7 Best Milwaukee Tools (Circular Saw, Pole Saw, Impact Driver…)

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Milwaukee has established a name for itself in the world of power tools. With a primary focus on producing tools better equipped for heavy-duty projects, you automatically know you have a solid piece of kit in your hands.

I myself have owned various Milwaukee tools over the years, and I struggle to think of one that I was not impressed with in some way. 

But there is always a problem. The problem is that Milwaukee has produced so many tools over the years that identifying the ones you should purchase is never easy.

But don’t stress. I’m here to help.

I plan to provide you with details on what I feel are seven of the best Milwaukee tools available right now. But I’m not going to just throw in several of the same saw types. That would be insane.

Instead, I’m covering different tools to better understand what’s on offer and what may intrigue you enough to go ahead and make that purchase.

different milwaukee tools

How I Chose the Tools

I wanted to cover as many options as possible, but at the same time, each tool had to go through different tests. I wanted to ensure each tool was robust, reliable, and also easy to use. Just because they are aimed at heavy-duty projects should not mean they become too complex.

I also looked at what other people said about their experience with each tool. I wanted to put across an honest opinion even from people who went ahead and made that purchase.

Ultimately, I was left with this selection of tools, and I’m sure each one is more than capable of performing to a very high standard.

Best Impact Wrench – Milwaukee 2767-20 M18

This particular impact wrench produces a high level of torque capable of removing even the toughest of bolts in an instant. I love the sheer power within this model, which comes with up to 1,400 lbs of bursting torque and 1,000 lbs of fastening torque.

This all stems from the brushless motor, and I prefer a brushless motor as it lasts longer and is harder to burn out. With less maintenance required, I feel it can cope with more pressure without you having to worry about things.

But even though that’s the case with a brushless motor, this model still has you covered via their REDLINK PLUS intelligence. This monitors what’s going on and prevents overload and burnout, helping to preserve your impact wrench for longer.

I also find this tool to be relatively small in size since it only measures some 8.39” in length. I like the fact it means you can use it even when space is limited, so there is a sense of this tool being quite versatile.

But with so much power, you need a good grip, and this model will also not let you down in that department. It has been ergonomically designed and does sit well in your hand, meaning you never feel it could slide around when in use.

Finally, it weighs under 8lbs, which means there’s less chance of fatigue through to weight. 

Overall, the absolute power and ability to tighten or loosen with ease make this model stand out. It can also do things at almost double the speed of most models on the market, so if pressed for time, it will help you in many ways.


  • It has a tremendous amount of power behind it
  • The grip is fantastic
  • It has a brushless motor, so it requires less maintenance
  • It’s small in size, making it perfect for small spaces
  • The battery is impressive


  • It’s more for experienced users

Best Pole Saw – Milwaukee 2825-21PS

I’ve always found a pole saw to be a very effective tool to have at your disposal, and this Milwaukee model is one of the best on the market. It comes with a 10” saw attachment and a 3ft long extension, so it has a decent reach.

It’s all powered by an 18V battery and has a speed of some 4,600 RPM. I find that to be more than enough for cutting through branches, even to its maximum extent. 

What I love about this pole saw is the way the motor is controlled by technology to ensure it delivers consistent speed and power while in use. Also, it optimizes performance to prevent burnout of the motor.

Talking about the motor, it’s brushless, and I’m always going to go for a brushless motor over anything else. It means better efficiency and requires less maintenance, which is always a bonus for any tool.

Finally, this model is capable of 150 cuts in a single charge. It also gets up to speed in just one second, so no hanging around. Add in the fact that it can incorporate several different attachments, such as a hedge trimmer, and you have a highly versatile tool while only weighing under 13 lbs.


  • It has a fantastic reach
  • The power is constantly optimized for a better outcome
  • It’s relatively light for a pole saw
  • The brushless motor is a wonderful piece of technology
  • The speed is more than enough at 4,600 RPM


  • There are slightly longer pole saws on the market, but this model should cover most eventualities

Best Jig Saw – Milwaukee 2737-20

I have several key areas that I focus on with a jig saw, and this model by Milwaukee covers all the bases. 

