Milwaukee Vs. Stihl Chainsaw (Battery vs Gas Powered)

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If you are a woodworker, logger, or avid DIYer, chances are you have heard of Milwaukee and Stihl chainsaws. I needed to buy a new chainsaw recently, but there were so many brands and types that I had difficulty choosing one. I narrowed it down to a Milwaukee or a Stihl, but this left me wondering which one would best suit my needs.

When comparing Milwaukee and Stihl chainsaws, Milwaukee doesn’t have a gas-powered chainsaw yet, but their battery-powered chainsaw can cut almost as well as the Stihl gas-powered chainsaw. Stihl’s gas-powered chainsaw is more affordable and better for commercial and DIY use.

Milwaukee and Stihl are popular tool brands, and most people don’t mind buying tools from either, but I wanted to compare the two. I enlisted the help of a friend who owns his woodworking shop, and he gave me some great advice. I decided to share what I found in this post.

milwaukee vs stihl chainsaw

Milwaukee Chainsaw Features Compared To Stihl Chainsaw

In the table below, I will be comparing a battery-powered Milwaukee and a gas-powered Stihl chainsaw. The features we will be looking at is:

  • Model 
  • Motor (RPM and Volts were applicable)
  • Affordability
  • Safety Features
  • Weight
  • Bar Length
  • Extra Features (like batteries etc.)
  • Uses

Milwaukee Battery-Powered Chainsaw

milwaukee chainsaw

We will be looking at the battery-powered Milwaukee 2727-21HD M18 chainsaw. Milwaukee does not have a gas-powered chainsaw in their power tool arsenal yet, but this battery-powered 2727-21HD packs quite a punch. 

You can use it for commercial or for DIY purposes. It is expensive, but the battery will last up to 150 cuts in one charge. This compact chainsaw has a bar length of 16-inches and is more than capable of cutting through the densest of woods.

Chainsaw Brand:Milwaukee
Model:Milwaukee Electrical Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw Kit
Motor:Brushless motor 
RPM:6600 RPM
Volts:18 Volts
Affordability:Around $490-$500
Safety Features:Standard Safety Features
Weight:14 Pounds
Bar Length:16-inches
Battery Life:M18 battery system. It can make around 150 cuts on a single charge.
Extra Batteries Included:Comes with one battery
Uses:For DIY or Commercial use, depending on power availability.

Stihl Gas-Powered Chainsaw

stihl chainsaw

The Stihl MS 250 gas-powered chainsaw is a workhorse. It can easily take down small to medium-sized trees and is a fantastic all-rounder chainsaw. It’s great for commercial use and heavy-duty DIY projects, and even landscapers can benefit from using this chainsaw. 

It has vibration dampening technology that makes it easier for beginners and professionals. It has built-in safety features that will put your mind at ease. It does weigh 12 pounds but is still portable enough to be carried around comfortably.

It is more affordable than other chainsaws with the same features, and Stihl chainsaws are some of the top-quality chainsaws in the USA.

Chainsaw Brand:Stihl
Model:Stihl MS 250 Gas Chainsaw
Motor:45.4-cc engine
Affordability:Around $380-$382
Safety Features:Vibration dampening technology for ease of use.
Weight:12 pounds
Bar Length:18-inches
Fuel Capacity:15.9 oz
Extra Features:Automatic chain lubrication
Uses:For commercial use and heavy-duty DIY projects. 

Should I Choose Milwaukee or Stihl Chainsaw?

Deciding on what brand and type of chainsaw to use can be intimidating. Milwaukee and Stihl are both reputable tool manufacturers. So, when you need to decide on a new chainsaw, you need to look at what you need to cut and the power source you will need. 

The battery-powered Milwaukee chainsaw is a great all-rounder, but the battery is limited to around 30 minutes per charge, so it’s best for DIY purposes. The Stihl gas-powered saw is best for heavy-duty cutting in a landscaping or commercial setting. It can cut small to medium-sized trees. In the end, it’s about what you need to get out of your chainsaw.

How to Choose The Right Chainsaw for You?

stihl heavy duty chainsaw

When you are thinking of buying a chainsaw, there are a few factors that will influence your decision; these factors include:

Gas Or Battery Operated Chainsaw?

When you decide to buy a new chainsaw, you have two options, gas or battery-operated chainsaw. The difference between gas and battery-powered chainsaws will directly affect the price you will pay and the chainsaw’s power.

Gas-powered chainsaws tend to be lighter than battery-powered chainsaws because it doesn’t have the added weight of the battery to drag them down. The other major difference between a battery-powered and gas-powered chainsaw is the starting method.

With a gas-powered chainsaw, you need the primer bulb and put it in choke, then you pull the started cord and wait for it to turn over. After that, you have to flip it on, and with a few more pulls of the cord, it starts. The great thing about starting a battery-powered chainsaw is that you only need to pull the trigger, and it turns on.

How Much Cutting Power You will Need

The other factor you need to consider is what you need the chainsaw for? If you don’t need too much cutting power and will use the chainsaw for small chunks of wood or branches, then you can buy a less expensive battery-powered one.

If you are looking for a powerhouse chainsaw that will be cutting down a lot of thick branches, and you will be using it for heavy-duty tree trimmings, then you might need to get a chainsaw with more horsepower. 

The Pricetag

The price difference between the two brands might influence your decision in the end. Remember, with a battery-powered chainsaw, you will need to recharge the battery after 30-45 minutes of constant use. With a gas-powered chainsaw, it will cut as long as you have gas, but that is an extra expense because gas is not cheap.

 We will be looking at the price difference between the two brands and types of saws in more detail in the table below. 

Noise And Smell

Keep in mind you should always wear the appropriate safety gear when using any power tool; it can get irritating to have a noisy gas engine rumbling in your ears the whole day. A battery-powered chainsaw makes less noise, and you only need to wear minimal ear protection, making it a bit more comfortable.

The other problem some people have with gas chainsaws is the smell of gas. It feels like you are sniffing gas the entire time, and it can irritate your nose; in that regard, the battery-powered chainsaw is better.

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