Milwaukee 6519-31 Corded Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee have introduced some very innovative features within their power tools of late, and this also spreads to their corded reciprocating saws.

Part of the 6519 class which contains two models, the 6519-31 is the second within the series of Sawzall and features the durability and design that is expected from this well-known brand.

Time not on your side? No problem. We have you covered. Read our overview below for a quick round-up of the Milwaukee 6519-31.

  • Motor of 12 amps and 3,000 SPM can cut through most materials
  • Variable speed triggers gives you optimal control over your work and quality
  • 1-⅛” stroke length is one of the highest in class
  • QUIK-LOK tech allows for keyless blade change and options in blade positions
  • Counter-gear mechanism tech reduces vibration via internal component
  • Gear protecting clutch protects motor and surrounding gears, increasing durability of tool and lifespan

Features & Specifications

Let’s get started with the specifications of the model, and then into the features that we were talking about before.


  • Weight of 10.65 lbs
  • 12 Amp motor with 0-3,000 SPM
  • 1-⅛” stroke length for efficient cuts through materials
  • Quik-lok technology for keyless blade changes
  • Variable speed trigger allows for constant speed control

12 Amp Motor

The first thing you’ll notice when looking through the design of this model, is the motor.

A powerful one at that, Milwaukee have included 12 amps within their brushed motor design, and a maximum speed which it’s able to attain of 3,000 SPM.

This means you’ll be able to rip through materials such as woods and nails at ease – almost as if you’re not even trying.

If you’re looking to cut through other materials, such as metal – this Sawzall can also cut through this, however it’s important to note that you’ll need a metal cutting blade for this.

As this model doesn’t come with additional blades, make sure you find and attach the correct blade for the material, and enjoy cutting through at ease with the help of the motor.

Stroke Length

With a stroke length of 1-⅛”, Milwaukee mean serious business with this model.

One of the best stroke lengths in the corded reciprocating saw class, you’ll notice a difference in cutting as soon as the saw is switched on.

As this stroke length is higher than the average, this protects not only your blade, but also the entire tool itself. As you won’t constantly be pressing the variable speed trigger, you’ll reduce the wear and tear on the tool, providing an increased durability that you can only find with series.

Variable Speed Trigger

Variable speed triggers are features found in your more higher end reciprocating saws, and the wonders it can do for your quality of work is outstanding.

With a motor that is a powerful 12 amps and a stroke rate of 3,000 SPM, you’re not always wanting a set speed when cutting through materials, as this can damage the essence of your work and also damage your blades.

There is no switch or knob which alternative manufacturers provide on their reciprocating saws to control speed – this feature is entirely within the trigger itself.

A softer squeeze of the trigger provides a slower speed, and with a harder squeeze you can reach the speeds of 3,000 SPM.

This gives you complete control over the entirety of you work, which is an incredible feature to have if I do say so myself.

Don’t you agree?


This model is a bare-tool option with no blades and extra battery, however you will receive a sturdy case which is extremely valuable for transit.

Out of the box, you’ll receive:

  • 1 x Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw
  • 1 x Polyurethane High Impact Case

What Separates This Model From The Rest?

I’ve chosen three standout features from the 6519-31 model that put this above alternative models you can find on the market.

Gear Protecting Clutch

A well thought-out design, the gear protecting clutch aims to absorb high impact forces that occur on the job in order to protect the motor and the surrounding gears.

What this does is increase the lifespan of the 6519-31, and also maintains the power that the 10 Amp motor produces, without losing energy and power over time.

This is well and truly a feature that will save you money in the long term, and also sustains the quality that you’d expect from Milwaukee in your work.

QUIK-LOK Blade Clamp

Milwaukee are known for their QUIK-LOK technology within their reciprocating saws.

Not familiar with this? No problem, I’ll explain it for you.

With QUIK-LOK technology, the blade clamp is keyless, meaning no troubling yourself to find hex or allen keys, and spending precious time you could be using on your actual work.

There is a latch on the side of the model which provides keyless blade changes for your convenience.

With the blade clamp, you’re also able to input the blade upside down as well as fitting it normally, giving you an extra dimension of cutting versatility to work with.

It’s definitely a feature that is hard to find in other reciprocating saws, don’t you think?

Counter-Weighted Mechanism

With the counter-weighted mechanism, the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of vibration you’re receiving when cutting through materials.

With a motor of 12 amps and a maximum speed of 3,000 SPM, it’s not a surprise to think of the vibration which can occur.

Milwaukee have also thought of this, and have included the counter weighted mechanism – which is an internal component within the 6519-31.

Users of this model have praised the lack of vibration, stating that it gives them more accuracy when cutting, and also reduces the load of stress upon your body – creating an ergonomically friendly tool.

Final Words

Milwaukee have introduced a reciprocating saw that can tackle a number of jobs, with its’ durability and motor efficiency, providing you have the correct blade for the material you’re cutting.

This is a slightly heavier tool than most, yet for the power that the model can output, is a fair trade in hindsight.

With an ergonomic and comfortable design, after a few cuts this will be something that is difficult to notice.

This is a solid model of choice if this is your first Sawzall, or even if you’re a professional contractor looking for another corded reciprocating saw.

Just make sure you have the correct blade for the job!

I’d like to hear your thoughts, though.

Feel free to leave your comments below, especially if you think I’ve missed something.

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