The 8 Best Makita Black Friday Deals 2022 (Updated Daily)

Now that the Makita Black Friday deals are here, I will help you navigate each of their available offers.

makita black friday deals

Makita Black Friday Deals 2021

Here are the offers on Makita Black Friday Deals:

My Recommendations

I have compiled a comprehensive guide on Makita Black Friday deals.

I have provided a brief overview of each tool, a list of the features included, and one favorite quality that stands out.

Let’s get started…

Makita Jigsaw Black Friday Deal – Makita XVJ03Z

With the Makita XVJ03Z, it’s all about powerful performance, comfort, and convenience. The jigsaw is built to deliver efficiency in terms of power, speed, control, and accuracy.

In addition, its lightweight design reduces user fatigue to facilitate productivity.

I recommend the Makita XVJ03Z because it has the following features:

  • It’s easy to carry the 5.73 lbs. Jigsaw.
  • The handle fits perfectly in the operator’s hands.
  • Low sound technology reduces noise and vibration during operation for better control and comfort.
  • Variable speed motor generates 0-2600 strokes depending on the material.
  • The heavy gauge and precision base facilitate accurate and smooth cuts.
  • It has a 6-setting speed control dial.
  • 3-orbital settings make the saw ideal for different kinds of cuts.
  • Star Protection Computer Controls protect it against overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.
  • Added convenience with the 2-finger, large speed trigger.
  • LED lights improve visibility.
  • Dust blower keeps the cut line visible, thus improving accuracy.
  • It is compatible with Compact Lithium-Ion batteries or Makita 18V LXT.

What’s Included?

  • Jigsaw blade
  • Cover plate

My Favorite Feature: “Toolless Blade Change System”

  • The tool-free blade changing system allows users to install or remove the blades quickly.

This, in turn, saves time and increases productivity.

Makita Table Saw Black Friday Deal – Makita 2705X1

The Makita 2705X1 table saw is portable and durable. It is engineered for general contractors, remodelers, cabinet installers, finish carpenters, furniture makers, and decking and flooring contractors.

The table saw comes with a powerful motor that cuts easily through heavy pieces of wood. In addition, Makita prioritizes the user’s safety by enclosing the blade under the table.

Here are reasons why I recommend the Makita 2705X1:

  • It comes with a 15-amp motor.
  • The blade rotates up to 4,800 a minute.
  • The 10″ blade reduces kickbacks.
  • The saw has a large cutting capacity that can rip 4″ x 8″ sheets of plywood materials in a single pass.
  • The right extension table also enables a large cutting capacity.
  • It has a 2-1/2″ cut at 45-degrees and 3-5/8″ at 90-degrees.
  • The saw is compatible with 13/16-inch dado blade.
  • The portable table has heavy-duty wheels for extended durability.
  • It has two inbuilt kickback pawls.
  • The tool-less, modular blade guard allows quick assembly and changing.
  • The transparent blade guard improves visibility and accuracy.
  • It is easier to make measurements between the rip fence and blade using the adjustable side guards.
  • Fast adjustments with the bevel locking handle and dead-on cam-locking rip fence.
  • The release lever adjusts the riving knife/spreader in three different positions.
  • Electric blade maximizes productivity.
  • The miter gauge has grooves that support materials during wide cross-cutting.
  • The reading scale is easy to read as it contains a magnifying lens and large graduations.

What’s Included?

  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Rip fence
  • Miter gauge
  • Wrenches
  • Stand

My Favorite Feature: “The Electric Brake”

  • The electric brake maximizes the user’s safety when cutting.

It stops the rotating blade in seconds, not minutes. This feature is particularly helpful in preventing injuries. It will save you a trip to the hospital.

Makita Reciprocating Saw Black Friday Deal – Makita XRJ04Z

If you are missing a reciprocating tool in your collection, consider the XRJ04Z. It is designed to suit beginners and avid professionals.

The saw is compact, efficient, easy to use, comfortable, and affordable.

Here are the features available in the XRJ04Z:

  • It’s 1-1/4″ stroke length facilitates fast cutting.
  • Its motor achieves 0-2,800 SPM.
  • Fast blade installation and increased productivity with the toolless blade change system.
  • Variable speed trigger offers convenience.
  • It features a compact, ergonomic design.
  • Its 8.3 lbs. weight minimizes user fatigue.
  • The refined crank mechanism reduces blade deflection and vibration.
  • Part of the saw is rubberized to give users a firm grip.
  • The variable speed trigger promotes convenience.
  • The other part has a plastic build that’s meant to withstand a harsh environment.
  • Although the electric blade is a safety feature, it also helps operators achieve maximum productivity.
  • Extreme Protection Technology works to improve water and dust resistance.

What’s Included?

  • XRJ04Z Recipro saw

My Favorite Feature: “LXT 18V Battery”

  • This cordless reciprocating saw uses an LXT 18V battery that does not reduce its performance as the battery charge drops.

Instead, the LXT battery lasts long and only takes 30 minutes to charge.

One thing, though, the battery is not included in the purchase. You will have to purchase one separately.

Alternatively, if you own a Makita LXT line tool, use its battery as they are compatible.

Makita Bandsaw Black Friday Deal – Makita XBP03Z

The Makita XBP03Z features a high torque motor that cuts conduit, sheet metal, square tubing, Unistrut, copper metal, and more.

It is suitable for electrical, metal building and fabrication, HVAC installation, and plumbing.

