Craftsman Vs. DeWalt: Which Is My Brand Of Choice In 2022?

When it comes to the debate between Craftsman vs. DeWalt, you might find that most consumers of tools will prefer either or even both of these brands. Both brands have been in America since the early 1920s and have established their own unique reputation. The key difference between the two lies in affordability, but they both have their own unique place on tool shelves all over the country.

Learn more about why the conversation between Craftsman vs. DeWalt is in place today.

Here is a brief look at the key differences between Craftsman Vs. DeWalt

  • Both brands began as American-made companies, but since Craftsman outsources some of its work to China. Today, DeWalt is outsourcing its parts from international vendors.
  • Both Craftsman and DeWalt are tool manufacturing companies. DeWalt is more popular with professional contractors, while Craftsman is more reputed to be best suited for DIY-ers and the home hobbyist.
  • Craftsman still offers lifetime warranty on its products, but many of its warranties are now only 5 years long, and sometimes only 3 years. DeWalt offers up to seven years warranty on some of their products.
  • The weight of the tools vary significantly. The average cordless drill in the Craftsman line can be as heavy as 9 pounds. For DeWalt, they are in the 4 to 5 pound range.
  • Price can be comparable across both brands in some retail locations, however DeWalt is notoriously more expensive by reputation.

Why You Should Like Craftsman 

Craftsman is a product that has been around for one hundred years, and that alone is a key selling point. Although in the debate between Craftsman vs. DeWalt, they have that same bonus. Craftsman has some perks with that longevity, though:

  • Price

Craftsman offers a product that almost anybody can purchase. Whether you are getting your grandson his first toolkit, or a drill for your husband, that’s been woodworking for 50 years, there is a tool for every price and skill range.

  • Durability

Despite the price range, Craftsman still makes a product that lasts. Some of the best contractors in the world will have their first Craftsman hammer in their toolbox. The price can not speak to the quality of this product. This is a tool that President Jimmy Carter used and was used to chip at the Berlin Wall. 

  • Warranty

Craftsman may not always offer a lifetime warranty, but even a three or five-year warranty on a product tells you something about the manufacturer. You can purchase a drill or leaf blower here, knowing you won’t be sad about it after the first time you use it.

Why You Should Like Dewalt 

Like Craftsman, DeWalt is a name that is known around the world for its durability and availability. It offers a number of similar benefits that Craftsman does:

  • Warranty

Unlike Craftsman, the warranty on DeWalt extends to seven years on many products. Of course, some products may have a shorter warranty, but this warranty is one reason many go to DeWalt.

  • Weight

The weight of the DeWalt lineup is considerably lighter than Craftsman, sometimes by as much as 50 percent. You will get a drill here for just a few pounds if you want to. It’s a selling point that some will pay more for.

  • Durability

Some say that DeWalt is a tool for professionals, and that is because every tool and accessory is a high-quality tool that can be used all day, every day. If you add an extended warranty and a one-year service contract to that, you have a durable tool worth paying for.

My Recommendation 

My recommendation is going to be DeWalt. The sticking point for me here is the warranty. Buying tools is stressful, that is why you are here. The two are very similar in quality and durability, so it’s the warranty that is nudging me towards DeWalt. 

Craftsman History 


The Craftsman history is a fascinating story that, in its own right, may want you to purchase Craftsman for the rest of your life. This is an American brand that began in 1927 with minor household tools. By 1929, Craftsman would make its first electric drill. It was a year that would teach the company that they were capable of a quality product.

Come 1932, they began making wrenches of still that were 200 percent stronger than any of their previous models. Lawnmowers would soon get added to the lineup. In 1935, a silent film star wanted a fairy castle only made with Craftsman products. The castle would take seven years and at the time was worth $500,000, which with inflation would be valued at $9.7 million dollars.

By 1940, the Second World War had arrived, and Craftsman tools saw a 1550 percent increase in production. Like many other tool companies, they received a contract with several aircraft schools where Craftsman was asked to be the sole provider to teach technicians.

It would be 1981 when the Craftsman brand became good enough for a United States President. As the White House bid President Jimmy Carter farewell, they did so with a Craftsman woodworking set. Eight years later, a United States Army Infantry officer known as Kenneth Carrick would use a Craftsman hammer and a couple of Craftsman screwdrivers to chip off pieces of the Berlin Wall.

By 2017, Stanley Black & Decker purchased the Craftsman brand, and its status as a household name continued. Today, it is a brand still reputed and appreciated for its quality and reputation of tools that are accessible and used all over the world.

Craftsman Products

Craftsman V20 Cordless Drill Combo Kit

The Craftsman V20 Cordless Drill Combo is an affordable tool kit that offers two cordless drills that are 20 V max. This kit gives you two drills, that include a drill with a 2-speed gearbox. Both come with LED lights that are great for precision in cramped spaces. A handy storage bag completes the package.

Craftsman Drill Bit Set, 47 Pieces

The Craftsman Drill Bit 47 Piece Set is one that will suit any handyman or professional contractor’s collection, or even serve as its own collection. These are all made from shock-resistant steel that will ensure a long lifetime for every single bit. You aren’t losing anything with this storage system either.

