7 Best Makita Tools (Track Saw, Combo Kit, Orbital Sander…)

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If you are in the market for purchasing some serious tools, then Makita is undoubtedly one brand name you will come across. They have been responsible for producing some of the best tools, and I’ve had a tough time narrowing things down enough to create this list.

I have to admit that I have encountered more than my fair share of Makita tools over the years, and I struggle to think of a time when I have felt disappointed.

So, I want to share some of that experience with you.

But I also know that it’s not easy to choose new tools. If you even search for Makita, you will feel instantly swamped with the array of options you see before you.

So let’s stop that happening.

I’ve taken my experience and knowledge of Makita power tools to create a list of what I feel are this brand’s best tools out there. I have seven available for you here, and I have no doubt they could all prove to be the best tools for your needs.

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How I Made My List

So how did I manage to make my list? Well, I spent time checking out the different options and weighing up a range of criteria. 

Was the tool robust? Does it perform to the standard you expect? Is it easy to use? Does it represent value for money?

But that wasn’t all. I also checked out what other users have to say about the tools. I wanted to gauge the general user experience linked to a tool before it even stood a chance of being added to my list.

Once all that was over, I was left with these seven tools. So, let’s go ahead and check them out.

Best Impact Wrench – Makita XWT08Z 18V LXT

An impact wrench can often prove far more valuable and useful than people anticipate. In this instance, if you want to purchase a model by Makita, then this is the one I suggest you check out.

This brushless motor delivers an impressive 740 ft.lbs of fastening torque, while if you want to use it to burst out those bolts, then it has 1,140 ft.lbs to help you out with that. I find this to be more than enough for even tough conditions, so you shouldn’t run into any problems.

But the fact it has a brushless motor is also a good thing. It means the motor functions far more consistently and is less likely to break down and stop. Overall, the motor should last longer, which means you can continue using the tool without stressing about overloading it.

However, another thing I love about this impact wrench is that it comes with a 3-speed power selection. The ability to change the speed is a big deal, as not every project or task requires the same power. 

I also like how the tool weighs under 8lbs even when the battery is fitted. I feel that it is very little weight, so fatigue should not become an issue for you when using it for prolonged periods of time.

But overall, I feel that this impact wrench is a fantastic tool. It works well; it’s easy to change bits and performs better than expected.


  • It has more than enough torque
  • It has a brushless motor
  • The 3-speed power selection is a great idea
  • It doesn’t weigh much, even with the battery
  • It is easy to hold


  • The battery could hold the charge a bit better

Best Angle Grinder – Makita XAG04Z

As angle grinders go, this model is one of the best on the market, and I love it for several reasons.

First, I like how Makita has produced an angle grinder where the technology allows the angle grinder to change speed while in operation. That does mean it becomes far more efficient and produces better results without damaging the motor.

But speaking of the motor, this model has a brushless motor, and I always prefer them over brushed versions. They don’t heat up as much and operate far more efficiently than other options. 

This model also comes with something called Active Feedback Sensing Technology, and this technology is quite incredible. It means the motor will automatically turn everything off if the tool realizes that rotation has stopped. That’s great if things jam, as it does mean you won’t damage the tool.

I also like the feel of the grip. It has a rubberized grip that doesn’t slip around in your hand and offers a certain degree of comfort. I also feel that the grip does a decent job of absorbing vibrations when in use, and that will also reduce fatigue.

Finally, I like the way they have incorporated a soft-start mechanism. That means the grinder builds up to full speed, which measures 8,500 RPM, leading to a smoother result.

Overall, this is not your usual angle grinder. It packs way more technology into this model than you will see elsewhere, and I love that about it.


  • The way it alters speed and torque is impressive
  • The grip is fantastic
  • It has a brushless motor, so it works more efficiently
  • It has a soft-start mechanism making life easier
  • The battery protects the tool from overheating


Best Belt Sander – Makita 9404

Belt sanders will often prove far more useful than people expect, and this model by Makita is no exception. In this instance, we are talking about a sander belt measuring some 4” x 24”, and that’s a good size for a hand-held version.

