The 2 Ways To Clean Cathedral Ceilings (Tips & Tools)

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how to clean cathedral ceilings

Cathedral ceilings need regular cleaning to decrease the amount of pesky dust floating around. Clean ceilings make your home appear new and more appealing. However, this is not an easy task – it requires effort. So, what are the two ways to clean cathedral ceilings?

Cathedral ceilings can be cleaned by dusting or deep cleaning. A telescopic cleaning pole and a forked duster are required tools. A mop attachment for the telescopic cleaning pole will ensure a deep clean for the high ceilings. A strong ladder may be required to reach high spots. 

Dust can build up really fast in your cathedral ceilings, causing respiratory issues to susceptible people if it is not removed. However, removing dust and cobwebs from the cathedral ceiling can be challenging. We’ve put together a few tools and two ways to help you get started with your routine cathedral ceiling cleaning.

Best Methods For Cleaning Cathedral Ceilings 

Cathedral ceilings are among the most beautiful rustic interior designs. They draw everyone’s eyes to the roof when entering your home. 

However, you should periodically clean your cathedral ceilings to ensure they remain elegant. With this in mind, let’s look at these two ways to clean cathedral ceilings.

Dusting The Cathedral Ceilings

dusting the cathedral ceilings

Dusting the cathedral ceilings requires attaching the forked duster to the telescopic cleaning pole. Next, choose a starting point in the house and clean the ceiling from room to room. Before you move on to the next ceiling:

  1. Check that you didn’t miss any spots in the ceiling you just cleaned. 
  2. Repeat this process for all the cathedral ceilings in your home until they are all clean. 
  3. Importantly, don’t forget to take short breaks to allow your arms and back to relax.

Deep Clean Cathedral Ceilings

To deep clean the cathedral ceilings, you need to connect a mop to the telescopic cleaning pole. Additionally, you require soap and water to make your cathedral ceilings and walls look new. 

However, we recommend covering your furniture and floor before deep cleaning the cathedral ceilings. Your furniture and floor will get wet if you don’t cover them during this cleaning process.

The Right Tools For Cleaning Cathedral Ceilings

In addition to keeping the cathedral ceilings in your home clean, your safety when doing the job is also vital. Consequently, you should use the following tools to ensure your safety and effectiveness when cleaning the cathedral ceiling. 

A Telescopic Cleaning Pole

Telescopic Cleaning Pole

The telescopic cleaning pole is the first tool you should consider buying for effectively cleaning cathedral ceilings. This tool’s length typically ranges from 5 to 30 feet. Due to its reach, the telescopic cleaning pole allows you to clean your home’s cathedral ceilings while standing firmly on the floor. 

We recommend you measure your ceilings before purchasing the telescopic cleaning pole. Knowing your roof height will help you pick the telescopic cleaning pole with the right length.

A Forked Duster For Dusting Cathedral Ceilings

Forked Duster

A forked duster is best suited for cleaning cathedral ceilings. You’ll need to connect the forked duster to the telescopic cleaning pole so you can start cleaning the cathedral ceilings. 

With the right length of telescopic cleaning pole and the attachment of a forked duster, you can effortlessly reach and clean the areas that are not easily accessible. Moreover, the forked duster can also help you clean the ceiling fans. Instead of a forked duster, you need to attach a mop to the telescopic cleaning pole to deep wash cathedral ceilings.

A Ladder To Help You Reach Cathedral Ceilings

There are a few reasons you might need to use a ladder when cleaning cathedral ceilings. One of the reasons is when you purchased a telescopic cleaning pole that isn’t long enough to get to the cathedral ceilings. 

As a result, you’ll need to step on a ladder to be able to reach the cathedral ceiling with the telescopic cleaning pole. Check if the ladder is strong enough to carry your weight to ensure safety. 

Safety Goggles For Eye Protection When Cleaning Ceilings

Wearing safety goggles will protect your eyes against falling dust particles. While cleaning the cathedral ceiling, the dust particles and cobwebs may land on your eyes, putting you at the risk of eye infection.  

4 Tips For Cleaning Cathedral Ceilings 

tips for cleaning cathedral ceilings

Now that you learned about the two ways to clean cathedral ceilings. Let’s explore these four tips on how to clean cathedral ceilings effectively.

  1. Switch off power sources to ceiling fans. You might hurt yourself if you accidentally turn on the ceiling fan while cleaning the cathedral ceiling. The injuries can be severe, and as a result, we recommend you not take any chances.
  2. Empty your home. Move the movable furniture around to reduce the dust that sticks to it when cleaning the cathedral ceiling. Most importantly, make sure that you’re the only one at home when wiping the dust from the ceiling. If that’s not possible, ensure that everyone in the house wears safety goggles and no one is eating.
  3. Switch the lights on. Turning the lights on helps you see the cathedral ceiling more clearly. If you still have difficulties seeing even after turning on the lights, use a flashlight to brighten the dark spots.
  4. Clean the walls. Remove dust and cobwebs from the high walls of your home. Dust can also build up on the walls. Fortunately, you can use the same tools to clean the cathedral ceilings. Next, remove the dust from your furniture and floor.

Why It’s Essential To Keep Cathedral Ceilings Clean

One of the significant reasons behind taking good care of cathedral ceilings is cleanliness. You should take care of the cathedral ceilings in your home the way you take care of yourself. For example, to stay clean and refreshed, you take a shower regularly. 

Here are more reasons why you should ensure cathedral ceilings are clean.

  • Improves air quality. Dusty cathedral ceilings are harmful to your health. Breathing dust from the cathedral ceilings can cause respiratory problems for you and people who visit your house. Indeed, you don’t want people to stop coming to your home because of the poor air quality.
  • Helps to prevent contamination. The dust accumulated on the ceiling can fall on your delicious meal when eating and ruin the taste. Having a clean cathedral ceiling helps you enjoy your food and reduce the dust on your furniture. 
  • Makes your ceilings more admirable. Like most people, you probably chose cathedral ceilings because they are an added decoration to your house. However, your home becomes unattractive when you regularly fail to clean the cathedral ceilings.


The two most popular ways to clean cathedral ceilings are dusting and deep cleaning. You’ll need a forked duster attachment for the telescopic cleaning pole to dust cathedral ceilings. Alternatively, you’ll need a mop attachment for the telescopic cleaning pole to deep wash cathedral ceilings. Cleaning cathedral ceilings require a telescopic cleaning pole, a forked duster or mop, and safety goggles.

We recommend following the four tips for dusting and deep washing cathedral ceilings. Stash your tools away when you’re done using them and admire your clean cathedral ceilings. Moreover, this shouldn’t be your first and last time cleaning cathedral ceilings. Remember, cathedral ceilings need regular cleaning. 

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