How To Add Attic Door In Ceiling (The 7 Ways)

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Whether you are using your attic to store extra stock, items you don’t have space for, or if there is a ghost living up there, attics are beneficial and provide additional storage that is out of sight, and out of mind. The only thing that isn’t hidden; is the attic’s door. So, how do you hide the attic door in the ceiling to make it look more aesthetically appealing?

7 Genius ways to hide attic doors in your ceiling include;

  1. Printed Murals 
  2. Tiles (Mosaic, or Standard-Sized Tiles)
  3. Faux Painting Techniques 
  4. Décor Distractions 
  5. Ceiling Medallions & Trim
  6. Large Mirror
  7. Wooden Panels

If you have an unsightly attic door in your ceiling that you want to hide or conceal, you’ve come to the right place! This article provides 7 clever and innovative ways to hide attic doors in the ceiling by disguising them.

7 Ways To Hide Attic Doors In The Ceiling

You’ve tried everything from changing the style of your room to making the ceiling door blend in better, but nothing seems to be working the way you want it to. That door is still the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room.

Luckily, there are very creative ways that you can try that will beautifully hide your attic door. Let’s jump right in!

Printed Murals (Sky Light, Starry Night, etc.)

Printed Murals

Murals or wallpaper prints are designed to create the illusion that you have a natural forest, ocean, beach, or field full of flowers in your home. They are perfect for creating a particular atmosphere and adding a wow factor to any space. 

To hide your attic door in the ceiling, a wall mural depicting a skylight, a starry night, or even the moon will create the illusion that there was no attic door, to begin with. It will also add a beautiful, natural touch to the room.

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Tiles (Mosaic, or Standard-Sized Tiles)

ceiling tile

Mosaic is one of those things that will never go out of style. What is so great about this option is you can choose tiles and designs that harmonize with the rest of the décor and style of the room. 

You can decide whether you want to create a planned or freestyle pattern or create a beautiful picture using all sorts of colors. This way, you or nobody else will notice that the tiles conceal an attic door; they will only witness a stunning work of art.

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Faux Painting Techniques (Blue Sky, Trees, Wooden Door, etc.)

Faux Painting

Instead of wall murals that can be pretty expensive, using faux painting techniques to create illusions can be as effective. Think of the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo. You can also paint tall trees, wooden doors, or birds in the sky; the possibilities are limitless.

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Décor Distractions (Large Vases, Planters, etc.)

Interior décor is brilliant at decorating rooms that lack style or atmosphere. You can also use them to divert attention away from an attic door in the ceiling. There is an endless list of décors, big and small, that you can use to achieve this distraction.

You can place large platers in the corners of the room, hang picture frames or large artwork on the walls, install lighting that can make the lines of the attic door fade into the background, and many more!

Suppose the attic door is situated in a hallway. In that case, long carpet runners such as Persian carpets with lots of detail or carpets with geometric patterns will be an excellent way to draw attention away from the ceiling and onto the runner.

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Ceiling Medallions & Trim

Ceiling medallions are artworks on their own. Many homeowners or interior decorators install ceiling medallions with trim as a feature in the room. They are available in various designs and hide any attic door.

Install a ceiling medallion with trim on the entire surface of the attic door panel, and instead of having a pulling rope hanging from the door, install a hook that blends in with the pattern and can be accessed with a hook.

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Large Mirror Panels

One of the simplest ways to hide the attic door in the ceiling is by installing a large mirror on the attic door panel. Not only will the mirror hide the attic door, but mirrors have the power to make any space appear more prominent due to their reflective abilities.

Once you have installed the mirror, place a large rug with a beautiful bold pattern on the floor underneath, or where it will be reflected the best by the mirror. Perhaps if the attic is situated near an entrance, place the carpet in an area where the mirror reflects it so that it is the first thing a person sees upon entry.

Wooden Panels

Use wooden panels such as pallet wood or treated pine to cover the surface of the attic door in an arrangement that resembles a wooden door. You can even stain the wood or paint it a color you prefer and add a faux keyhole, door handle, and metal decals in the form of hinges to complete the look of an actual door.

Install a hook on the door that resembles a door latch whereby you can open the attic door using a hook rod.


Hiding an attic door doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The trick is to make the door a part of the room by blending it into the room’s style. This way, you will never feel like the door is an eyesore, but instead, it will add an artistic touch that is interesting and appealing.

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