The motor on this model delivers 8.8 Amp, and I feel that offers enough power to take a decent amount of material off in one movement. Also, this is a corded model, so there is no need to worry about a battery running out of power.

The belt also benefits from auto-tracking. That means it will stay perfectly aligned when in use, and you don’t have to worry about the belt slipping off. That leads to smoother results and allows you to go ahead and get on with your project.

For speed, it varies between 690 – 1,440 SFPM, and I feel that’s a reasonable speed for this type of sander. Along with the power aspect, it should result in you finding it easy enough to remove the desired amount of material.

Finally, the dust collector works well even though it doesn’t catch 100% of the dust. However, it makes it more comfortable to use as it does a decent job.


  • It delivers ample power
  • The belt size is big enough to cover a large area in next to no time
  • It has a variable speed helping you better control the finish
  • The dust collector is above average
  • It has auto-tracking, so the belt won’t slip off


  • While the cord is long, you need to be aware of it getting in the way

Best Orbital Sander – Makita XOB01Z

Orbital sanders are another tool you will find difficult to live without, and this Makita model is an excellent example of what’s possible with an orbital sander. In this instance, this model comes with a 5” sanding disc, which is a perfect size for many projects.

Also, I love that this sander comes with three different speed settings allowing you to move between 7,000 OPM and 11,000 OPM. This ability to change speeds gives greater control, especially when dealing with more intricate or finer parts of your project.

I like that it also comes with a pad brake. That means it won’t do some free spinning, which could ruin your finish. That does mean things end up nice and smooth, which I love.

Changing the pads will also prove easy as it uses a hook system, so it takes seconds to set it up and get sanding again. The dust collection bag is also easy to hook in, and I find it does an above average job of collecting the dust.

Overall, this powerful orbit sander is easy to control and use. I believe you will be more than happy with the end results you can achieve.


  • You get three different speed settings
  • Changing paper is very easy
  • It has a pad brake leading to no mistakes
  • The orbit sander will prove easy to use
  • It is very easy to set up the dust bag


  • The battery will last around 40 minutes only

Best Driver/Drill – Makita XFD13SM1

When buying a new drill, I always want to ensure it has more than enough power for whatever I need to do. I think you will quickly discover that this Makita drill is more than capable of tackling anything you throw at it.

This model offers a two-speed transmission, either 0-500 or 0-1,900 RPM, which opens up the option of using this drill for various projects. I love the motor in this model, and if you are planning on using it as a driver, then you should know it comes with 440 in.lbs of torque. That’s ample for most people.

The motor is also brushless. That means better use of the power and improved efficiency, and it also means the motor is less likely to burn out and need to be repaired. In return, you feel you can push this drill to its limits, knowing it’s not about to let you down.

Another thing that appeals to me is the size and weight of this drill. Even with the battery, it still weighs under 4lbs, which is nothing to worry about. Also, the length of the drill is some 6 ⅝”, which does make a difference with where you can use the drill.

I find this drill to be highly durable, and it’s an easy enough task to go ahead and change bits when required. The grip is substantial, and you will feel in complete control of your task.

This is a fantastic drill, and it’s one people of all skill levels can use.


  • The drill is compact in size and weight
  • It has two speed options, which helps with projects
  • The drill is durable and comfortable to hold
  • Changing drill bits is quick and simple
  • The motor is brushless, so more efficient


  • Storage on the drill could be slightly better

Best Plunge Circular Saw – Makita SP6000J

A plunge circular saw can make a massive difference to so many projects, and this particular model by Makita is an excellent tool. 

First, it has a huge 12 Amp motor, while a variable speed dial allows you to move between 2,000 to 5,200 RPM. I always prefer a variable speed option over anything else simply because of the absolute control it offers me while working on my projects.

But that’s not the only speed control linked to this model. It also monitors the speed electronically, adjusting it depending on what’s happening. I find that leads to better results, but it may take some getting used to.

The motor does also come with a built-in current limiter. That’s designed to prevent the motor from burning out, and that offers you some protection should you be pushing the saw to its limits.

