DeWalt DWE7491RS Contractor Table Saw Review

Precision meets portability in the powerful DeWalt DWE7491RS contractor table saw.

Contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike are sure to welcome this addition to DeWalt’s range of quality tools.

The compact and versatile table saw comes with impressive rip capacity and a unique fence for narrow rip cuts, all on a sturdy rolling stand.

What else can you expect from the DWE7491RS? Here’s a summary to help you make the right choice for your next project:

  • 15 Amp motor for power and accuracy
  • Wider rip capacity of up to 32-1/2″
  • Patented material support for finer details
  • Rolling stand for easy portability
  • Dual dust collection ports
  • Telescopic rip fence for compact storage

If you’re serious about woodworking, discover why this could be the table saw for you.

Features & Specifications


  • Power: 15 Amp Motor (AC)
  • Cut Diameter: 10″ with RPM of 4,800 (no load)
  • Cut Depth: 3-1/8″ at 90 degrees, 2-1/4″ at 45 degrees
  • Rip Capacity: 32-1/2″
  • Material Support: 21-7/8″ x 26-3/8″
  • Dust Collection Port: 2-1/2″
  • Dimensions: 31″ x 24.5″ x 31″
  • Voltage: 120
  • Portable at 110 pounds with Rolling Stand

15 Amp Motor

Ever find that some table saws just don’t cut it when you’re working with hardwood? The DeWalt DWE7491RS has a strong 15 Amp motor with an increased speed compared to previous models: 4,800 RPM (no load), making it effective for both harder and softer wood.

This powerful motor provides the smooth ripping quality you’re looking for and gives you the confidence that you’ll be cutting consistently well, time after time.

Blade And Rip Capacity

It’s the combination of the hard-wearing 10″ 24-tooth carbide blade and rip capacity that make this impressive.

To the left of the blade, the telescopic fence extends for a 22″ wide rip. To the right, it can accommodate a rip of 32-1/2″. That’s more than enough to cut large pieces of material.

Large Working Surface

The working surface of the DWE7491RS is a spacious and solid 21-7/8″ x 26-3/8″.

This provides an excellent level of support where it’s needed, so you can work with a variety of large and dense woods for shelving, flooring, cabinets, trim materials and much more.

Dust Collection Ports 

Hands up if you like dusting. I didn’t think so. The DWE7491RS has dual dust collections, to minimize the cleaning you’ll need to do at your site, workshop or home.

Below the blade: As you’d expect from a popular table saw, just below the blade at the rear of the saw is the main 2-1/2″ dust port. You can easily connect this port to a vacuum.

Above the blade: A smaller (1-1/2″) secondary dust capture port is above the blade guard, ready to collect dust above the table.

As well as being messy, sawdust can affect quality and safety when operating the unit. If your workspace is covered in dust, you may obscure your cut line. Inhaling dust is never advisable, and it can also be slippery underfoot on a hard floor surface.

Safety Features

The blade guard and push stick are fairly standard features for any quality table saw. But additional measures are always welcome, don’t you think?

The DWE7491RS comes with a new power switch that includes a Power Loss Reset button.

If your power supply is restored after an interruption – say, a power outage, tripped circuit or if someone accidentally unplugs the wrong cord – you want the assurance of knowing the table saw won’t turn back on automatically. Even if you press the ON button, it’s protected by a safety lever/cover.

Should you need to turn it off in a hurry, it comes with a bump-pad for quick shut-off. You can also immobilize the ON/OFF switch with a padlock to keep tiny fingers safe.

Set Up

DeWalt have produced simple instructions for setting up and tuning the unit. The first time you unpack the table saw and all its accessories from the box, you only need to allow about half an hour to assemble it.


  • DWE7491RS 10″ table saw
  • 10″ 24-Tooth Carbide blade
  • Blade Guard
  • Rolling Stand (foldable)
  • 2 x Blade Wrenches
  • Miter Gauge
  • Push Stick

What Sets It Apart From The Competition

Ripping Capacity

If you’re looking for an affordable table saw but don’t have the budget or space for a stationary model, you’ll want the next best thing, right?

The 32-1/2″ rip puts power in your hands to:

  • accurately rip filler boards and cut parts to size for remodeling kitchens, bathrooms or garage cabinetry
  • achieve expert results even on dense hardwoods and deck boards

DeWalt have patented the material support that makes this a great tool for even really narrow rip cuts – great for craftsmen and hobbyists dealing with finer details such as ripping moldings, frames, and cross-cutting, and cutting shelves.

And don’t be concerned that the ripping capacity means this is a bulky unit; the fence arms fold right down so it’s easy to store and move. Which brings us to my next favorite feature…

Rolling Stand

The DeWalt DWE7491RS is a genuinely portable table saw, so you’ll be ready to roll within minutes.

Transporting it around sites, between jobs, and in your truck is easy thanks to the rolling stand. The heavy-duty wheels are built to deal with the curbs, steps, and uneven surfaces.

It’s quick and simple to set up and break down – less than a minute for each, with no tools required – and importantly it’s stable while you’re doing so.

Plus, the designers at DeWalt always pay attention to the details and have created a table saw that stores away in the vertical position, making it surprisingly compact.

I don’t know about you, but any time I can reclaim a little space in my garage, I’m happy.

Secure And Easy Fence System

The smooth fence system is a standout for me.

The mechanism has rack and pinion gears to put you in control of making even the smallest adjustments to your fence, on the go.

With a flick and a flip that is easy enough to be done with one hand, you can lock the fence into its new position to prevent any movement while you’re cutting.

No need to turn off the machine. No need to remove the blade guard. So, as well as improving the accuracy of your cut, you’ll be saving time, too.  

Built-In Storage

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. If you often misplace essential components like the blade guard or work on a jobsite where things can end up in the wrong place, DeWalt has you covered.

Their clever built-in storage keeps all the parts together: blade guard and wrench, riving knife, push stick, miter gauge, and the anti-kickback knives – you can even store your safety goggles, which are a must-have when operating a table saw.

My Recommendation

DeWalt are reliable, reputable, and once again have come up with what looks like a winning product.

If you’re not familiar with the DeWalt name, you’ll find them wherever top-quality tools and equipment are sold and this table saw comes with their 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

I’m not alone in thinking that the rip capacity of this new jobsite table saw sets a benchmark the rest of the industry will need to follow.

So is the DWE7491RS the best jobsite saw table out there?

Sure, a couple of adjustments would make this even better – like a bigger ON/OFF switch as an enhanced safety feature, and a more durable material for the miter gauge – but it’s hard to go past this premium model.

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