utmost importance when using a wood planer and jointer. I’ve provided all the technical knowledge in the simplest way that even beginners can understand. Read through all the basics, safety measures, and types of planers and jointers before getting started.

If you already have a clue about which tool you want, you can skip straight to the reviews and choose your preferred model. I’ve provided information about different tools.

Further Information & Reviews

I’ve drafted other reviews and articles about wood planers and jointers that you can read through. Below you can browse through different models of your liking to get more information and guidance. If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you have come to the right place!


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