Milwaukee 2429-21XC Compact Band Saw Review

Milwaukee are well-known for their innovation across the power tool industry, and there’s a pretty high chance you’ve used one of their tools some time along the road.

You can read our quick overview below for the main talking points of Milwaukee 2429-21XC compact band saw review:

  • XC Battery gives you more use out of your battery, with up 150 cuts on a single charge
  • LED light stays on for 20-30 seconds, and can illuminate dim spaces through its clear line of cut
  • Compact design, weighing 6.75 lbs and at a length of 12”
  • Variable speed trigger gives you complete control over your cuts, ranging from 0 to 280 FPM
  • Blade tracking and tension is adjustable and within a convenient location, promoting longevity of both the blades and tool

The 2429-21 XC bandsaw is no different, harnessing the power of the Lithium-Ion batteries they are renown for including within their designs. This is no different with this tool.

Milwaukee boasts that this is one of the only compact bandsaws which are available in the one-handed category.

What exactly is a bandsaw, you might ask? Well, a bandsaw is similar to a scroll saw, with its ability to carve interesting patterns and a focus on its precision. However, the similarities stop here – a bandsaw is more powerful than its scroll saw cousin, and can be used to cut a vast array of materials.

Bandsaws are identified by their design – a blade which is powered by a motor, which travels through wheels, exposing the blade which is used to make cuts.

If time isn’t on your side, we have you covered.

Specifications & Features

So we can give you the best information possible, we’ve outlined below the specifications and core features of the 2429-21XC, as well as some unique features that stand out from the rest of the competition.

Let’s get started with the specifications below:


  • Depth of cut is 1-⅝”
  • Motor max speed of 280 FPM & a 12V battery
  • Blade length of: 27” x ½” x .020
  • LED light creates a cutting line of sight
  • Weight of 6.75 lbs

Motor & Cutting Power

Within its’ compact and lightweight shell, Milwaukee is still able to pack a punch with the motor.

When paired with the variable speed trigger, you’ll find that the motor complements this beautifully.

Being able to cut through materials at a depth of 1-⅝”, the motor can reach speeds of 280 FPM – which are both not the greatest of specs you can find in compact bandsaws – yet are solid enough to get most jobs done.

The 2429-21 XC accepts blades with the following dimensions: 27” x ½” x 0.20”, and can give you up to 150 cuts per a single charge on the batter (which we discuss in detail later in this review).

Compact Design

Many of the additional features you can find on bandsaws are lacking in the 2429-21 XC, and this is purely because of the stripped-down version this bandsaw is.

One of its’ standout features, however – is the bandsaw itself. At a weight of 6.75 lbs and 12” in length, this bandsaw is perfect for those on the go – and that is exactly who this model is aimed towards.

Because of its’ lightweight design and comfortable handles, you’re able to make overhead cuts – something that is difficult to do on the majority of cordless bandsaws available today.

Not only are you able to make overhead cuts, you’re also able to make these cuts with the one hand.

As there are strict guidelines in place for the use of one-handed tools, this model was designed with this in mind – with an inclusive lower guard which covers the blade that is exposed outside of the area you’re cutting with.

Adjustable Blade Tracking

A feature which is a must within bandsaws, is blade tracking. You want to make sure that the blade is in an adequate condition, and that a nasty expense is not around the corner.

On the 2429-21 XC model, the blade tracking alignment is available on the counter wheel – so you have a very clear view of this when not in use and also when active.

As well adjustable blade tracking – you also have the included feature of blade tension adjustment. This gives you greater control over both your saw and your project, and is a very welcome feature.

What’s In The Box?

Milwaukee have added a few extra goodies in for you – and it’s quite a nifty set of included accessories:

  • 1 x Milwaukee 2429-21 M12 Sub-compact bandsaw
  • 1 x 18 TPI Sub-compact bandsaw blade
  • 1 x M12 XC High Capacity Redlithium Battery
  • 1 x M12 Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Case

What Makes The 2429-21 XC Different From The Competition?

Now that the three features have been knocked out of the way, it’s time to look at three of the features which puts the 2429-21 above the rest.

Like I did earlier, I have listed three of the features below – if you’re not in agreeance with them, let us know in the comments.

XC Battery

With such a compact design on their cordless model, it’s easy to think that the 2429-21 compromises on power in place of design.

This is not the case with this Milwaukee bandsaw.

With a red-lithium battery that Milwaukee have introduced across a variety of their tools (which you can also transfer across Milwaukee tools which use a M12 XC Battery, too), you’ll only need a single charge to unlock the potential of the 2429-21.

This charging will only take a few hours, and once it’s done – you’ll be able to make up to 150 cuts for its use.

Of course, this number may vary pending on the size and thickness of your material – yet it’s a guide for a tool which you’ll definitely be getting a lot of use of.

LED Lighting

If you’ve worked in dim conditions, you know how difficult this can be – as you strain your eyes and end up making errors, something which can be costly both financially, and, more importantly – for your health.

Luckily, dim conditions are now a setting in which you can work in again, with thanks to the LED lighting system in which Milwaukee have added into their 2429-21 XC design.

The LED light highlights the cutting line, giving you an accurate reading and enhancing your line of sight.

This light will stay on for 20-30 seconds, and is visible by a blue, thin line across your work.

If you’re a professional contractor and work within these conditions – this is a feature that you should definitely be at the top of your wish list.

Variable Speed Trigger

Last of the features we are looking at, is the variable speed trigger.

If you have other power tools, there is a chance you’re well informed of the use of a variable speed trigger, however I’m more than happy to bring you up to speed.

The variable speed trigger is the option which allows for different speeds to be achieved. As there is no universal speed for all materials, it’s important to adjust both the blade and speed in relative to the material you’re cutting.

If you’re not to do this, it can result in damaged tools, blades, accessories, your materials – and also yourself, so it’s a very important aspect to be aware of.

You can use the variable speed trigger on this bandsaw from the range of 0 to 280 FPM, allowing for greater control over your cuts.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it – a deeper look into the 2429-21 XC, which hopefully has given you a little more clarity when deciding upon your next purchase.

This bandsaw, when compared to others, may lack a lot of the extra features – yet it makes up for this in a compact and lightweight design that focuses more so upon the most important aspects of a cordless bandsaw.

If you’re looking to purchase one for small jobs, or for another addition to your inventory, the 2429-21 XC will definitely get the job done for you – and is very well suited for contractors who work in tight, darkened environments (such as plumbers, electricians, to name two examples).

The 2429-21 XC is at a price point which is suited for all budgets, and if value for money is something you consider – it’s a good idea to be looking heavily into this cordless bandsaw.

Plus, with the inclusive accessories that are yours out of the box, it’s a definite tick in the box of value for money.

I’d like to hear your thoughts, though – what do you think of the 2429-21 XC bandsaw?

Perhaps I left something out in this article, or you have a few thoughts you’d like to share.

Whatever it may be, feel free to leave your comments below.

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