What Is The Best Makita Track Saw On The Market Today?

One of the best Makita track saws on the market today is Makita SP6000J. Makita has been manufacturing robust saws that have been tested and proven in the industry. In addition, Makita provides unparalleled powerful motors and exceptional blades on their saws, making them outdo the rest in each category.

Quick Overview

Here is a quick overview of why I believe the Makita SP6000J track saw is the best in the market today.

  • 12 amp motor, which enables you to get accurate results while working on different materials
  • Electronic speed control ensures smooth cutting
  • It’s versatile, making it suitable for cutting large wood panels
  • Bevel capability ensures you get precise cutting
  • It has a durable premium blade
  • It’s portable as it only weighs 9.7 pounds
  • It has a smooth and convenient plunge-release lever that allows you to have optimal control
  • Dust collection ability is excellent as it comes with a large dust port

Makita SP6000J comes in a hard-wearing tight hand case with all its components present and undamaged. Some of these components include rail angle guide, rail clamps, and guide rail.

You don’t need to adjust 22.5, 45, and 90 stop sets since it comes perfectly accurate from the box. Also, you will notice that the rail is flat and straight and exceptionally holds its place well.

Features and Specifications

Makita SP6000J has many impressive features and specs for optimal performance. I will look at some of them in detail.


  • AMPS: 12 amp
  • Arbor (mm) :20mm
  • Blade diameter: 6-1/2-inch
  • Watts out: 1800
  • Blade location: Left
  • Bevel stop: Yes
  • Depth Adjustment: Yes
  • Bevel Capacity: 48-degree
  • Max. cutting capacity (at 90-degree) :2-3/16-inch
  • Max. cutting capacity (at 45-degree) : 1-9/16-inch
  • Overall length : 13-3/8-inch
  • Electric motor brake: Yes
  • Power type: Corded
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs



Makita SP6000J has a 12 amp motor with soft starts for smooth start-ups and a variable speed control dial of 2,000 – 5,200 RPM for superior performance on different wood materials.

This will help you get accurate, precise, smooth, and straight cuts. The combination of the rail system and saw allows you to produce precise cuts with minimal cut-out.

The saw combines a massive cutting capacity with magnesium components and a powerful 12 amp motor for less weight and stability.

The built-in torque limiter ensures the motor is prevented from any burnout.

Electronic Speed Control

This track saw is equipped with electronic speed control that helps to maintain constant speed under load for a splinter-free mirror finish and smooth cutting.


Makita SP6000J is engineered for cutting sheet material, trim work, finish material, and remodeling.

It’s suitable for a wide range of trades such as cabinet manufacturers, cabinet installers, stair installers, woodworkers, finish carpenters, flooring installers, and general contractors.

This track saw is also ideal for cutting large wood panels and other wood materials in confined areas.


The track saw has a large top handle and rubberized grip that offers more comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

Bevel Capability

This track saw has a bevel capability of -1-48-degree with positive stops at 22.5-degree and 45-degree. As a result, the saw delivers precise cutting, as the blade position gets into the material on the same cutting line, whether cutting bevel or straight.

Besides, Makita SP6000J has close-to-wall cutting of 11/16-inch for expanded cutting applications. Moreover, the built-in depth stop allows a preliminary cut of 1/16-inch to be done before the whole material is cut through for clean and splinter-free cutting.

It offers a large cutting capacity of 2-3/16-inch at 90-degree and 1-9/16-inch at 45-degree.

Premium Blade

Makita SP6000J works with 6-1/2-inch diameter blades and includes a premium 48 tooth carbide-tipped blade that is highly durable for ¾-inch plywood. This means that this blade will last for an extended period, and when it comes to replacing it, it will have served you relatively well.

The blade depth adjustments provide an easy setup for the novice. However, Makita SP6000J is not capable of using dado blades.

Unique Features

The saw has a locking lever that helps to hold the blade in place to allow the wrench to be inserted via the hole in the blade case for quicker blade installation.

The blade wrench is attached to the saw for simple and straightforward blade changes.


Makita SP6000J comes with the following items:

  • 6-1/2” 48T Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade (B-07353)
  • 6-1/2” Plunge Circular Saw
  • Hex Wrench (783203-8)
  • 55” Guide Rail (194368-5)
  • Stackable Tool Case (00000)

What Impressive Qualities Does Makita SP6000J Have?


Portability is among the premium features that Makita SP6000J possesses. It only weighs 9.7 lbs, which is relatively lightweight, meaning you can carry this saw wherever you want with a lot of ease.

This makes Makita SP6000J ideal for people who move between various job sites or those who like re-arranging their workshops regularly.

The lightweight feature is due to magnesium components. In addition, it comes with a fitting hand case for convenient carrying anywhere you want without damaging the machine.

Smooth and Convenient Plunge-Release Lever

The plunge-release lever is a great feature in every track saw because it allows optimal control.

Makita SP6000J features a lock lever that helps to attach the saw to the rail system such that the saw remains on the rail when you position it for a bevel cut.

The smooth and convenient plunge-release lever is designed for operator comfort, while the depth adjustment with a large scale is easy to set.

This helps the operator have an easy time controlling the saw and attaining precision, straight and smooth cuts.

Dust Collection

Even if woodworking is fun and rewarding, it leaves a lot of mess behind, which can be frustrating after several days of work.

But you don’t have to worry since Makita SP6000J has a better dust collection system for you. A proper dust collection system keeps your working environment clean and your employees safe.

Makita SP6000J features a large 1-7/16-inch rear dust port that helps take away materials from the operator and connects to the vacuum system more efficiently.

The port effectively and efficiently collects dust to prevent the mess after working for several hours or days, as long as you use a better connector.

Variable Speeds

One of the unique features that Makita SP6000J has added is the thumbwheel located below the trigger that enables you to set the speed of the saw from 2000-6400 rotations per minute (RPM).

Why? This is to enable you to cut different materials without any risk. For instance, some composite sheets and plastic laminates can melt if spanned at high RPM.

Therefore, the saw allows you to make the necessary adjustments to cut a wide range of all modern materials.

The good thing is that the 12 amp motor features soft starts technology that helps to end all torque-related mishaps and electronic speed control that helps to maintain your RPM while working for smooth and precise cuts.  


The clamps are an outstanding feature that Makita SP6000J possesses. They are easy to use and can secure the track to the workpiece whenever you need additional security.

Clamps are ideal for holding the track to the sheeting.

My Recommendation

Track saws have flooded the market, but most of them are not user-friendly. However, you can’t go wrong with Makita SP6000J. It has a powerful 12 amp motor with variable-speed dial control of 2000-5200 rotations per minute that provide optimal performance when cutting various materials.

Despite having a few emissions like kickback protection and riving knife, the saw performs exceptionally well and delivers precise, smooth, and straight cuts. Plus, Makita SP6000J is suitable for cutting large wood panels and different wood materials in confined areas.

You will be impressed with the high capabilities of the quality plunge and electric brake for increased productivity. In addition, the portability of this track saw makes it ideal for use in the workshop or on the job site.

The track guide comes with an anti-slip backing that helps to keep the rail in line, preventing it from shifting while in use. You can also use the rail without clamps in certain situations.

The overload protector automatically turns off the motor anytime the equipment is overloaded.

Makita SP6000J is well designed and well-priced, without forgetting that the saw’s stock blade is top quality.

I hope this review has helped you better understand the Makita SP6000J track saw features, specifications, qualities, and uses.

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