DeWalt DCS387B Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

Today we’re having a look at another of DeWalt’s cordless reciprocating saws, the DCS387B.

No time to read through the entire review? That’s fine with me – I’ve included a quick overview of the DeWalt DCS387B below that you can look through.

  • Compact and lightweight design, 5.4lbs and a depth of 14.75”
  • Includes a variable speed trigger to control cuts on any material
  • No keys required – a tool-less blade change gives you more time upon your project
  • 1-⅛” stroke length and 2,900 SPM
  • Safety first with an inclusive LED light, comfortable handle and design

Features & Specifications

This model can be bought in the following two options – the reciprocating saw on its’ own, and a package which includes both the saw and additional blades.

We’ll be looking at the reciprocating saw itself, so let’s discuss below what some of the best features and specifications of the DCS387B are.


  • Weight of 5.4lbs
  • Variable speed trigger for precise cuts and blade control
  • 0 to 2,900 SPM
  • Keyless blade change in four directions
  • Fits nearly all blades across all brands
  • Adjustable shoe
  • 1-⅛” stroke length
  • Bright LED light for dark work spaces


Keyless Blade Change

No hex or allen keys needed for this DeWalt model.

A tool-less blade change system, across not two – but four directions – allows for efficient and swift blade changing within seconds.

This not only gives you more time to focus upon what you’re working on but also provides versatility for you with the ability to flush cut within four directions.

How great does that sound?

Adjustable Shoe

Adjustable pivoting shoes are commonplace across DeWalt’s reciprocating saw range, and the DCS387B is no different.

Versatility is found in this feature also, as the shoe allows you to get optimal results out of each blade you have.

Not only does the adjustable shoe assist in increasing the longevity of your blades, but also aids in saving you money down the track – you won’t be needing to spend extras on blades that have worn down.

The adjustable shoe directs the depths of each cut you make – giving you complete control.

In an industry where the smallest of measurements can greatly affect your work, I for one believe this is a great feature of the DCS387B and can assist you in reaching the next level in your cutting game.

Inclusive LED Light

Let’s face it – conditions for work are not always perfect for us every day, whether it’s due to a lack of light or dim working conditions, and this can affect the job you’re on and increase the time it takes you to finish the project.

With the inclusive LED light, this will illuminate your working space, giving you the capacity to work in all conditions regardless of light.

This included feature also increases safety, as you have a clear line of sight when cutting.

Features which promote safety are always a winner in my books, don’t you agree?


As the DCS387B is the bare tool only, you will have to purchase batteries and the charger separately.

  • 1x DEWALT DCS387B 20-Volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw

The Differences Between The DCS387B & The Competition

We’ve had a look at a few of the standard features the DCS387B includes, now let’s have a closer look into the features which puts the DCS387B ahead of the other reciprocating saws in its’ class.

Lightweight & Compact Design

Many things can be said about the design of the DCS387B, which weighs only 5.4 lbs and is one of the lightest models DeWalt have within their range.

With a total depth of 14.75” this saw will fit in between studs, giving you the ability to cut in confined spaces. Such a design improves your comfort – reducing the stress upon your body when holding the DCS387B.

As it’s a cordless design, the portability features can’t be ignored. This allows you to bring the tool with you from different sites, as long as you’ve charged it previously.

Some users have said that the vibration can be a little too much at times, yet some sort of quiver is to be expected from a lightweight and compact design that still is able to provide power, which we will get into next.

Stroke Length & Motor

The DCS387B includes an impressive stroke length at 1-⅛”, which is one of the best across its’ class. This allows you to get more out of each cut, as the blade is able to move both upwards and downwards further than most reciprocating saws.

Paired with the motor, and you have a winning combination.

The motor on the DCS387B is a brushed design and can reach 2,900 SPM. The location of the motor is also important – which now sits on the front side of the trigger, in a diagonal position.

This gives you more balance when working, which increases efficiency.

If you’re anything like me who likes to get the most out of every tool you own, this innovative design is a great bonus.

Variable Speed Trigger

Another tick for versatility in the DCS387B model is the inclusion of the variable speed trigger function.

The variable speed trigger dictates the speed of your reciprocating saw, allowing you to cut faster for those jobs that require it, and slower for chosen materials.

The trigger itself is medium sized, which gives you the option to operate with one finger effectively. Many of those who have purchased this model have stated that the variable speed trigger is easy to control, which gives the DCS387B further points in comparison to alternative reciprocating cordless saws.


As we’ve had a look through at the DeWalt DCS387B in further detail, it’s easy to see why this reciprocating saw would not look out of place in your hands.

It’s compact, powerful and boasts an impressive stroke length, as well as important safety features that not only extend the lifespan of the saw but also prevents any injuries from occurring to yourself.

If you’re a professional who requires daily use of a reciprocating saw, or you’re looking for a powerful little tool to assist you in DIY situations – the DCS387B will go a long way in helping in projects, whether they are big or small.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts on the DCS387B are, though.

Perhaps I left something out, or you’d like to share an experience – feel free to leave your comments below.

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