Is Woodworking A Good Hobby? (Is It For You?)

I’ve been a craftsman for years, and few things are more than satisfying than enjoying the fruits of your labor – woodworking is the epitome of self-achievement. If you’ve ever been intrigued enough to build your own wooden wonder, now is the time to start! So, is woodworking a good hobby?

Woodworking is a good hobby for people who enjoy working with their hands and gaining satisfaction from personal achievement. Additionally, woodworking offers a sense of accomplishment by building something from nothing, and woodworkers gain joy from having their creations used by others. 

If you’re considering woodworking, know that you’re in for a spectacular journey. Let’s get you involved and placed in the mindset of a woodworker so that you can decide sooner rather than later.  

Woodworking Hobby

Is Woodworking A Good Hobby?

Woodworking is an exciting and fulfilling hobby for those looking for personal, practical achievement and satisfaction through hard work. The fact that you can make something so useful to everyone is reason enough to feel proud and happy about woodworking. As such, it can be an exciting hobby to pursue. 

Bear in mind that there is so much to learn if you want to create beautifully-crafted objects, so much so that you may never know it all. The most excellent satisfaction of woodworking is gained from starting something from the ground up and creating beauty that is beneficial to humanity even after you are no longer alive. 

Furthermore, woodworking can also be profitable – if you choose to go that route. Many woodworking enthusiasts and businesses indulge their creative flair in making a living. However, like most things, doing professional woodworking isn’t easy from the get-go; you will have a better chance if you first start woodworking as a hobby.

If your desire to build masterfully-crafted furniture or objects, then it will take a lot of effort on your part. Fortunately, many educational sources are available, such as online blogs, videos, websites, and books or classes. Woodworking is the kind of hobby that requires a lifetime commitment of time, resources, and money to prosper. 

Woodworking can quickly become an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. You are free to purchase the essential tools to get started, but if you would like to increase your output rate or drastically reduce the effort required for a specific task, you may want to consider investing in power tools depending on what you’re building. 

However, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy woodworking. Many woodworkers are purists who prefer to work without power tools. Replicating complex techniques with hand tools can be challenging but also rewarding; After all, it’s the journey that’s important, not the destination. 

Is Woodworking An Expensive Hobby?  

woodworking hobby

Woodworking can rapidly become an expensive hobby if you want to speed up the process. For the most part, those who do woodworking as a hobby do not require high-end tools to build their creations. Hobbyists do not have deadlines to meet or customers with specific requirements; woodworking helps them pass the time. 

However, those who do woodworking professionally are often pressed for time and require tools that offer top-tier proficiency in speed, accuracy, and reliability. For them, time is money, and the quicker they can complete a project, the faster they can move on to the next order; they aim to get from point A to point B without delay.

As such, professional woodworkers require expensive tools, whereas hobbyists may prefer tools that are adequate for their projects. However, it may still be worth it for hobbyists to invest in professional tools over time to improve their workflow drastically. For example, a job that may take two weeks can be reduced to three days.

As a hobbyist, your techniques and skillset will start to improve over time, and you’ll want to try your hand at building more complex and intricate things. As a result, you’ll also require specific tools for the job, so you’ll spend more money on tools. In other words, woodworking is a lifetime investment, so prepare yourself for it!

It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes the most significant expenses arise from the type of wood you purchase. You may want to develop the mindset of a scavenger and keep your eyes open for any wood or broken furniture found along the roadside. Inexpensive and often high-quality tools are standard at garage sales.

If you’re buying used things, have a friend skilled in hand tools and woodworking to help you pick them out. You can get a pretty nice set of used tools via garage sales and the like if you know what you want. On the other hand, be cautious of what you buy because you may also pay too much for junk.

Can Woodworking Be A Dangerous Hobby?  

woodwork danger

Woodworking can be very dangerous because most of the tools are sharp, bladed, and serrated, and there have been many cases of lost fingers or people who have been seriously hurt. You must handle all your tools with care and ensure that they are well-maintained and in working order before using them.

The level of danger depends on several factors that depend on what, where, and how you do your work. Some people like to believe, “I am just doing this quick little job, I don’t need to break out the hazmat gear. I mean, I’m wearing my $3 glasses, so I’m practically bulletproof already, right?” and don’t wear protective equipment. 

We are undoubtedly tough, but let’s remember that we are at the very least mortal and take minimal precautions. Ventilation is crucial – if you don’t have clean air to breathe, you die – no surprise there. Thus, plan to get some good air in and bad air out; open windows, doors, and use exhaust fans! 

Dust can be as dangerous or more dangerous than finishing/stripping chemicals, depending on its origin. Plastic/PVC dust sticks around a long time, and your body doesn’t have a very good way to clean it out if it gets in your lungs. Wood is bad enough, but synthetic stuff like MDF is not the breakfast of champions.

Masks are essential and should be used any time you sand or make dust or chips. Not only is it the healthy thing to do, but it is also much more comfortable; you can’t do quality work if you are distracted by hacking and coughing.


Woodworking is a fantastic hobby for those who enjoy working with their hands and looking to be rewarded for time, effort, and hard work. Having your creations used by others can be highly satisfying for years to come. 

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