Grizzly T10687 Track Saw In-Depth Review

So many saws, and yet there’s only so much room in your workshop and so many dollars in your bank account. If you’re looking for a track saw, you’ll probably want one that’s versatile, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable. The Grizzly T10687 – 6-1/4 inch Track Saw is well-regarded not just for its cutting abilities, but also its safety features, dust collection, affordable price tag, and more.

The Grizzly T10687 is also quite affordable compared to other track saws. However, Grizzle did have to make some sacrifices to cut costs. The motor on this unit isn’t as strong as more premium track saws, and many parts are made out of plastic.

I’m not here to tell you what “the” best saw is. The right choice will depend on a lot of personal factors, including your needs and budget. Yet regardless, if you’re looking for a track saw, the Grizzly T10687 is worth considering. And if you’re tight on cash, this unit is hard to beat.

We will take an in-depth look at the Grizzly T10687 but if you’re tight on time, check out our summary below.

Grizzly T10687 Track Saw Summary

The Grizzly T10687 is a flexible saw that works well in a variety of settings. Compared to premium brands, the T10687 is quite affordable and offers a good mix of features and great build quality.

Highlights include:

  • 120V, 9 amp, 1.1-kilowatt motor
  • A spring-loaded riving knife provides protection from kickback
  • Low-profile blade guard that cuts 5/8 inches from the wall
  • High-quality 48 teeth carbide-tipped blade
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

The Grizzly saw comes with blades that are ready to use. Sometimes, when buying a budget saw, you’ll find that the included blades simply aren’t up for the job. That’s not the case with this unit.

However, the Grizzly T10687 doesn’t come with tracks. Instead, you can buy optional tracks to use.

Further, this Grizzly track saw features a rather underpowered motor. As a result, it may struggle to cut tougher woods and other materials, 

Grizzly T10687 Features and Specs

The Grizzly T10687 is an affordable budget track saw. However, despite its comparatively low price tag, this track saw still offers a good mix of features and decent specs.

  • 120V, 9 amp, 1.1 kilowatt motor
  • 5,500 RPM max motor speed
  • 9,070 FPS max blade rim speed
  • Maximum cutting depths at 90D: with rail 1-31/32 inch and 2-5/32 inch without rail.
  • Maximum cutting depth at 45D: with rail 1-7/16 inch and rail 1-5/8 inch without rail.
  • Carbide Saw blade has 48 teeth and measures 160mm x 20mm
  • The distance between saw blade and wall measures 5/8 inch
  • The dust port diameter measures 1-1/2 inches


The Grizzly T10687 is a lightweight, flexible, and easy to use saw. If you’re looking for a beginner track saw, this unit is certainly worth a look, especially given its safety features (which we’ll cover later). 

The saw does use a number of plastic parts. This reduces weight and cost but may not inspire confidence.

If you need a refresher, track saws are circular saws that excel at cutting straight lines into boards. You can use a metal track to guide the saw, helping ensure straight lines before you even begin cutting. 

The saw will plunge into the wood. As such, some people call track saws plunge saws or plunge-cut saws.

If you’re used to premium circular saws, this grizzly track saw may initially feel a bit cheap in your hands. Some of the plastic parts, for example, lack good ergonomics and don’t inspire confidence. That said, in practice, the Grizzly T10687 6-1/4 inch Track Saw performs well.

The baseplate is very important for a track saw. This plate provides stability for the entire unit. Fortunately, Grizzly opted for a strong, webbed baseplate with magnesium for added strength. Some companies might have opted for simple pressed metal to save costs, but such plates are less stable.

The blade shroud is also made of metal, which may help protect you from cuts and other issues.

Grizzly’s tracks for this unit provide a tight fit and can accurately guide the track saw. Anti-friction strips allow for easy operation, and you shouldn’t struggle to push this saw where it needs to go.

You can use two hinges to adjust the tilt angle of the saw. The thumbscrews used to adjust the tilt feel a bit cheap in hand but aren’t likely to break down quickly. You can also use thumbscrews to select the plunge depth, and again, these screws fail to inspire confidence.

Power and Cutting Performance

If there’s one major shortcoming of the Grizzly T10687, it’s the modest power and cutting ability offered. While the blade is generally good and quite sharp, the motor making everything move is underpowered compared to more premium track saws.

The Grizzly T10687 features a 9 amp motor that puts out 1.5 horsepower, which quite frankly isn’t as powerful as many premium plunge saws on the market. Many track saws feature motors that produce 2 horsepower or more.

However, the Grizzly team recognized this shortcoming and designed the saw to spin faster. By doing so, the saw actually takes out smaller chunks while cutting, helping the Grizzly T10687 both cut through tougher woods and cut relatively quickly. The blade rim speed reaches 9070 ft per minute.

That said, if you’re working with particularly tough woods and other materials, the Grizzly T10687 may struggle to perform. You may need to opt for a more expensive track saw with a more powerful motor. Especially durable and sharp blades may also help, but ultimately the motor largely determines cutting power.


This grizzly track saw comes with a 6 ¼ inch saw that’s sharp enough and durable enough to use for various cutting projects. Unfortunately, some budget saws come with low-quality blades that you’ll need to replace quickly, but that’s not the case here.

The included blade features 48 teeth and carbide tips, providing durability and longevity. That said, with heavy use, you’ll likely have to replace the blade at some point.

Unfortunately, changing the Grizzly T10687’s blades is rather difficult. You’ll have to plunge the blade down to expose the arbor lock. There’s no locking mechanism, so you’ll need to hold the saw in place while you use an Allen wrench to remove the arbor bolt. Meanwhile, the saw’s spring is quite strong, making it difficult to hold the saw in place.

The result? Changing blades is a real pain, and if you’re not careful, you might end up cutting yourself.


While the plastic build may not initially inspire confidence, the Grizzly T10687 is a safe and reliable saw. When and where metal is needed, such as the baseplate, Grizzly opts to use high-quality, durable materials.

The Grizzly T10687 doesn’t use flip-up rail guards, which can be dangerous in practice. A riving knife is used to reduce the risk of kickback and pinching. For beginners, kickback and pinching are especially dangerous and may also result in bad cuts.

Dust Collecting

The dust port on the Grizzly T10687 works quite well, and even without a dust collector attached, most of the dust is ejected through the port. This may reduce the risk of jams and other problems. Or course, like most saws, this grizzly track saw will leave at least some dust behind. However, cleanup is often a cinch, even indoors.

The dust port is made out of plastic and rotates 360 degrees. In practice, it’s quite sturdy and should work well with the appropriate dust hose. Once a vacuum hose is attached, you can expect the Grizzly T10687 to eject and collect most dust.

Some users have reported that dust can jam up in the port. A vacuum hose should reduce risks while also making cleanup easier.

Take Away: Is the Grizzly T10687 Right for You?

The Grizzly T10687 offers a good mix of features for the price. While some of the plastic parts may initially feel a bit cheap, with the exception of the thumbscrews, this grizzly track saw is well put together. However, changing blades is a bit of a pain, and you might want to ask someone for help.

For a long time, people looking for a track saw had no choice but to spend several hundred dollars. This grizzly track saw is quite affordable, however, and performs well in many situations. So if you’re looking for a budget track saw, this unit is certainly worth a look.

That said, if you’re going to use your track saw on a large number of projects or are cutting especially tough wood and other materials, the Grizzly T10687 may not have enough power to satisfy your needs. The 1.5 horsepower engine simply doesn’t offer the cutting power provided by many premium saws.

Still, if you only have an occasional need for a track saw and you’re not working with especially tough, hard-to-cut materials, the Grizzly T10687 is a smart choice at a great price.

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