I believe the XBP03Z is worth the purchase based on these features:

  • Exterior blade adjustment tracks the blade, which increases cutting performance.
  • 2-1/2″ cutting capacity cuts through different materials.
  • Wheel cover design secures the blade away from the cutting area to facilitate one-hand operation.
  • The aluminum blade housing guarantees durability.
  • The front handle improves stability and accuracy.
  • The rear handle features an over-mold comfy grip.
  • It has a 2-1/2″ rip capacity.
  • Stainless steel rollers for durability.
  • LED light maximizes efficiency when working in dark spaces.
  • The motor has blade speeds of 630ft. /min.
  • The saw weighs 9 lbs.
  • It is ideal for one-hand use since the blade is enclosed in a wheel cover.

What’s Included?

  • Portable band saw blade.
  • Hex wrench

My Favorite Feature: “Star Protection”

  • All batteries share three enemies; overload, over-discharge, and overheating.

However, the XBP03Z has star protection that protects the battery.

The system allows the exchange of data between the saw and the battery to protect it against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

Makita Miter Saw Black Friday Deal – Makita LS1221 12″ Compound Miter Saw

This professional power machine has a large and precise cutting capacity. It is practical, easy to use, and robust.

Here are the features that make the Makita LS1221 stand out:

  • It comes with a powerful 15AMP motor.
  • The motor achieves speeds of 4,000 RPM.
  • Its heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum base provides straight cuts.
  • The removable guide rule enables thin cuts.
  • Blade guard increases user safety.
  • The built-in 4 LED lights improve visibility.
  • It features an electric brake.
  • Easy clean up with the dust bag.
  • Users elevate the table by simply loosening the levers and turning a knob.

My Favorite Feature: “Cutting Ability”

  • The Makita LH1201FL delivers large cutting capacity as a miter saw.

Makita Circular/Track Saw Black Friday Deal – Makita SP6000J

One fantastic feature about the Makita SP6000J1 is that it serves as a circular saw and a track saw. Once you attach the guide rail, the circular saw performs as a track saw.

And the best part is, regardless of the mode you choose to work with, the saw generates precise and accurate cuts.

Here are the key features present in the SP6000J1:

  • Powered by a 12-amp motor.
  • Electronic speed control ensures the blade maintains a constant speed.
  • Blade speeds between 2,000-5,200 RPM.
  • 2-3/16-inch cutting capacity at 90-degrees, and 1-9/16-inch at 45-degrees.
  • The saw delivers a splinter-free finish.
  • 55″ rail guide is made with anodized aluminum.
  • It has a 1-48-degrees bevel cutting capacity with positive stops at 22.5 and 45-degrees.
  • It makes 11/16″ cut close to the wall.
  • It weighs 9.3 pounds.
  • There is additional comfort from the ergonomic rubberized handle and large 2-finger trigger.
  • Has smooth start-ups.
  • Its blade case, base, and gear housing are made of precision machine magnesium.
  • Inbuilt current limiter stops motor burnout.

What’s Included?

  • 55″ guide rail
  • 6-1/2″ 48T carbide-tipped saw blade
  • Hex wrench
  • Interlocking case
  • X-large

My Favorite Feature: “Precision Cutting System”

  • It includes dual bevel supports that hold the saw square to the cutting material.

This design maintains the position of the line of cut regardless of the bevel’s angle.

The precision cutting system also saves time and ensures precise cuts.

Makita Wood Router Black Friday Deal – Makita RT0701CX7

A wood router should offer versatility and convenience. It’s a good thing that Makita RT0701CX7 delivers that and more.

The router is suitable for both beginners and professionals as it is easy to use.

The following are the features available on this model:

  • It has speeds of between 10,000-30,000 RPM.
  • Precise settings with the rack-and-pinion fine-depth adjustment.
  • Its slim, ergonomic design increases control and comfort.
  • Constant blade speed under load thanks to electronic speed.
  • The router is compatible with other base styles.
  • Smooth bit changing experience since the shaft locks both sides of the router.
  • It uses 1-1/4 HP with a 6.5-amp.
  • Its heavy-duty aluminum housing makes it durable.
  • Depth scales are easy to read.
  • Plunge base has 0 – 1-3/8-inch plunge depth capacity.
  • Compatible with ¼” shank router bits.
  • Quick-release cam lock allows depth adjustments, base installation, and removal.

What’s Included?

  • ¼” collet
  • Plunge base
  • Straight guide
  • 2 Spanner wrenches

My Favorite Feature: “Soft Start Feature”

  • The router has smooth start-ups thanks to the soft-start feature.

This helps users, particularly beginners, feel the router’s power surge before operations.

Makita Sander Black Friday Deal – Makita B05030K

There must be a reason why Makita BO5030K is a best seller sander. For starters, it is much quieter than other sanders.

In addition, it has more runtime and is efficient.

Here are other reasons that have made me recommend the Makita BO5030K:

  • It uses a 3-amp motor for fast, smooth sanding.
  • It has 12,000 OPM.
  • A pad control system controls pad speed during start-up to prevent swirl marks.
  • It has 1/8″ random orbit action.
  • Ball-bearing construction for durability.
  • Rubberized palm fits well in users’ hands, enabling easy control.
  • Under the sander’s pad are 8-holes that extract dust.
  • Dust collection system keeps the workplace clean.
  • It weighs 2.9 lbs.

What’s Included?

  • Abrasive disc
  • Dust bag
  • Dust bag nozzle
  • Plastic tool case

My Favorite Feature: “Durability”

  • The sander is engineered with a ball-bearing construction for durability.

It also features a rubber-sealed switch that increases durability by minimizing dust contamination.


Makita has a lot to offer in the Black Friday deals. Seize this opportunity and grab those saws you need for your workshop.

Remember, Makita offers a 3-year warranty on their products.

Happy Shopping!

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