Milwaukee 2625-20 M18 Reciprocating Saw Review

There are a lot of reciprocating saws which you can find on the market, both heavy and light duty.

Light-duty saws get a bad rap for not being as powerful as their heavy-duty counterparts – yet this is not entirely true.

Find yourself a bit short for time? No problem. I’ve made an overview of the Milwaukee 2625-20 M18 that you can read quickly:

  • Lightweight and compact design at 4.55lbs and 12” in length
  • 3,000 SPM motor with a ¾” stroke length
  • Anti-vibration handle reduces fatigue and increases comfort
  • QUIK-LOK Blade clamp for tool-less blade changes with one latch
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee M18 lithium-ion batteries across the range

Many light-duty saws, such as the cordless one-handed model we’re looking at in this review, the Milwaukee 2625-20, are quite powerful for their size and include a mix of solid features that can improve your cutting skills.

We’ll go into these below, and who knows – you may decide that a one-handed cordless reciprocating saw is in your hand in due time.

Features & Specifications

We’ll be looking at both the specifications and features of the 2625-20 model.

I’ve picked three feature below that are a must in a reciprocating saw, and hopefully, it makes your next purchase easier to make.


  • Weight of 4.55 lbs
  • ¾” stroke length
  • Powerful motor of 3,000 SPM
  • Dual gear anti-vibration system for increased accuracy and control
  • QUIK-LOK Blade clamp for quick and tool-less blade changes

Motor & Stroke Length

So let’s knock that myth on the head that says light-duty saws aren’t powerful.

Firstly, starting with the motor.

The motor on the 2625-20 can reach a speed of 3,000 SPM. This is faster than alternative models you can find in your local hardware store, and with the added bonus of being one-handed.

The stroke length on this model is ¾”, and paired with the motor can combine to tackle an array of different projects.

You won’t be stuck on just pruning tree branches, you’ll be able to cut through PVC, steel pipes and copper wiring, and of course woods, to name a few examples.

Not bad for a light-duty saw, right?

QUIK-LOK Keyless Blade Clamp

Put away your tools and hex-keys, they won’t be needed with this model.

With a latch located on the front of the blade clamp, all you’ll need to do to switch blades is to loosen the latch.

And voila!

Once you’ve replaced the blade, all that you’ll need to do is tighten the latch and you’re ready tp continue cutting.

Easy and effortless, as it should be – so you can spend more time on what you need to be doing.

Built-In LED Lighting

Many manufacturers are adding innovative features that can improve your sight on the jobsite, and Milwaukee are following a similar route with their inclusion of built-in LED lighting.

When you’re working in spaces that aren’t as illuminated as you’d like them to be, the LED lighting comes into play.

It’ll brighten your workspace, and won’t cast any shadows, either – so you can cut with accuracy in conditions that may usually affect quality.


This is a bare tool model only.

The 2625-20 is one of the three models within the 2625 series, so if you’re looking for a kit with batteries and charger, I’d suggest looking at the 2625-21 or 2625-21CT.

Out of the box with the 2625-20, you’ll find:

  • 1 x Milwaukee 2625-20 M18 18V Reciprocating Saw

What Makes The 2625-20 Different From The Competition?

We’ll be looking at three features here that you won’t find in many alternative one-handed reciprocating saws, especially of the cordless variety.

Many of the standout features revolve around the design of the 2625-20’, and Milwaukee’s battery sharing platform.

With that, let’s begin!

Anti-Vibration Handle

One of the main reasons I’ve chosen this as a feature is its’ benefits for those who use it.

As the 2625-20 model is a one-handed reciprocating saw, you’d want to make sure that you’re able to get as much power as possible, whilst reducing any forms of shakiness that occur from the motor.

This is where the anti-vibration handle comes in.

You don’t want a one-handed saw to vibrate, which will result in fatigue for you and can severely impact the quality of your work.

And this is exactly what the anti-vibration feature is set to do.

The rubber handle is specifically designed to reduce vibration from the 3,000 SPM motor and also to provide you with comfort simultaneously.

It’s a very important feature in a one-handed reciprocating saw, and I’m sure you can agree too.

Compact & Light Design

I know what you’re thinking.

We’re reviewing a one-handed saw one its’ chosen standout features is a ‘one handed design’.

How does that make any sense?

Don’t worry – I’ll get there.

The design is purely made for being used one-handed. Whereas many manufacturers create a one-handed model that is just an altered or watered down version of a heavy-duty saw, this is not the case with Milwaukee’s design for the 2625-20.

Aiming to give you superior control when in use, this model is light on the hand, only weighing 4.55lbs. This allows you to make overhead cuts, something that would be a lot more difficult with a heavier saw.

You’ll be less fatigued when on site, and also be able to get into tighter spaces that you weren’t able to before.

With a maximum length of 12.1”, it’s designed to be used with the one hand, giving you more freedom to work with the other.

Platform Compatible With Milwaukee M18 Batteries

If you have other Milwaukee tools which contain M18 batteries, you’re probably very familiar with this already.

If not, that’s not a problem, we can describe this in more detail for you.

Milwaukee allows you to share batteries between all tools that share the M18 lithium-ion battery, within Milwaukee’s range, of course.

If you already have one of these, then that’s an added bonus for you. You save money on batteries, and always have a backup just in case.

If you don’t already have one, then this is the perfect time to start, right?

Not only do you get the added bonus of being able to share between Milwaukee compatible products, it also adds another element of portability for you when in transit between sites.

Saving time, money and space.

Sounds good, don’t you think?

My Final Words

After this review, I hope I’ve changed your views on one-handed reciprocating saws.

If you’re wondering if this would be a good addition to your current toolset, I hope I’ve helped in some way to shape your final decision.

The 2625-20 is a sturdy model, that is perfect for contractors and those looking for a smaller tool that is still quite powerful.

There are limits to this model, as there are with many.

However, if the sheer compact and lightweight design is something you need, alongside the benefits of being a one-handed cordless design, then you should look no further than 2625-20.

It definitely won’t let you down.

What are your thoughts on this design? Perhaps I missed something?

Whatever it may be – leave your thoughts below.

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