How to Hang a TV From the Ceiling (Step By Step)

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Hanging your tv from the ceiling of your house can help you save space, use an area that you usually wouldn’t, and even help you watch tv in bed comfortably. However, If you are unsure how or where to hang your tv and what tools you need, it might all seem a bit stressful. Luckily plenty of people want to and have done this, and below are the steps to show you how.

First, you need to find the right ceiling tv mount for you. Once you have the proper mount and tools, find an area to mount the TV. Make sure the area uses solid wood or a wooden beam for support. After finding the right spot, connect the mount to the ceiling and attach your tv to the other end.

When mounting a tv from the ceiling, there are a lot of factors to consider, especially when it comes to safety and comfort. Some of the aspects you must consider include where you mount, where the cables will go, if the ceiling can hold the weight and if you want a fixed or adjustable mount. Seeing as there are so many variables, I will discuss them in detail to help you do the best job.

How To Ceiling Mount Your TV – Step By Step Guide

Naturally, there are different types of ceiling mounts for your tv, but for most, the process of installing is similar. Below are the steps to mount your tv from the ceiling. You might need a second person to help you with some of these steps.

1. Find The Right Spot

Finding the right place to hang your tv can be trickier than it sounds. You will have to consider the type of mount you have, the length of your cables, the area around the mount, and even the roof and ceiling structure.

You want to make sure that you mount your tv in a place with enough space to move the tv if you are using an adjustable mount. You also need to ensure that your tv will have power and have an HDMI cable plugged in if you wish. The essential thing is to find a place with a support beam from your roof to use and attach your ceiling mount to prevent your tv from falling.

2. Attach The TV Brackets

The next thing you should do, but you can do later, is to attach the mount frames to your tv. These are the loose parts that come with most wall or ceiling mounts that you have to connect to your television to keep it from slipping off the mount. There are usually instructions included to help you do this.

I recommend doing this early on to simplify the tv’s attachment after the roof mount is connected.

3. Mark Your Spot And Drill Any Needed Holes

Once you have found the place you want to hang your tv from, you need to mark it and make the necessary preparations. Some people prefer letting the cables run through the ceiling. If you wish to do the same, drill the holes you need to run the wires through.

Once your spot has been marked and measured, you can also drill any holes you will need to connect the ceiling mount. This step can be especially useful if you use an area with a hard ceiling or support beam.

4. Attach The Ceiling Mount

Once the area has been made ready, you can attach the ceiling mount to the place you have drilled and measured. You will often find additional instructions on the packaging of the mount that might help you if you are uncertain of what to do.

5. Inspect The Mount And Brackets

Once you have attached the support to your ceiling, you should ensure it is tight and secure. Doing this will ensure there is little chance of the mount ripping out and damaging your ceiling or television.

You must also look at the brackets you have attached to your tv to ensure that they have been installed correctly and are secure and tight.

6. Attach The Pipe Or Extender

There are a couple of different pipes and extenders that you might use here, depending on what your mount manufacturer included in the package. I will explain how to attach the two most commonly found extenders.

The two-piece extender is a combination of two different pipes. These pieces must connect to the roof mount and the tv brackets, respectively. If this is the case, you can begin by attaching the roof pipe and then the tv pipe. Once connected, slide the pipes into one another and secure them in place with a pin or bolt included with the package.

The screw-on extender must screw into place after connecting to the tv or ceiling. Usually, the pipe or extender will attach to the brackets on the tv and will have to screw into an area on the ceiling mount. Once the extender is in place behind the tv, ask someone to help you lift the tv to the correct height and then screw the pipe into the socket on the ceiling mount.

7. Ensure All Is Secured And Adjust What Needs

Once everything is in place, you can check that the mounts and connections are secured and stable. You can also change the tv to be perfectly suited to how you want to watch it. If you have an adjustable mount, you can also change the tv’s angle or adjust the height.

If everything is secure and you are happy that the tv will not fall or be damaged, you should be done and can now enjoy your handiwork.

Things To Consider When Hanging Your Tv From The Roof

ceiling mount

As with any change made in a house, there are a few things that you must consider before making the change or buying the necessary parts. Some of these factors include the quality of the mount, where to use it, and the type you would like to use.

Quality Of The Mount

The quality of the mount you buy will significantly affect how you use it and how long it will last. Suppose that you are looking for a good quality mount that will secure your television in place for the foreseeable future. In that case, you should buy one made of suitable quality materials like steel. Hard plastic and other materials might also appear on mounts but can end up damaging your tv if it gives in.

