What To Do With Old Circular And Table Saw Blades (5 Tips)

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If you work with wood, chances are you’ve worn out a circular or table saw blade before. If you have, you might have wondered what to do with this broken tool. Should you just throw it away, or are there other techniques you can use to get rid of them effectively?

I’ve five suggestions for things you can do with old circular and table saw blades:

  • Recycle the blades
  • Make them into home decor
  • Donate the blades
  • Transform them into knives
  • Exchange the blades

These are some of the most effective things you can do with these blades.

Read on to learn more about each of these techniques in further detail. By using one of these techniques, you can give further life to these devices while freeing your workstation up for a new tool.

old table saw blades

Recycle The Blades

The first thing you can do, and what most people do, is recycle the blades when they’ve hit their breaking point. Several companies can take the blades and turn the material into scrap metal for something new. This action will allow you to get rid of the blade and help create something new.

Some of the places that will take blades for recycling include:

  • County recycling companies
  • A local recycling center
  • The company that sold it to you

Do some research to find the options that exist in your area.

Recycling blades is environmentally friendly and simple to do once you find a location that will take them. If you feel like your blade is running out of steam, you mustn’t push it past its breaking point. A dull, worn blade can shatter and cause further injury if you’re not careful.

Make Them Into Home Decor

Those who love arts and crafts will enjoy this option. Instead of getting rid of your old blade, you can turn it into a decorative piece for your home. There are many options if you want to take this route, all appealing to varying home styles and locations in a house.

Some of the home decor pieces you can make out of old blades include:

  • Clocks
  • Decorative wall hangings
  • Tables
  • Painted decor

These are just a few of the things you can make with old circular and table saw blades.

With your new forms of decoration, you can add a little pizzazz to your workstation or decorate a themed area inside or outside your home. Just make sure you keep the blades out of reach of hands, no matter how dull you think they are. If you can, cut down the blades to make sure there’s no way they can cause injury.

Donate The Blades 

If your blades have a little sharpness left in them, there are plenty of locations that will take them in as donations. All you need to do is carefully package up the piece to make sure it doesn’t injure anyone as it’s placed inside this new location. You won’t gain anything from this effort, but you’ll help further the education of many.

Some places you can donate the blades include:

  • A local community college
  • A craftsperson or artist
  • A metalworking location
  • A trade school

These places will typically take the blades off of your hands.

Before you bring in the blades for donation, ensure the locations you’re targeting want to take the old pieces. Once they approve, you can safely package them and bring them in to be given new life, whether in a studio space or a learning environment for potential future tradespeople.

Transform Them Into Knives

If you like the concept of turning one thing into another, you can transform the saw blade into an actual blade. It’s simpler than you may think to turn a saw blade into a knife. If you want another tool, you can make one for yourself by following a few steps.

To turn the blades into knives, you will need to:

  • Gather various tools needed
  • Design the knife on paper
  • Trace the design on the blade
  • Create the boundary on the blade
  • Cut out the knife, then sharpen and fix it with holes
  • Add a handle, whether wood, metal, or plastic

These simple steps will leave you with a knife at the end of the day.

Of course, there’s more to these steps than what is listed. There are plenty of videos and articles out there that can give you more in-depth information on how to create a knife out of your old blades. This knife can be beneficial in any craftsman’s life.

Exchange Your Old Blade for a New Blade

Last is another form of recycling – exchanging your old blade for a new one. Some companies will outright give you a new tool, while others will offer a significant discount on your next purchase. The latter is more common. If you want to get more out of your recycling, this choice could be the one for you.

Some places that might exchange your old blade for a new one or a discount include:

  • A local hardware store
  • Exchange-A-Blade
  • A recycling center

These places may offer you a discount or a trade-in for your old saw blade..

The best part about this tactic is that you can go in as many times as you need to whenever your old blades wear out. By trading, you can get a free or discounted replacement. It’s a win-win for both you and the world.


If you love to work with wood, you’ll have to deal with an old circular or table saw blade at some point. Rather than throwing away these items, there are several recycling techniques you can take with these blades. I’ve listed several of the best options you can take on as a casual saw user.

I hope that these tips were helpful! There are many options you can utilize with an old saw blade. Some may be easier than others, but all are effective ways to deal with old blades.

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