DeWalt DWE304 Reciprocating Saw Review

Often stated by consumers and critics as one of the biggest brands in the power tools market, DeWalt have an impressive number of tools available across a wide range.

If you’re serious about what you do, you should have a reciprocating saw within your kit ready to tackle those heavy jobs.

The DeWalt DWE304 corded model is one of the highest quality reciprocating saws available, in both output and design.

Don’t have too much time to read the whole review? No problem. You can read our quick overview below of the DeWalt DWE304.

  • 10 Amp motor with a SPM rate of 2,800
  • Keyless blade clamp allow for effortless changes
  • With the four-position blade clamp, you’re able to have additional angles to cut from, which also increases the longevity of your blades
  • Complete control with the variable speed trigger
  • Innovative anti-slip design gives you more control in different conditions

Features & Specifications

As with previous models, the DWE304 is made for many projects, and even more so with its’ features and design.

What exactly are these, you might ask?

Good question – let’s get into them below.


  • Weight of 8.19 lbs
  • 10 Amp motor with 0-2,800 strokes per minute
  • 1-⅛” stroke length  delivers faster cuts
  • Four position blade clamp
  • Variable speed trigger for optimal speed control
  • Keyless blade clamp for swift blade changes

With the specifications noted, it’s important to see how exactly they impact this model as a whole.

Thankfully for you, I’ve noted three features below in detail.

10 Amp Motor

It might not be the most powerful motor in a corded reciprocating saw that you might’ve seen before, but this is definitely not to be laughed at.

With a 10 amp motor and a no-load speed of 2,800 SPM, the DWE304 is a model that can cut through materials without spluttering and stop-starting.

It will power through materials – whether they are for home improvement projects, tough nails or pruning – the DWE304 will cut through jobs with a constant stream of power.

Stroke Length

If you want to get the most you can out of each cut, it’s a necessity to have a large stroke length on your reciprocating saw.

Why’s that you ask?


Especially if you want to cut with quality, but also want to save time in doing so.

DeWalt have a knack for including impressive stroke lengths on their saws, and the DWE304 is no exception.

With a 1-⅛” stroke length, you’ll be making cuts in a more efficient manner, allowing you to work smarter without as much energy output on your end.

Anti-Slip Comfort Grip

Power and stroke lengths are all well and good, yet they’re not too much of use if you are unable to hold your saw continuously throughout the day on your projects.

With the anti-slip comfort grip, you’ll be comfortable when the saw is in use, giving you more time to cut through your material of choice without stopping.

The anti-slip grip contains grooves which give you the ability to hold the handle where conditions may be slippery (sweat, dirt, water in general).

As you can never be certain at what a different site or conditions may throw at you, it’s a very handy addition on the model.

Plus, why would you want to be uncomfortable holding a tool for long periods of time?

I know it’s something I wouldn’t be too fond of, so why should you be?


As the DWE304 is a bare tool model only,  you’ll only receive the following out of the box:

  • 1 x DeWalt DWE304 Reciprocating Saw

What Separates The DWE304 From The Competition?

As I did with the features, I’ve hand-picked three standout features that puts this model above the others.

Four Position Blade Clamp

The four-position blade clamp will change the way you approach your work, with the ability to change blades within four separate directions.

This increases the versatility, and also allows you to make flush cuts – something you’re not able to do with other corded reciprocating saw models.

As you’ll be able to make cuts from angles you weren’t able to before, this added feature can also see you save money on additional blades or tools.

Neat, right?

Keyless Blade Clamp

When you’re looking to change blades in the four positions as I discussed earlier, you won’t need to use any tools.

Simply flick the lever – and there you are, tool-less blade changes in a matter of seconds.

Easy, don’t think you think?

DeWalt have included their keyless blade clamp features on many of their reciprocative saws, and it makes it a lot easier for us.

Variable Speed Trigger

Many of the features we’ve noted are good on their own, and even better when paired with other features the DWE304 includes.

Much is the same with the variable speed trigger.

With the 10 Amp motor and the stroke rate reaching 2,800 SPM, there are conditions which are not always recommended for a faster speed.

With the variable speed trigger, this won’t be an issue, as you can set the speed pending on what you’re cutting and the accuracy you need.

This gives you complete control over the saw, which in turn increases the efficiency and quality of your work.

Final Thoughts

So we’ve had a closer look into DeWalt’s DWE304, and what’s the final say, you ask?

Well, it’s definitely a reciprocating saw that fits an array of uses, whatever your application may be.

If you’re looking for a model of saw that would fit in with your industrial cutting needs, or you require something very heavy-duty with a lot of power – this saw would ideally fall short of what you’re looking for.

Yet, if you find yourself not within that category (and I’d say most of you wouldn’t) then the DWE304 would fit your needs.

Many users have stated that it fits their selection of jobs, and this ranges from light demo work, tree branch cutting, and general homeowner DIY projects.

I’d definitely recommend this if you find yourself needing a reciprocating saw for one of these projects, and with DeWalt – you are assured of quality.

In saying this, I’d like to hear what you think.

Perhaps I missed something, or you have a feature you’d like to talk about.

Whatever they may be – leave your comments and thoughts below.

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