The Type Of Mount

There are two types of tv mounts to choose from if you are looking at hanging your tv from the ceiling. These two types are called fixed and adjustable mounts.

Fixed mounts keep your tv in place and can usually not be moved or adjusted too much. If you are using a stationary mount, it is essential to make sure you are 100% happy with the placement of your tv to avoid extra work. If you want to move or adjust your tv after the mount is in place, you will need to detach it and start over again.

Adjustable tv mounts are much more lenient in this regard as they can be adjusted to lower, higher levels and can usually also change according to the angle you want the tv to be.

The Area You Wish To Use

Since televisions aren’t always very light, you will have to mount the tv where there is enough support structure. If your ceiling is made of drywall or plaster, this is even more important. There are tools available to ensure you use a support beam to attach your mount to reduce the risk of it falling. It would be best to ensure that you will not damage any wires in your ceiling before starting the process.

The Cable Length 

There are many ways to handle cables that supply signals or power to your tv when mounted on the ceiling. Some ceiling mounts allow you to put the cables through the extension pipe and the roof. This option allows you the cleanest look but does require quite long cables to be a practical option.

If your tv mount does not allow you to hide the cables like mentioned above, you can also run the wires up through the roof by drilling a hole. This process also requires quite long wires to achieve. The last option is to mount your tv close to a wall socket. Mounting your tv close to a wall socket means that you will not need cables that are longer than usual, but it might not look the best.

The Type Of Ceiling 

Depending on the type of ceiling you have, you might also have to look at different types of ceiling mounts. If your ceiling is flat, you should be able to use almost any mount for your tv. However, if you want to hang your tv from a slanted ceiling, you might have to look for a mount made specifically for that purpose.

The Weight Of The Tv

Some tv mounts also have weight limits to ensure that you buy one that will provide sufficient support for your tv. You should always shop around and be sure that you purchase a mount that can carry your tv before installing it. If your tv is too big or heavy for a specific mount, you might damage the tv if you do not buy the right kind of mount.

The Surroundings

Before mounting your tv, it is essential to ensure that there are no objects that might fall on or otherwise damage it. If there are things that might fall or otherwise damage your tv in the area, you should look for a better place to hang it.

Can You Hang A Tv From A Textured Ceiling?

popcorn ceiling

You can mount almost anything on a textured ceiling, including a tv. If you are uncomfortable with mounting a flat bracket on your textured ceiling, you can permanently remove a little area’s texture to make this a bit easier. Just be sure that you are not trying to remove the texture of an asbestos ceiling, as this could be dangerous. Instead, ask a professional if you are dealing with an asbestos ceiling.

If you are not bothered about using a flat bracket in a textured ceiling, you can do it as is. For the most part, the textured pieces should compress to make the area where the bolts or screws enter relatively flat by themselves. 

However, you must make sure you mount your tv in an area that can handle the weight of your tv. If your ceiling is textured or made of a weaker material, you should always mount your tv on an area with a support beam behind it. This way of mounting allows your tv to be mounted to the support beam and not put a lot of weight on your ceiling itself.

Can You Hang A Tv From A Suspended Ceiling?

It is possible to hang a tv from a suspended ceiling when using the right kind of ceiling mount. Some mounts can be attached to the rim of the ceiling that keeps a suspended ceiling up. Usually, these types of tv mounts can be tricky to install, and they aren’t always the most secure or adjustable. 

If you want to hang a tv from a suspended ceiling, it is essential to do your research on the mount to ensure that it will support your screens fully. If the ceiling mount can not keep your tv supported, it might cause the tv to fall and become damaged.

Should I Hire A Professional To Ceiling Mount My Tv?

If you are worried that you might do something wrong or just want the added peace of mind, you can hire a professional to mount your tv from the ceiling. However, if you are willing and able to do it yourself, it is a relatively easy DIY job. 

Haning your tv from the ceiling is easy to do, especially if you follow the instructions. The most crucial things to remember are that your mount needs support and that your tv’s weight does matter. Always be sure to buy the right ceiling mount for your tv.


The steps you need to follow to hang your tv are pretty straightforward. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can always ask a professional to do it for you. It is essential always to be sure that the brackets and mounts are secure and adequately fastened before putting weight on them.

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