Makita 2705 & Makita 2705X1 Portable Table Saw Review

Makita have seen the industry change and develop, since its inception in 1915.

The experience within the trade industry, alongside status as a woodworkers’ choice, culminates in the arrival in their newest table saws, the Makita 2705 and 2705X1.

Short for time?

Have a read below of some of the premier features for both these table saws:

  • Two models – the 2705 and 2705X1
  • The 2705X1 model includes a hydraulic stand and wheels for portability
  • Motor speed of 4,800RPM
  • Transparent blade guard
  • Electric brake and switch
  • Extendable wing for larger rip capacity

The main differences between the two models is the accessibility for portability.

The 2705X1 is inclusive of a portable stand and heavy-duty wheels.

This is perfect for those professionals needing to lug their table saws with them from job to job, and for those hobbyists who are constantly changing their home-based woodworking setup.

Both models are packed with the same brilliant features, however, which you can read upon below.

Specifications & Features


  • Blade Diameter: 10”
  • Motor Speed: 4,800 RPM
  • Arbor: ⅝”
  • Maximum Cutting capacity at 90”: 3-⅝”
  • Maximum Cutting capacity at 45”: 2-½”
  • Table Size (Width x length): 24-⅝” x 22-¼”
  • Weight: 65.5lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 82lbs


Blade and Motor

The motor is that impressive, we’ll be discussing it twice within this review.

Both the 2705 and 2705X1 models have an extremely powerful motor.

At 4,800RPMs, the 15.0AMP motor is one of the strongest you can find on the market.  

Due to its’ sheer power, many cuts are easily made on heavier pieces of wood.

As long as the 10” blade is kept sharp, kickbacks are reduced, allowing for sharper and more precise cuts.  The carbide blade which accompanies the table saw is 10”, with 32 teeth.

It’s easily swapped for dado blades (up to 13/16”), and has an impressive capacity of depth when cut. Cuts at depths equal to 3-9/16” at 90°, and 2-1/2 “ at 45°.

Makita don’t compromise the safety of users with this blade, which is enclosed under the table itself.

This not only offers protection to the user but also protects itself when in transit.

Blade Guard, Anti-Kickback Pawl & Riving Knife

Both models come with a riving knife, two onboard anti-kickback pawls, and a transparent blade guard.

As the blade guard is transparent, this allows woodworkers to see the exact moment when a blade touches wood, giving more precision and accuracy to your cuts than a standard blade guard.

As well as being transparent, modular blade guard is toolless. This means it can be interchanged easily, and also assembled quickly.

The 2705 and 2705X1 models also come with adjustable side-guards. Adjustable side guards allow for easier measurements between the blade and rip-fence.

This can greatly affect the quality of your projects with this feature – which is definitely a bonus in my books!

Another noteworthy feature is the anti-kickback pawls, which there are two of on both the Makita models.

Alongside the powerful motor which on its’ own reduced kickbacks, the two anti-kickback pawls provide an added piece of protection. Both of the anti-kickback pawls are also able to be moved when not in use.

Lastly, we have the riving knife.

The riving knife included within your new table saw is adjustable for three separate positions; dado, non-through and also through cuts.

These are changeable without removing the throat plate – which is definitely a welcome addition.


I said earlier of the two models Makita had made available in the 2705 and 2705X1, and the differences between the two.

The 205X1 is the more accessible and portable table saw of the two models, inclusive of wheels and a hydraulic spring loaded system.

This system allows for easy storage and moveability, which is perfect for those who will be needing their table saw to be transported from different job sites.

For the professional or hobbyists who like their equipment in set spots – the standard, 2705 model is ideally what you would be looking for.

Affordability is also another important point to consider, with the Makita 2705 priced modestly in comparison to the 2705X1 model – yet the price difference is barely a thought when considering the convenience of portability.


  • 10” x 32 tooth carbide tipped blade
  • Rip fence
  • Miter gauge
  • Push stick
  • 5” wrench
  • 19” wrench
  • Adjustable blade guards
  • Adjustable riving knife/spreader
  • 2705X1 model only – portable saw stand

What Sets It Apart From The Competition

Electric Brake & Switch

Most of the time, new additions of table saws to the market introduce new and old ways of enhancing safety in, what people sometimes forget – is a dangerous hobby/profession.