For cutting, then I think you will be impressed with the size aspect. It offers depths of 2 3/16” at 90 degrees before dropping to 1 9/16” at 45 degrees. However, that’s not too much of a difference.

Overall, the thing I love most about this Makita track saw is its ease of use and control. It makes life so much easier, and I know you will have no problem using this model to complete your project.


  • It comes with an impressive cutting depth
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • It contains technology to stop burnout
  • Setting up the saw is very easy to do
  • It adjusts the power


  • The dust collection is a bit of a let down

Best Combo Kit – Makita XT616PT

Combo kits are fantastic ideas for anyone looking to purchase several tools at one time. In this instance, Makita has produced a great collection that will immediately transform how you go ahead and tackle various projects.

This 6-piece kit contains a reciprocating saw, circular saw, angle grinder, a driver-drill, impact driver, and flashlight. Oh, and there’s also a battery and charger included as well. It does mean you cover every eventuality, and all with one set.

But I must stress that each individual tool in the set is fantastic in its own right. They have taken some of the best tools they produce and put them together in this combo set, and I love that about this collection.

Each tool is designed to be easy to use and set up while allowing you to get the best possible results in the shortest period of time. I find each tool listed here to come with comfortable grips, and Makita just doesn’t make heavy tools, so fatigue should also not be a problem.

Overall, this combo set includes everything you could ever hope for. 


  • It represents incredible value for money
  • Each tool is fantastic in its own right
  • The inclusion of a flashlight is a great addition
  • Each tool is easy to use
  • Anybody of any skill level should be able to use these tools


  • You have so many tools you won’t know which one to use first

How to Choose the Right Makita Tool

makita tool

The seven tools I have listed above represent some of the best ones that Makita has on the market. However, it also only represents a small number of the various options available to you.

So, that then leads to the question of how you even go ahead and choose the right Makita tool for you. Thankfully, I have a few tips.

Know What You Want

The first thing, and I feel the most important thing, is to know what you want to do with your project. It’s better to think about your project and your aims to then get the correct tools rather than look at your tools and work out what you could then do with them.

By tackling things from this other perspective, you can tailor your tool collection to work perfectly with your projects.

For example, having a circular saw with a shorter cutting depth wouldn’t work if you plan on working on large projects using large stock. You would need to gauge the saw size required to complete your task.

Power Options?

You also need to think about the power options. Do you want corded or cordless? Makita does produce both types of tools, so it’s worthwhile thinking about which option you prefer. 

I like the freedom of movement you get with cordless, and as long as you remember to charge the battery, you shouldn’t run into any difficulty. Also, modern batteries last significantly longer between charges than ever before, so don’t worry about them running out of power in only a few minutes.


Makita tends to make it as easy as possible to adjust their tools, so while it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I want you to still think about the adjustment idea. 

The main point is you need to know that the adjustment range still fits in with your needs. There’s no point getting a saw offering a bevel cut of 45 degrees if you need to cut at 55 degrees. It just doesn’t work out.

So, we go back to knowing what you need to complete your project to ensure even the adjustment section works for you.

Speed Control?

Controlling speed could prove helpful, especially when dealing with more delicate projects where it’s easy to make a mistake. Reducing speed will still mean you get the end results you wanted but decreases the chances of making a mess of things.

Not every tool has this speed control option. However, some will provide a variable speed option, while others come with set speed options that offer some variation.

Think about your projects and how likely you will need to slow things down at times to help you select your tools.

You should also pay attention to things such as dust collection, safety aspects, and even the weight. They all add up to be key points when selecting your tool.

jobsite makita tools

Overall Conclusion

Makita produces quality tools; the seven I’ve listed above are brilliant tools. I have no doubt that Makita tools will make your projects significantly easier to complete, thanks to how the tools operate.

If you think you are serious about completing projects and getting involved in more DIY, then I suggest you spend time checking out the different tools listed above. I know each tool has the ability to transform how you handle tasks, and the fact they will last for a prolonged period of time is just another real bonus.

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