First, it’s cordless, so no stressing about running into the cord at any point. I also like the fact this model comes with a variable speed option. This allows you to move between 0 to a maximum of 3,500 SPM. While it means you get more control, it also lets you produce clean cuts with a reduction in possibly chipping.

That aspect is key for me. You want things to be smooth to allow you to move on with your project, and this particular saw manages to do precisely that. It’s also straightforward to adjust the shoe, with it moving between 0 degrees through 15, 30, and 45 degrees to give you that desired bevel.

I also enjoy that this model has four options for orbital cutting. Having a tool that is versatile in what it does and what it offers is essential, and this tool will certainly not let you down.

The model has an anti-splinter guard and a dust collection tube, so cleaning up after it is not a big problem. The saw also feels comfortable to hold, and with a comfortable grip comes easier use.

Overall, this jig saw is powerful, easy to control, and produces excellent end results.


  • It has variable speed options for better control
  • It has a faster cutting speed than most models
  • The anti-splinter guard works well
  • Moving the shoe is easy
  • It produces clean cuts even on hardwood


  • The battery could be slightly better, but regular charging solves the problem

Best Chainsaw – Milwaukee 2727-21HD

If you want a chainsaw packed with power that delivers consistent results, then this Milwaukee model is one you need to seriously consider. 

This model has a 16” chain, which is a big chainsaw capable of cutting through heavy-duty branches. Also, even though this is a battery-operated chainsaw, it delivers the same power as a gas-powered chainsaw with a 40cc engine.

That is some serious power, yet it weighs less than a gas-powered option. 

But I do love another thing about the motor and how this chainsaw works. The technology monitors the power output to ensure it delivers steady power and optimizes performance. I also like how it prevents you from overloading the motor to ensure this brushless motor lasts for a significant period of time.

Controlling this chainsaw will also prove easy, thanks to a variable speed trigger. This gives you greater control than you expect, and I feel that this makes a difference in where you can use this chainsaw.

Finally, this model does come with an automatic oiler system, and I would always recommend purchasing a chainsaw where this is included. It makes the tool run more smoothly, and it prevents you from having to continually stop.


  • It has a massive amount of power
  • It has an auto-oiler mechanism
  • It monitors the motor to stop you from burning it out
  • The variable speed trigger offers you more control
  • It’s lighter than you imagine


  • At 16”, the bar may be longer than you need

Best Tool Combo Kit – Milwaukee 2695-24 M18 Combo Kit

Thanks to the array of tools you tend to get in them, I’ve always found tool combo kits interesting. This particular Milwaukee kit offers you exceptional value thanks to the number of tools included.

This set provides you with an excellent hammer drill, impact wrench, reciprocating saw, lights, batteries, and chargers. You also get a tool bag to keep them all in.

I must say that each individual tool in this set is excellent in its own right. The hammer drill makes short work of dealing with hard and softwood, along with other materials, while changing bits is made exceptionally easy with a smooth chuck.

Also, the impact driver included in the set packs a lot of torque into such a small machine. If you have never used an impact driver before, then this version will blow your mind. Actually, even if you have owned one in the past, it will still amaze you.

The reciprocating saw comes with their Quick Loc changing system, so swapping out blades for new ones is nice and easy. I also find the saw in this set to be lightweight, making it easy to hold it overhead when dealing with those awkward branches.

It also comes with a couple of Lithium-ion batteries, along with a charger, which is another huge bonus. You will repeatedly use this as the batteries in this set can work with any of the M18 range. Also, it includes their Redlink Intelligence technology, which extends the battery’s lifespan while optimizing the power being sent to the tool.