Enter the electric brake.

Makitas’ two models include a great feature in the electric brakes.

The electric brake aims to stop the blades within seconds, which it does impressively, instead of waiting minutes for the blade to come to a stop.

This is important for any emergencies that can occur and can greatly prevent you from incurring an expensive and otherwise preventable trip to the hospital.

Another well-thought-out feature includes the power switch. On the left-hand side under the miter gauge groove, the large switch can be accessed to immediately switch the table saw off.

It can be easily pressed with your knee/leg whilst standing and has a very easy to read scale.
This is perfect for those quick, on-the-fly adjustments which sometimes need to be made during projects.

Powerful Motor

Why are we talking about this twice? It may have something to do with its’ power. At 4800RPM, both the 2705 and 2705X1 models pack a powerful punch.

Due to the immense power, kickbacks are minimal and both products can cut through almost anything that is fed to the blade.

I know this, you’re thinking – we’ve already gone over the blades’ power.

It’s powerful, I know!

Yet – how often with your current table saw do you cut through blocks of 4×4 without losing any power, or damaging the blade?

Thought so.

The exceptional feature of the table saw is the motor, and how smoothly and without struggle, it can handle heavier cuts.

Customers who have upgraded to the Makita models have found that they are brilliant two for projects involving larger cuts.

Examples of these projects include bookshelves and cabinets, yet if you’re not building one of these, don’t think these two models are not for you.

Due to its’ motor, both table saws can easily assist with cuts for smaller projects, allowing you to finish that little bit sooner than you may have given yourself time for.

What’s On The Table? Rip Capacity/Wing Extensions

The motor is powerful, allowing larger projects to be made.

Often, however, these projects can prove difficult when attempting to cut different pieces on a table with a small rip capacity.

What good use is a powerful motor without space to make quality cuts?

Makita have addressed this concern and provided a large rip capacity.

On the right of the table are the wing extensions, which gives the capability of ripping 4 x 8 foot sheets of plywood.

If you’re wanting those precise and accurate cuts, the rip fence is easily adjustable across the table for these adjustments. The table itself is smooth, with no hidden bumps or random elevations or declines.

Constant maintenance of the table is encouraged – As some customers who have purchased either model of table saws have stated that the aluminum design and constant shifting can see the table covered with scratches if you’re not careful enough.

My Recommendation

All in all, Makita introduces two, very impressive models in the 2705 and 2705X1.

Safety is not overlooked in these models.

With an electronic brake which immediately stops the blade, you can be safe to assume that you won’t be making any sudden hospital trips.

A large rip capacity allows for more space to be worked with and is perfect for any bulkier projects you may end up taking on.

With a motor which outstrips many other table saws on the market, these low-cost table saws are a perfect fit for the hobbyist or the seasoned professional.

Personally, I would choose the Makita 2705 as I don’t have the need to bring my table saw with me and am only a hobbyist.

However, if you’re the opposite and are often in transit from different sites, the portability features of the 2705X1 may be more perfect for you.

If you’re unsure which of the two models to purchase, think about your woodworking uses and also how often you may need to transport your equipment.

Whichever model you end up choosing, you definitely won’t lose out on the many other features Makita have implemented in their table saws – as well as the powerful motor I may have mentioned!

What do you think of the Makita 2705 and 2705X1 models?

Leave your thoughts below.

James Thomas

James Thomas

Tool Enthusiast

2 thoughts on “Makita 2705 & Makita 2705X1 Portable Table Saw Review”

  1. Let me start off by saying, I am a Makita guy. I agree with some of your review. The motor is definitely powerful. Personally, I don’t like the brake as it is something else to go wrong, plus extra wear. The shaft design sucks!!! If they had lengthened it by as little as 1/4″ and ditched the stupid groove near the end, a person would not have to buy extra 6″dado blades and flanges to get it to work. But of course that is how they make the extra money, by selling bits and pieces that inexperienced people think are just wonderful. There are items on the saw that will sit in the cupboard until I sell the machine or it dies. I won’t name them because everyone seems to want manufacturers to make things safe, instead of relying on themselves to pay attention. Aside from almost everything being made of plastic, its still a pretty good saw

    1. Hi Robert,

      A very big thank you for providing some honest feedback and experience for those the read the review. I always find it a joy when I see others post information and speak with a passion!


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