Craftsman Mechanics Tools With 3 Drawer Box

This Craftsman Mechanics Tools With 3 Drawer Box is a handyman’s masterpiece in all of its 216-piece glory. You could give this one thing for a Christmas or birthday to your favorite “guy with tools,” and it will be treasured. It contains all the little things they run out of or lose around the house or shop in a beautiful 3-drawer box. Sockets, bits, hex pieces, spark plug sockets. It is affordable for all of this, keep it for yourself.

Craftsman Evolv 52-Piece Homeowner Tool Set 

The Craftsman Evolv 52-piece Homeowner Tool Set is a small set that only weighs 6.5 pounds with its 52 pieces included. It’s an affordable set that works well for apartments, motorhomes, or people that are just starting their collection. It includes sockets, pliers, hex keys, drive tools, and bits, and more.

Craftsman Screwdriver Set, 25-piece

The Craftsman Screwdriver Set is 25 pieces of screwdrivers with optimized handles for both high and low torque applications. The blades are heat treated and expected to last and, in some cases, come with a full lifetime warranty. We like our cordless drills, but sometimes we just need a screwdriver.

DeWalt History 


It was 1922 when DeWalt was founded by Raymond DeWalt, who was the superintendent of Seabrook Farms. He wanted a woodworking machine for the farm, one that would make the farm more productive. He was on to something.

By 1924, his woodworking machine idea would become the DeWalt Products Company with a plant and an office in Leola, Pennsylvania. The key product was the electrical woodworking machine that is still called the “Wonder Worker” today by the older generations who remember that story. It was his something. It was a machine that could be manipulated in 9 different ways, a feature that on any of today’s machines is still a selling point.

DeWalt Products Company would help the farm and begin something of their own. By the second year of the Second World War, they too had secured government contracts to help with defense and machine requirements at home and abroad. DeWalt would soon be acquired by American Machine Foundry, also known as AMF.

Fifty years later, DeWalt would launch their revolutionary cordless tools line that would include cordless drills, drivers, and even hammers. Saws, flashlights, wrenches would add to the lineup. By the start of the twenty-first century, DeWalt would partner with NASCAR, cementing a place on the global stage as a tool that could compete with the best.

Today, DeWalt produces over 200 electric power tools and 800 accessories and is a brand that professionals and homebodies alike appreciate.

Dewalt Products 

Let’s talk about their products. There are now so many to choose from in the DeWalt line. Here are just a few of my favorites.

• DeWalt Line Laser, Self-Leveling

Ok, I have to admit. The DeWalt Line Self-Leveling Laser is fun to just play with. You want to level everything when a laser is involved. This tool comes with DeWalt’s patented integrated magnetic bracket and with its own storage case.

DeWalt Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 142-Pieces

This DeWalt Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set are 143 pieces of fun with a 72 tooth count ratchet that include a low-profile directional lever that will make one-handed jobs easy. They are hand-marked, so you will never lose them. Or it will be harder to lose them.

• DeWalt Atomic Max Circular Saw 4.5 Inches

The DeWalt Atomic Max Circular Saw lets you cut up to 369 feet on one battery. It is a cordless saw that anyone that does woodworking would love. It also features a very handy electronic blade brake that will stop blades when you need it to.

DeWalt 20V Max XR Hammer Drill Brushless, 3-Speed 

The DeWalt 20V Max XR Hammer Drill Brushless, 3-Speed is a joy to use. You’ll come up with about 10 extra things to hammer that day because you can much faster now. This one features 75 percent more run time than nickel brushed motors and offers a gripping strength you will enjoy. It also has three modes of LED lighting and a spotlight mode to help in cramped jobs or at night. That’s your new hammer. It comes with lights.

The DeWalt 20V MAX Blower for Jobsite

The DeWalt 20V MAX Blower is a great leaf or job site blower that offers power and speed. It is battery-operated and comes with a three-speed switch that will provide both versatility and speed. 

What to Consider When Choosing Between Craftsman and Dewalt Products 

When you are comparing Craftsman vs. DeWalt products, you’ll have a few things on your mind. 

  • Warranty

The warranties are going to vary across products for both brands, and that is standard today in power tools. DeWalt’s service tacks on a 90-day money-back return policy and a one-year free service contract. Craftsman warranty is on average in the 3-year mark and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a one-year free service contract.

  • Weight

Craftsman tools are notoriously heavier. For the average do-it-yourselfer, this may not be a big deal. If you are lugging tools around a lot, though, this is going to be a factor you will want to consider.

  • Price

DeWalt tools are more expensive than Craftsman, which could be a deciding factor. However, if you aren’t sure which one to get, and the price is on your mind, Craftsman will be the one to go with.


When you are comparing Craftsman vs. DeWalt, they seem very similar for a number of reasons. They are. Their differences are minor, with key differences being the weight of the tool and the prices of the tools. It may come down to service if it doesn’t come down to price, and that’s where the decision is made for me. Let us know which one you decide!

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