6 Key Features of an Ideal Jigsaw | Key Features for your Woodwork Project

There is a wide range of saws available in the market – a table saw, scroll saw, band saw, and miter saw, among others. Typically, a saw is a cutting tool with a tough blade, wire, or chain with a hard toothed edge meant to cut woods, metal, pipes, and other materials. 

Among different types of saws, the jigsaw is said to be the most versatile type of saw. This is because a jigsaw has various purposes — from woodworking down to metal-cutting. It is best described by its reciprocating blade used to cut irregular curves, which makes it a grandmaster of cutting shapes in a wide array of materials.

In this article, we’ll cover the six key features to look for in a versatile jigsaw. 

6 Key Features of an Ideal Jigsaw - What to Know

1. Variable speed 

Of all jigsaw features, the variable speed is said to be the most vital one. Know that some jigsaws only have a fixed speed, which is around 2,500 strokes per minute ideal only for woodwork. On the flip side, some jigsaws have a low speed, which is suitable for metals and harder materials. That said, it’s best to look for a cutting tool that has a variable speed setting that will allow you to adjust from zero to around 3,000 strokes per minute.

2. Blade change

One great feature of a jigsaw is how its blade can be quickly changed. Some jigsaws need a careful change of blade, but some are with tool-less chucks, enabling you to quickly and seamlessly switch from one blade to another. That said, make sure that the blade fits securely in place to avoid any accidents during the actual work.

3. Adjustable angle cuts

It’s best to look for a jigsaw with adjustable angle cuts, as most projects would require you to do so. That’s why you have to opt for a jigsaw that can bevel, preferably with a bi-sided bevel capability. With this feature, you can ensure the accuracy of the cut.

4. LED light

Light is ever important in cutting solid materials while using a blade. It’s best to invest in a jigsaw with an LED light feature that will allow you to work even in poorly illuminated areas. With the LED light feature, you can avoid any accidents from actual cutting work.

5. Laser guide

Some seasoned woodworkers may have crossed their brows in using a jigsaw with a laser guide. What many fail to realize is that the laser guide is actually an upgrade to the traditional carpenter’s pencil. It serves to mark the line and guide your cut, which is perfect for an accurate cut.

6. Vibration reduction

When it comes to using a jigsaw, you want to have less vibration when cutting as much as possible. Cutting harder materials yields constant vibrations that can make you fatigue after prolonged operation. That said, look for a tool with a vibration reduction feature, so you can be comfortable to use it for long hours.

Final words

There’s a handful of features to consider in a jigsaw tool. As much as possible, you want a cutting tool that’s quite efficient and versatile in use and application. That said, consider the six key features outlined above when investing in this important tool. The jigsaw is arguably the most underutilized power tool; however, make the most of it, whatever materials you’re cutting.

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