  • The tools included in the set are fantastic
  • You get two batteries to use with any M18 tools
  • The charger works exceptionally well
  • You can work on so many projects via this set
  • Each tool is top of the range


  • You do get tool sets with more tools included, but this set is still amazing

Best Orbital Sander – Milwaukee 2648-20

I find an orbit sander to be an exceptionally useful tool, and this Milwaukee model is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. It may seem small, but it packs a real punch and can deliver smooth finishes without ripping into the stock.

This version comes with 12 Amps of power while offering a variable speed option allowing you to change between 7,000 to 12,000 OPM. I love when you can take control of the speed when you work on those more delicate projects, and I find it very easy to do with this model.

The sanding pad here measures some 5”, so it does take you some time to work over a larger area. However, it does deliver smooth results, so it can be worth taking that time.

The model also only weighs some 2lbs, which is practically nothing. Also, it fits nicely in your hand, and you will find it easy to push this sander into corners to get a completely even finish.


  • The variable speed option works well
  • It has more than enough power to create a smooth finish
  • It is easy to hold
  • The sanding pad is a reasonable size for completing jobs quite quickly
  • It is lightweight


  • The battery does drain quite fast at times

Best Circular Saw – Milwaukee 2732-20 M18

Complete with a 7 ¼” blade and backed by a 15 Amp motor, this circular saw can withstand much punishment without flinching. The brushless motor on this model will also benefit from the Milwaukee Redlink Intelligence technology, which optimizes performance and prevents burning out the motor.

I do love the handle and how it has been ergonomically designed. It also does an excellent job of absorbing vibrations, so you won’t feel too uncomfortable holding this even for a prolonged time.

However, this model has a slight drop in torque compared to the corded version but considering you don’t have to fight with the cord, it’s worth it all. Setting up the saw takes next to no time, while the battery does deliver some 750 cuts on a single charge.

Overall, I feel that this circular saw is a heavy-duty machine that will deliver sharp and clean cuts even through harder material. Changing the blade is also quick and painless while having a brushless motor means you have less to worry about regarding maintenance.


  • It feels comfortable in your hand
  • It produces a large number of cuts with the one charge
  • Changing the blade is easy
  • It’s a heavy-duty machine also capable of fine cuts
  • It has a brushless motor


  • Even though it’s comfortable, it does feel slightly bulky

How to Choose the Correct Tools

milwaukee tools shop

Finally, I know choosing tools can be tricky. You have so many to choose from, and you want to ensure you make the right decision at the first time of asking.

So, here are a few tips.

Understand Your Projects

The first thing is to really understand your projects, either those you plan on working on now or those in the near future. Be aware of what your project involves to ensure you choose a tool capable of performing the different required tasks.

Planning is a huge part of any project, which also applies to knowing you have the correct tool before you even begin. 

Consider the Materials

The materials you use will then change the power required to complete the task. If you regularly use metal or hardwood, you need more power to get the desired result.

Also, I would suggest looking at tools with some form of a variable speed option. That will make a difference when allowing you to use the same tool on different materials. Also, it provides better control, which is always good.

Cord or Cordless?

The power source is always important. Thankfully, the cordless models developed by Milwaukee are some of the best around. They hold their charge quite well and deliver huge cuts or usage time without losing power.

Also, their Redlink Intelligence does mean a more consistent level of power being sent to the motor, meaning there’s less dropping of power or even burning out of the motor.

I always feel you need to know your project to then understand your tools. Milwaukee has tools that cover all eventualities, so they will have something out there for you, no matter your needs.

Overall Conclusion

Milwaukee undoubtedly makes some of the best power tools on the market, and the seven I’ve listed above are merely a small sample of what they have available. 

The key to finding the perfect Milwaukee tool for you is to understand your reason for making that purchase in advance. Know everything you possibly can about your project to ensure you get the correct Milwaukee tool capable of performing just as you want.

By purchasing something from this brand, it does mean you have a tool that is robust and ready for heavy-duty use. I do recommend Milwaukee tools for anybody no matter how serious they are about woodworking projects or doing various jobs around the home.

These tools are excellent and will stand the test of time, making them a worthwhile investment.

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