Corded vs. Cordless Jigsaws | Which One Should You Choose For Your Project?

Few power tools are as handy as a jigsaw as its repertoire allows builders and makers to make curved cuts in wood and metal. The tool plays a pivotal role in the woodworking industry due to its versatility – from custom carved cuts to beveling.

It can also stand in as an introductory tool for enthusiastic crafters but finding the right, a high-quality jigsaw can be trickier than solving a jigsaw puzzle. Different brands have included innovative features that can make or mar your performance. 

For beginners, there are only two things you should consider: whether a corded or cordless model is the ideal choice for your needs. This will make you question whether power or portability is more necessary in your situation, so be sure to do your homework on the key distinctions between a corded and cordless jigsaw. 

Corded vs. Cordless Jigsaws - Which is the Better Choice For You

Defining Corded Jigsaws 

Corded jigsaws are arguably the most powerful as it receives a continuous supply of energy, which means that workers can make the most of its unlimited run time. Seeing as corded jigsaws have more power and time on its side, the tool is built to effectively cut through tough materials like hardwoods and even metal without interruption. 

It is also less tiring to operate as corded jigsaws are lighter than their cordless counterparts, which means you can reduce hand fatigue even when working on a project for an extended period. Of course, the primary drawback is that the power cord limits its portability. 

What are Corded Jigsaws Best Suited For?

  • Workshop and Benchtop Use – corded jigsaws are best suited for the workshop where you can work within a limited space. It also provides easy access to outlets, allowing you to work on heavy-duty projects for hours on end.

  • Heavy-Duty Tasks – seeing as corded jigsaws offer more continuous power, this is the best tool for cutting tough materials like hardwood, metal sheets, ceramic, or even concrete. The tool’s reliable and impressive performance is a must for woodworking projects that require you to work on long, consistent cuts in one standing. 

Defining Cordless Jigsaws 

Cordless jigsaws, on the other hand, are designed with portability in mind. The lack of a trailing power lead promotes flexibility, allowing builders to craft projects anytime and anywhere even without access to the main electricity supply. It’s a perennial favorite among tradesmen as it allows them to craft out on-site.

However, relying on batteries means that cordless jigsaws have a limited power supply that can drain quickly, especially when cutting heavy-duty materials. Not to mention, the weight of the battery pack makes it tiring to carry around. 

What are Cordless Jigsaws Best Suited For?

  • Worksite and Outdoor Use – since cordless jigsaws are portable, builders can take the tool to any site. This eliminates the need to use an extension cord when you’re building a deck outside your home or workshop.

  • Elevated Areas – cordless jigsaws are also excellent for working on ceiling or drywall work as there are no cords that can put you at risk when you’re up in ladders or scaffoldings. 


Jigsaws are a must-have power tool for any woodworkers – be it a rookie or a professional in the industry. With that in mind, choosing between a corded or cordless jigsaw largely depends on your needs. 

If portability is your priority, then a cordless jigsaw is the right choice. Conversely, corded jigsaws are better for building larger projects within a fixed working site. 

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