DeWalt DWM120K Compact Bandsaw Review

In today’s review, we look into one of the premier bandsaws available within the compact class – DeWalt’s DWM120K.

We’ll be discussing the ins and outs of the DWM120K, including its’ features, specifications – so you can have a little more clarity when deciding what to purchase.

If you don’t have too much time on your hands to read through the entire article, that’s not a problem at all. For your convenience, we’ve made a quick overview of the DeWalt DWM120K compact bandsaw review:

  • 10 amp motor is an industry best, allowing for cuts on jobsites to be made without interruption
  • Boasts a 5” cut capacity, with a max capacity of 5 x 4-¾”
  • Externally replaceable brushes which give users to ability to make repairs quickly and efficiently
  • LED lighting provides line of sight for dim environments, as well as integrated hook for safe storage
  • Comfortable design is perfect for long uses, minimizing vibration and reducing user fatigue

If you’re new to bandsaws, you may be wondering -what exactly is a bandsaw?

A bandsaw is similar to a scroll saw, with its ability to carve interesting patterns and a focus on its precision. However, the similarities stop here – a bandsaw is more powerful than its scroll saw cousin, and can be used to cut a vast array of materials.

Bandsaws are identified by their design – a blade which is powered by a motor, which travels through wheels, exposing the blade which is used to make cuts.

Specifications & Features

Firstly, the important stuff – the specifications and features of the DWM120K.

We’ll be looking into the vital points you’ll need to know, as well as the features that make this one of the leading compact bandsaws available.

With that being said, let’s look into the specifications first.


  • 10 amp motor with variable speed dial
  • 5” cut capacity, with max capacity of 5 x 4-¾”
  • Durable design
  • LED sight light illuminates any work environment
  • Blade tracking adjustment feature

Durable & Ergonomic Design

With a raft of standout features, I couldn’t go past starting with the innovative design in which DeWalt have created with the DWM120K model, it’s too difficult to ignore.

It’s a necessity to have a comfortable grip on a bandsaw, otherwise you won’t achieve the quality of work you’d aim for.

An oversized, multiposition front handle gives users plenty of space to move their hands, which gives you more accuracy when cutting. The back handle is built with ergonomics in mind, providing a soft comfort for those long and sometimes fatigue-inducing sessions.

Anything that assists in reducing fatigue is a tick in my books, do you agree?

LED Light & Integrated Hook

Most of those who use cordless power tools, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional contractor, will be using their tools under a variety of conditions.

Many of these conditions and environments you’re working in can suffer from lack of lighting, can be incredibly tight and claustrophobic, and can also pose a threat upon both the safety of yourself and potential damage to your tools.

Due to these variable you can face, DeWalt have added two handy features into their DWM120K compact bandsaw – the LED light and integrated hook.

The LED light will illuminate the entire workspace, and is perfect for dim conditions where light finds it difficult to penetrate.
It also provides a line of sight, which will assist in your cut.

The integrated hook on this compact bandsaw will allow for safe storage just about anywhere you can find – and the benefits of this, you might ask? Well, for one – you won’t have to carry this around with you, and will eliminate any potential knocks from occurring, prolonging the bandsaws’ lifespan.

Variable Speed Dial

We will discuss the motor in depth later within this article, yet let’s first discuss one of the very handy features found on this compact bandsaw – the variable speed option.

The variable speed dial allows you to control the speed needed to your optimal level – which is perfect for cutting through a variety of materials and applications – as one certain speed may be perfect for wood, yet it is not perfect for a material such as metal, so you’ll have more options to work within your sessions.

This gives you a total speed range of 100-350 FPM – which sounds great on paper, and even better in practical use.

What’s Included?

DeWalt have bundled in some helpful additions with the DWM120K compact bandsaw model, so out of the box you’ll receive the following:

  • 1 x DeWalt DWM120K bandsaw
  • 1 x Hex wrench
  • 1 x Standard Blade
  • 1 x Kit

What Makes The DWM120K Stand Out From The Rest?

So we’ve had a look at some of the standard features on the DWM120K, so now let’s get into the features which place the DeWalt model on a pedestal above the other bandsaws on the market.

Cutting Depth

The DWM120K boasts arguably one of the largest cutting depths that can be found in the compact bandsaw class, with a maximum cutting depth of 5 x 4-¾” on rectangular stock.

This cutting depth is regarded as the industry’s best, and it’s easy to see why – it’s quite an impressive depth, isn’t it?

The benefits of this cutting depth not only give you more options to work with, but also will increase the quality of your work, and will be sure to make you the envy of the worksite.

Powered with the motor, which we discuss next – and it’s a perfect combination for tackling all jobs which can be thrown at the DWM120K.


We discussed earlier in this article the variable speed dial, which gives you the option to control your speed relative to the application and material you’re cutting.

When you have a closer look into the motor, you can understand as to why DeWalt have added a variable speed dial option.

Purely, it’s power. At 10 amps, the DWM120K is one of the most powerful compact bandsaws available, and outstrips many competing cordless bandsaws in the class.

Cuts made with this compact bandsaw will be easy, with the motor providing the power to rip through materials without bogging down, providing you with a smoother cut.

There can often be complaints made when tools are built with powerful motors, with those mainly stemming from noise and vibration issues. Whilst noise will always be a factor when comparing cordless bandsaws, it’s important to note that the DWM120K won’t rip your eardrums open, and is quieter than alternative bandsaws available.

Of course, it still makes noise, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Blade Tracking Adjustment

Lastly, we will be looking at the blade tracking adjustment, and how this will positively affect your experience.

DeWalt have a great track record with their compact bandsaws in providing an accurate blade tracking adjustment, and the DWM120K is no different.

This accurate feature will allow you to do many things, with the most important being the monitoring of the blade. The blade tracking adjustment will improve the alignment of the blade, but it doesn’t just stop there.

It will also reduce the wear and tear of general use of the blade, which increases the blade life overall.

The best thing about this, for you? No unnecessary spending money on replacement blades until you have to.

The dual bearing blade guide rollers also increase the overall durability in the blade support system, providing that added piece of protection. When you next need to replace the blade, it’s as simple as adjusting the lever – which will loosen the tension of the blade for a convenient blade change.

Final Thoughts

After reading through this article, you should have a better idea of what to expect within this compact bandsaw, and whether it’s perfect for you.
You can always be assured of quality when looking at a DeWalt product, and the DWM120K is no different – providing a blend of power, convenience, durability and efficiency that can only be found in premier products.

If you’re a contractor or just an amateur DIYer, the DWM120K is definitely a compact bandsaw you should have your eye over, it’s something you definitely won’t regret.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, though. Perhaps I missed something, or there’s a feature you’d like to discuss?

Feel free to share these comments in the comments below.

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